Fleury’s Vegas Smile: 15 Of The Most AWKWARD Pics From The NHL Awards Week

It was truly an unforgettable week for the league that just continues with the draft on the horizon. This year, more viewers tuned into the ceremony not just to watch Sid and Connor battle it out for the Hart, but in addition, the Expansion Draft also took place with Vegas making their selections. The NHL deserves a ton of credit for their part in the proceedings, they’ve nailed everything on the head, something other sports can’t really say pertaining to new teams.

The award show featured several moments and, for the most part, things went very smoothly. However, like most live TV ceremonies, things can get awkward and that’s what happened in some instances as we’ll see in this article. We also have other hilarious moments that took place during the week, one in particular featured Brent Burns, get ready to chuckle at that one.

In celebration of a great week, let’s round out some of the most awkward pictures taken during the week of the NHL Awards. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Here are 15 of the most AWKWARD pics from the NHL Awards week. Blow the whistle and let’s begin!

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15 Patrik Laine’s Stash

via winnipegfreepress.com

Despite the fact that he lost out on the Calder Trophy to the tremendously talented Leafs centerman Auston Matthews, there’s simply no discrediting the season of one Patrik Laine. Had he not been injured for a handful of games, perhaps he would have surpassed Auston in the final votes. Nonetheless, Laine can sleep easy knowing he put up 36 goals in 73 games. Now that’s some serious wow.

He was at the show and let’s just say he got some major camera time due to the fact that he was seated conveniently smack in the front of Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid. Some however likely mistook him for a James Bond villainous character as he rocked his new mustache which was kind of cringe and awkward looking. The picture above justifies that...

14 Torts & Babs Exchange Greeting After Jack Adams Trophy Unveiling

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

This picture was cringeworthy for so many reasons. Poor Mike Babcock still hasn’t won a darn Jack Adams Trophy and although he likely doesn’t care, it’s still disturbing to acknowledge something of the sort given all his success in the league.

What made things even worse was who he lost out to. The always controversial and loudmouth John Tortorella took home the honors and although we do have some sour grapes about it, he also deserved the nod given the type of season his Blue Jackets had. Many hockey experts predicted the team to finish in the bottom tier, however, he exceeded expectations finishing the year with a playoff birth. Nonetheless, it was hard to digest this embrace for so many other reasons that we don’t have time for.

13 Bill Foley Gets Too Excited

via thecomeback.com

This year’s NHL Awards were watched by more viewers due to the allure of the new Vegas team unveiling their roster selections. The idea was brilliant, and we have to credit the NHL for the way everything has unfolded with the expansion team. Unlike in the past, Vegas is been given every chance to win.

The drafting process was also really cool as they went from team to team selecting a player. However, Bill Foley, the team’s owner looked a little too out of it from time to time and GM McPhee needed to bring him back to life at some points. A clear indication of that took place when Foley stepped over the Red Wings’ selection and instead went straight for the Stars’ pick. Detroit fans were likely confused but happy at the same time. The moment caused some confusion and much to the dismay of Wings’ fans, the team got a player taken away after the Dallas pick. Adding insult, he was a tremendous blue chip prospect in Tomas Nosek.

12 Brent “The Pirate” Burns

via twitter.com

Some questioned the decision to grant Brent Burns with the Norris hardware despite the fact that Karlsson seems to be in a league of his own. Nonetheless, Brent’s numbers speak for themselves scoring 29 goals and notching 47 helpers. He’s no slouch either folks and was deserving of the accolade.

Another great part of Burns is his personality, the guy just seems to be a joy with both the fans and the media. In this picture from the awards weekend, Burns made a joke that kids stopped him at the park not for being an All Star defenseman, but for thinking he was a pirate. The story was truly hilarious and Burns actually posed with hoards of children that simply knew him as Brent “The Pirate” Burns.

11 Sofia Doesn’t Want It

A great part (and we use the term “great” rather loosely) is the influx of celebrities that join in on the NHL Awards festivities. The host selected for the show was Joe Manganiello. To his credit, he did a great job and appeared to be quite knowledgeable. As hockey fans we can’t ask for more; in truth, we’re simple men and women that love the game.

Supporting her husband that night, his smoking hot wife Sofia Vergara appeared at the award show sitting front row. She even posed for a picture with the prestigious Stanley Cup. Sometimes, the cameras catch the most random things and this one was no exception as Sofia politely excepts the appetizer only to awkwardly try and pawn it off to somebody else. If Phil was there, he would have taken it, Sofia.

10 David Poile’s Reaction To Losing James Neal

via youtube.com

It was a bittersweet night for the Preds GM David Poile. He was honored with the achievement of being named the GM of the year. Rightfully so, the award was deserved as he built a tremendous franchise by staying patient and making a couple of trade moves along the way.

With a plethora of talent to their disposal, the team was deeply affected by the expansion rules. Having to protect four Ds, along with keeping an eye on the future and saving young players, the club was forced to expose star winger James Neal who was a 40 goal scorer at one point in his career. So with that said, not many were too surprised when the Knights selected Neal. The pick was met with a roar of approval by the crowd, however, poor Poile looked like a kid that got his favorite toy taken away from him after the selection.

9 Karlsson’s Bittersweet Goodbye Picture

via twitter.com

In truth, it wasn’t the best night for stud d-man Erik Karlsson who not only lost out to Brent Burns, but he also lost his D partner in Marc Methot. Leaving Marc unprotected was truly a big risk and one Karlsson hoped he didn’t have to deal with. However, Vegas are no fools and they selected Method for various reasons. Many believe they took the defender as future trade bait to entice other teams. But hey, at the very worst if no deal is done, you’re stuck with a pretty darn decent stay at home defender. Truly a win, win.

