Check Out These Fanmade Quebec Nordiques NHL Expansion Jerseys

My Quebec Nordiques NHL expansion concept. couldn't change the classic logo too much. @NHL @BarDown @sportslogosnet

— Tyson Kehler (@tyson_kehler13) August 7, 2015

With Quebec City, as well as Las Vegas, being the only two cities that submitted a formal bid for an expansion team with the NHL, fans everywhere are buzzing about what jerseys and logos would look like for the two teams. To nobody's surprise, nobody in Quebec wants any name other than the Nordiques. Tyson Kehler of tjk Designs put together his own concept for an expansion Quebec team's jerseys, including home, road and alternate jerseys. He chose not to change the logo and added more red to the traditional jersey.

My vote would go to his alternate, as it most re-kindles the feel of the old Quebec Nordiques. His home and away jerseys have a little too much red on them. There can't be two bleu, blanc et rouge teams in one province.

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