Carey Price Has Emotional Meeting With British Columbia Boy

If you really needed more reason to love Carey Price, I direct you towards the video above.

Fair warning: if your waterworks go off pretty easily, have some Kleenex at the ready.

By night, Carey Price is busy stealing win after win for the Montreal Canadiens, etching his name into the team's already illustrious goaltending history books with each passing game. By day, though, Price is giving back - and reminding us all that you can never forget where you came from.

Price was born in Anahim Lake, British Columbia - 870 KM North of Vancouver, to put it into perspective. Part of the Ulkatcho First Nation, Anahim Lake is similar to many of its counterparts in that social issues run rampant, and "getting out" is no easy task.

Price is the undisputed legend of the small community, one of the few who not only got out, but made it big. Price hasn't forgotten about his roots, though, as he is a major supporter of the community and gives back in numerous ways.

One way is illustrated beautifully in the video above. A young student named Trent Leon goes on the trip of a lifetime thanks to Price, but it turns out it was Leon and his classmates giving their hero a gift he'll never forget.

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Carey Price Has Emotional Meeting With British Columbia Boy