CM Punk Trash Talks Tampa Bay Lightning on Twitter

CM Punk is an abashed Chicago Blackhawks fan, frequently seen front and center at the United Center cheering on his hometown team. With the Blackhawks now in the Stanley Cup Final against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Punk plans on traveling to Tampa to cheer his team on. The only problem is, the team has exercised a policy preventing support from opposing fans in Amalie Arena.

Here's an excerpt from a piece by Steve Contorno of the Tampa Bay Times explaining the policy:

""To keep Amalie Arena blue all playoffs, the Lightning front office has pursued an aggressive ticket strategy that blocks people with out-of-state credit cards from purchasing tickets through the team's Ticketmaster portal. Only Floridians, who are presumably Lightning fans, can buy tickets directly.

"We've done everything we can to preserve a hometown environment, and we're relatively happy with what we've done so far," said Bill Wickett, executive vice president of communications for the Lightning.""

Well, Punk, being the rebel he is, plans on challenging it by showing up in red and black and had more choice words for the Lightning on Twitter.

Who's going to tell me I can't wear Hawks gear? See you in Tampa, chumps. @TBLightning

— Coach (@CMPunk) June 1, 2015

You wouldn't sell that place out if you could just sell ticket to bolts fans. You need us. @TBLightning — Coach (@CMPunk) June 1, 2015

Please don't cheer for the other team! It will hurt Bishops feelings! He's fragile ya know.

— Coach (@CMPunk) June 1, 2015

OOOOOH! So they're just scared. Gotcha. https://t.co/y1dwKyx7Yl — Coach (@CMPunk) June 1, 2015

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