Former Canadiens Coach Insults P.K. Subban While Being Arrested For DUI

Former Montreal Canadiens coach Mario Tremblay seems to be on a personal mission to be the most detested man in Montreal. First, he drives Patrick Roy out of town, and now he's attacking this generation's Habs superstar P.K. Subban. Driving under the influence doesn't seem to stop him from doing so either.

New information has surfaced that while he was arrested this past January for going 79 km/hr in a 50 zone, and subsequently refused to take a breathalyzer test, Tremblay blurted out an insult to the officer, while getting a shot in on Subban.

According to Le Journal,  Constable Maxime Perron told a courtroom that on January 25 when he pulled Tremblay over, he smelled alcohol on his breath. Perron also said Tremblay refused to take a breathalyzer test.

“You can’t do that to me, I am Mario Tremblay,” Perron quoted the former coach as saying. Perron also said that Tremblay compared him to Subban in a negative way. “He compared me to some hockey players, [saying] that I was like 'a P.K. Subban’, that I had no judgment and that I was being petty.”

In fairness to Tremblay, the officer does have something in common with Subban, having now put up with dumb criticism from Tremblay, all while doing a great job.

Now if this officer moves on to better things in a new city, he can be compared to Patrick Roy, coming out smelling like a rose and making Tremblay look like an idiot. Oh wait, too late.

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Former Canadiens Coach Insults P.K. Subban While Being Arrested For DUI