In an awkward moment, Erik was shown when the announcement was made. He pulled out his phone to take a video of the moment. It truly felt like his kid was graduating from high school and getting his diploma with Karlsson knowing he’s gone after that....

8 Torts Gets Cut.....

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

For the most part, the NHL Awards show went quite smooth with minimal mistakes. It’s almost impossible to pull off during live TV but the NHL nearly executed the ceremony to perfection. One moment however which was pretty awkward featured Torts giving his speech only to get cut by the music. The poor guy was still trying to talk over the song but his microphone was later cut completely. Without a doubt, Larry Brooks was smiling somewhere from afar.

It was John’s second Jack Adams Award, so for those of you doing the math at home, that’s two more than Mike Babcock. Good heavens... Torts won the previous award some time ago back in the 03'-04' campaign during his run with the Lightning. Perhaps not many could have predicted that he’d win the award once more over a decade later.

7 Awkward Connor McDavid

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

What a night for Connor McDavid. Man is the league in such a good place. There two biggest stars cater to different audiences, one is inching towards his 30s as of early August, while the other, is just scratching the surface at the age of 20. It seems like the future is officially here with Connor winning the Hart, Lindsay and Art Ross Trophies capping off an epic night.

What makes it all that much more surreal is the fact that he’s still only 20. In fact, he doesn’t turn 21 till next year in January. At such a young age, you’re bound to be a little awkward and for McDavid, we’ve seen tones of example of that from his past. At times during the ceremony, his mannerisms were quite awkward but hey, we’ll give him the pass considering how young he still is, something we tend to forget about the Superstar.

6 The Jacob Tremblay Comment

via justjaredjr.com

The ten year old Jacob Tremblay is an outstanding little boy who’s not only a fantastic actor, but admirer of the game played on ice. He made his presence felt last night putting on another entertaining skit. However, for Canucks fans and those in the organization, the comments were kind of cringeworthy, especially cause the things a ten year old was saying were pretty accurate.

A fan of the Canucks, Jacob discussed the long process of trying to turn around the franchise. Jacob said he’s been very patient, as most fans have been. Again, the statement was really rough cause it was true and to make matters worse, the Canucks look to be in the basement for quite some time. Looking at how they compare to other Canadian teams like Edmonton, Winnipeg and Calgary, they’ve still got a long way to go.

5 Anderson Taps Karlsson During Nominations

via youtube.com

Winning the Masterton Trophy, both Craig Anderson and Bryan Bickell provided the award show with a couple of feel good moments that really tugged at your heart things. Given what both players have been through of the course of the year, both deserved the standing ovations they received.

On another note, Anderson was sitting in back of his buddy/franchise player Erik Karlsson. After the nominees were named, Craig tapped Karlsson in the back as if to say, “yup, you won buddy, go get that award”. Instead, the name Brent Burns was uttered and Anderson likely felt pretty bad about his teammate losing the award. Class move from Brent however to acknowledge Karlsson’s extraordinary season during his speech. Just shows the type of guy Burnzie truly is.

4 The McDavid Meme

Another great part of the award show festivities was the unveiling of Connor McDavid as the new cover boy for the NHL ’18 video game. Honestly though, they guy won almost everything last night.

Fans took to Twitter following the announcement creating some of the most hilarious box art you’ll ever see. One of the most awkward picture of 2017 was featured on the box showing Connor alongside the two fans he met at the airport. Now that type of box art would sell some copies! Seriously though EA, change up the game a little bit for goodness sake, we’re all sick of scoring the same, “cut in and shoot goal”.

In all seriousness though, it was a great night for McDavid and one he’ll remember for quite some time.

3 The McDavid & Crosby Exchange

via youtube.com

We stick with McDavid for another awkward moment, this one however took place following the announcement of his name as the winner of the Hart Trophy. Connor nervously passed by Sid with Crosby simply saying, “good job”. It was a bit awkward but again, he’s 20 for God’s sake!

Some felt bad for Sid but in truth, you should feel bad McDavid who has to reach Sid’s accomplishments. Crosby is not only a two-time Hart Trophy winner but he also has three Stanley Cup rings along with being named the Conn Smythe Trophy winner twice in back-to-back years. Is it the changing of a guard? No, not quite, Connor’s got a long way to go folks but he’s off to a brilliant start.

2 Fleury’s Awkward Smile

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The announcement of Marc-Andre Fleury to the Vegas Golden Knights was met with a thunderous response by Nevada faithful. He’s already a fan favorite and that’s with reason. Not only is Fleury a winner getting his name on the cup three-times, but he also has an infectious personality that has dubbed him as joy to be around by both teammates and fans. The Pens paid a great homage to their former keeper with a nice video, he’s had quite the run with the franchise.

He now sets his sight on Vegas. His first appearance with the team was brilliant as he literally just stood there with the most awkward smile you’ll ever see. Without a doubt, it’s been a lot to take in going from the extreme of winning a cup, to getting selected days later to a new Vegas expansion team.

1 Marcel Dionne’s Cringe Comments

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you must be thinking what could have possibly topped Fleury’s awkward smile? Well, leave it to the 65 year old Marcel Dionne who made the most awkward comment of the night. The hockey legend complemented the young looking, 23 year old gymnast Aly Raisman on her legs. The Olympian was wearing a flattering dress which showcased her trunks, however, Dionne in a creepy way told us to, “look at those legs”.

The moment was met with hush and uncomfortable laughter. As soon as he said it, things go pretty weird especially for that poor Aly who seemed disturbed herself. Poor Marcel was likely just trying to give a compliment but man did ever come across as nothing more than creepy. The fact that he looked at them up and down after saying the statement truly made it that much worse!

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