15 Hilarious Pictures Of NHL Players Partying

While NHL players maintain an innocent appearance, like a squeaky clean record, you're bound to see photos and videos of hockey studs behaving badly. Like other athletes, particularly NFL and NBA players, some NHLers know how to party harder than others. Whether the partying involves recreational substances, or getting physical, it's still considered partying in our eyes.

There are 31 NHL teams and that means that there's at least one player on each team that makes headlines in the tabloids for their heavy partying ways. And then we all wonder what photos and snaps these players will post to their social media accounts next.

Having outrageous stories written about you isn't something to brag about, but these stories don't appear to bother the NHL players who enjoy life a little too much. Well, as long as their off the ice shenanigans don't affect their on ice performances, everything should be fine. Still, it's always fun to check out the latest headlines on the internet and see who has been partying like there's no tomorrow. Hopefully they didn't let things get too out of hand.

With that being said, let's take a look at 15 pictures of NHL players partying too hard.

15 Tyler Seguin

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Tyler Seguin is a familiar face in the hockey world. He was drafted by the Boston Bruins with the second overall pick in the 2010 NHL Draft. He finished the 2011-12 season with a the second highest rating in the league (plus-34). He was then traded to the Dallas Stars in 2013. Part of why he was traded was the Bruins feeling he was more interested in partying then becoming a good hockey player.

The alternate Dallas Stars captain (and center) changed his jersey number to No. 91 in Dallas, as No. 19 was retired by the Stars in honor of the late Bill Masterson (center).

Every time we think of NHL players partying, we can't help but remember this photo of a shirtless Seguin partying hard at a night club with then-line mate Brad Marchand.

14 Jarret Stoll And A Cup

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Let's take a stroll down memory lane when Jarret Stoll partied with a bunch of Vegas party goers after the Los Angeles Kings won their second Stanley Cup in 2014. Of course, he had to drink out of the glorious Lord Stanley. He probably had a little too much to drink because he's known for his partying ways when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

Now, let's fast forward to 2015 when Stoll was arrested for the possession of cocaine and ecstasy in Vegas, the same place he celebrated his second championship. Stoll allegedly attempted to smuggle drugs to a West Republic pool party at the MGM Grand Hotel. Since then, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors, unofficially retired from the NHL and landed a job as a scout for the Kings. His partying ways might've ended following his marriage to NFL on Fox reporter and Dancing with the Stars host Erin Andrews, but we won't know unless if something else comes up.

13 Philly Boys

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Jeff Carter and Mike Richards have long been good buddies, dating back to their years in Philadelphia together. Following a disappointing end to the 2010-11 season, the Flyers surprised many by trading away two of their best players in Richards and Carter. Word was the Flyers felt they were partying way too much and having a negative influence on the locker room.

Take, for example, this photo of them and their friends smuggling their booze using tipsy tubes. They have some lovely ladies joining them and this was pretty much par for the course for both Richards and Carter. Even though they were traded to separate teams, the two reunited in Los Angeles a year later and brought home a Stanley Cup, which undoubtedly led to more partying.

12 Jonathan Toews

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Move over, Seguin. Jonathan Toews also plays as a center, but he serves the Chicago Blackhawks' captain and has won three Stanley Cups (2010, 2013, 2015). Toews looks like a goody two shoes compared to Patrick Kane (right wing), but he sure knows how to have a good time.

Toews can let loose when he really feels he has to. What can he not do? After all, he's a three-time Stanley Cup champion and appears to have developed an "I don't care" type of attitude. In this photo, he's drinking from a beer funnel. We don't know how much he drank, but we're pretty sure that he drank quite a lot. Toews doesn't quite let loose like he used to, but when you have three Stanley Cups, you've earned the right to live a little.

11 Richards and Carter At It Again

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As we explained before, Mike Richards (then-Philadelphia Flyers captain) was traded to the Southern California team, possibly because of his hard-partying ways as once brought up by Dan Gross, a former gossip columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

As you can see in this infamous photo, Richards was one of the guests in attendance at the same party his friend and former teammate Jeff Carter was attending. He was trying to down a bottle of hard liquor. However, it wouldn't come as a surprise if he actually finished the bottle in one sitting.

Not only that, Richards reportedly refused to participate in what were called "Dry Islands," which were one month periods of abstaining from alcohol altogether. He seemingly had a drinking problem, but this was just a report. It seemed like the unfortunate case though.

10 Jordan Staal

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Due to his current team, the Carolina Hurricanes, not being in a big hockey market, and his declining play since leaving Pittsburgh, Jordan Staal is far from a household name in the world of hockey. Staal, however, is one of four brothers who play professional hockey.

Staal is arguably one of the NHL's best penalty killers and is known for his strong defensive skills and a menacing scoring touch that makes him a threat for shorthanded goals. He is also a threat when it comes to parties as he can chug down tons of alcohol. In addition, he has been arrested for underage drinking, disorderly conduct and obstructing the legal process at his older brother's bachelor party in 2007. Put down the bottle, Staal!

9 Ovie On A Boat

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Alex Ovechkin is one of the best players in the NHL. He's the captain of the Washington Capitals. He plays as a forward. He also plays hockey in the nation's capital, and plays under a lot of scrutiny, with the Capitals having been unable to advance past the second round in Ovie's career.

Ovechkin knows a couple of things that aren't hockey related. While the Caps super star hasn't been able to drink out of a Stanley Cup yet, he can take a ton of shots on and off the ice. And it's not just because he's Russian either. All those disappointing postseason exits can also call for more than a few drinks. We'll see if he's ever able to drink out of the holy chalice of the Stanley Cup.

8 Vintage Brad Marchand

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We've shown you a photo of Brad Marchand partying hard with his bro Tyler Seguin at the beginning of this list, but now, let's take a look at this snap of a drunk Marchand who clearly had too much to drink with his bros.

Without a doubt, Marchard partied way too hard after the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011. So if you were wondering why Marchand wasn't featured in the Bruins' championship DVD, it was because he was too drunk to be interviewed.

"[After the Cup, linemate Tyler Seguin] and I went on a bit of a tear, partying pretty much every night for a while," Marchand told Sports Illustrated. "I went home and kinda continued it. I thought [winning a championship] was something that might never happen, so I was trying to take it all in, enjoy it. ... My dad sat me down and sorta gave me a lashing. He told me if we win two of the next three years, he'd leave me alone."

7 Evander Kane

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No, Evander Kane isn't related to Patrick Kane (who we'll take a look at later in this list), but Evander is just as much as a party boy like Patrick.

Evander is a forward who got his start with the Vancouver Giants of the Western Hockey League (WHL). Then, he was selected by the Atlanta Thrashers (now Winnipeg Jets) with the fourth overall pick in the 2009 NHL Draft. He played with the Thrashers/Jets from 2009 to 2015. He has been playing for the Buffalo Sabres since 2015.

Evander is far from perfect though. He has been sued for an alleged assault and punished for sleeping in and missing a Sabres practice. He has also been suspended for partying during the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend.

This is just one of the many pics and snaps Evander posted, but he seemingly had too much to drink as he's freaking with what appears to be a random chick in the club.

6 Young Carey Price

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Forget the slogan "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" for a second. Because what happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun, too. Just take a look at this photo of Carey Price and his teammates on the Montreal Canadiens.

This is just one of many photos taken of the Habs in Cancun, but like the age-old idiom implies: a picture is worth a thousand words. This appears to be the aftermath of a night with too much booze as Price is about to lick another guy's face. We would guess the drinks were a way for him to forget a disappointing season. Price was often seen partying in his younger days but seems to have settled down since marrying his lovely wife Angela.

5 Malkin Finds A Friend

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Evgeni Malkin may live in Sidney Crosby's shadow, but that's a hot topic that requires a little more thought in order to discuss. As you can see, he has made some buzz-worthy headlines after partying off the ice.

Just look up "drunk Evgeni Malkin" on Google and you'll find some obscure photos in your search. Even if you're not a Pittsburgh Penguins fan or reporter, you would have to admit that Malkin partied a bit too hard, especially in this photo where he poses with a larger-than-life lion. He apparently had one too many drinks that night. This looks like it was a scene straight out of The Hangover. We wonder how Malkin felt when he woke up the next day.

4 You're Cut Off, Kane

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Patrick Kane is one of the most lethal players in the league, and this includes his antics off the ice. Don't get us wrong, he's a tremendous forward, but he can get out of control sometimes.

Where do we begin? In 2009, Kane was 43 cents short after finishing up a ride in Buffalo, New York, with his cousin and this resulted in a drunken assault on the cab driver and a brief stay in jail. In 2010, he got extremely drunk at the Chicago Blackhawks' victory parade and took the Stanley Cup for his own mini-parade, which concerned the team as well as the league. In 2012, he was reportedly found drunk at the Kollege Klub in Madison, Wisconsin. Clearly, Kane had been over served at the establishment.

3 Getzlaf Gets Out Of Control

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You might not have guessed it, but Ryan Getzlaf (Anaheim Ducks captain and center) can be a party animal. Who says that veterans can't have the same fun the youngsters have?

In this candid photo, Getzlaf is chugging some alcohol with some partygoers at a nightclub. At age 32, he might be a little too old to partake in such activities, but he does have the money to do whatever he pleases.

Getzlaf has a wife and four kids, but he can probably still be your drinking buddy if you need one. Also, North American players hit the club every now and then, but let's not forget the one time where the Anaheim Ducks became tabloid fodder after Getzlaf and a few other Team Canada teammates were involved in an incident with drunken Finnish fans following their overtime loss to Team USA.

2 Two Minutes For... Crosschecking?

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Claude Giroux took over the role of the Philadelphia Flyers' first line center in 2011.

Giroux could also take the role of one of the biggest party boys in Flyers' history. He apparently likes to drink tons of alcohol, play with hockey sticks and fondle police officers' buttocks. Yeah, you read that right.

Back in 2014, Giroux was taken into custody after grabbing a police officer's butt twice. He reportedly spent one night in jail, but no charges were filed by the officer. Since 2016, he has been an engaged man to his longtime girlfriend, so let's hope his partying days are behind him now. Giroux expressed some regret over the incident saying he was embarrassed and it was a bad attempt at humor.

1 Of Course, Roenick

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As always, Jeremy Roenick's openness has often led to controversy, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that he ranks No. 1 on this list.

Roenick currently works as a NBC Sports analyst. We're not taking away any credit from him, as he was a former NHL center who became the third American-born player to score 500 goals (below Joe Mullen and Mike Modano), but he just doesn't seem to give a darn about what people think of him on and off ice.

This photo of Roenick posing with a hockey themed cake in one hand and a shot in the other surfaced after the Philadelphia Flyers embarrassed the Pittsburgh Penguins in front of their Halloween party fans. Like we just mentioned, he doesn't care about what you think...and he can also be your drinking buddy at your next party.

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