He Shoots, He Scores: 15 Young NHL Stars That Are Doing Well “Off The Ice”

The National Hockey League (NHL) is increasingly becoming a young man's game. No longer are veterans hanging around the league and playing well into their 30s; instead, players are peaking early in their 20s and beginning to decline in their early 30s, with the exception of a few. The game is now dominated by young stars and, as such, media and fan attention is being directed at them more than proven veterans who have consistently performed year in and year out. There's not much else we need to - or want to - know about Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Give us all we can handle in regard to young phenoms like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews, however. For instance, do you know what Sidney Crosby dressed up as for Halloween? Likely not. But if you scour social media regularly, you know by now that McDavid and his girlfriend went as Donald and Melania Trump.

We have a fascination with these young stars for obvious reasons. Likewise, for even more obvious reasons, male - and even female - fans have an interest in the girlfriends of those players. For one, if you're a fan of someone like McDavid or Matthews, you don't want them dating a "Kardashian" type - someone who can curse their career by virtue of being too much of a distraction. Beyond that, we're drawn to the WAGs because they're incredibly stunning. Here are 15 young players, including the aforementioned McDavid and Matthews, that are doing extremely well off the ice.

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15 Filip Forsberg

Two years with him❤️ I love you

A post shared by Jennifer Persson (@jenniferperssn) on

Filip Forsberg is a lucky man. You probably already know that given his NHL accolades - the Swedish star is a first-round selection of the Washington Capitals who has scored 25-plus goals in each of the past three seasons and is well on his way to doing so again with eight goals in 11 games to start this year. He also helped the Nashville Predators reach the Stanley Cup Finals last year with nine goals and seven assists in 22 playoff games.

Off the ice, Forbserg's life is even better. He's currently dating fellow Swede Jennifer Persson, who isn't blonde like you would expect, but is insanely beautiful all the same. She operates a fashion blog, which includes pictures of herself trying out clothing, while her Instagram account includes several of those same photos as well as couple selfies of herself and Forsberg.

14 Aaron Ekblad

via instagram.com

One of the best young defenseman in the NHL, Aaron Ekblad is still only 21 years old, despite being in his fourth season in the league. The former Calder Trophy winner has looked like a grown ass man since he was 18 years old with a full beard and a 6-foot-4, 216-pound frame. After a down year in 2016-17, he appears to be on track again in 2017-18 with seven points through 11 games.

He previously dated model Claudia Lemieux, who is the older sister of his former junior teammate Brendan Lemieux. Claudia is an incredibly sexy blonde who doesn't at all mind showing some skin on Instagram. Ekblad's current girlfriend, Dayna Mastronardi, isn't as sultry as Lemieux, but is just as beautiful nonetheless. What a lucky man.

13 Bryan Rust

lovin (you) every day ❤

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Pittsburgh Penguins winger Bryan Rust might not be a household name, but that hasn't hurt his dating profile. The Michigan native and third-round pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft has a combined 50 points in 125 regular season games, but is on pace for a career-high in points early into the 2017-18 regular season. The increased production might earn him attention from some of Pittsburgh's finest women, but if he's smart he'll stick with his beautiful girlfriend Kelsey Burton.

The 24 year old blonde beauty is originally from Canada and graduated from the University of Ottawa, but has been with Rust for a few years now. She drank beer from the Stanley Cup last year after the Penguins won for the second consecutive year, so it's clear she's a keeper.

12 Cody Ceci

via instagram.com

Ottawa Senators defenseman Cody Ceci might not necessarily be a household name either, but he's a star in Ottawa, given he grew up in the city and played his junior hockey with the Ottawa 67s of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). He was also drafted by the Senators and has now played 296 regular season games with the franchise. He's no Superstar, but he's a talented second-pairing defenseman.

His love for Ottawa also extends to women. Ceci is currently dating - and has been for a few years - Jamie Thompson of Brockville, which is a small town just outside of Ottawa. The beautiful blonde is an aspiring veterinarian and accomplished equestrian rider. She qualified on four separate occasions for Toronto's Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, which is regarded as one of Canada's largest stage for equestrian riders.

11 Dylan Larkin

via shootpixel.com

Like Cody Ceci, Dylan Larkin has had the fortune of playing the bulk of his hockey career in or near his hometown. The native of Waterford, Michigan attended the University of Michigan and was drafted 15th overall in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft by the Detroit Red Wings. He endured a sophomore slump after a promising rookie season, but appears to be rebounding in 2017-18 with 12 points through 13 games.

Unlike Ceci, however, Larkin didn't limit himself to hometown hotties. The Michigan native is instead dating Caitlin Reilly, who is herself an accomplished hockey player who plays for the University of Minnesota, where she had 15 points in 39 games as a junior last season. She's the younger sister of Minnesota Wild defenseman Mike Reilly and arguably one of the hottest women in all of college hockey.

10 Connor Carrick

A native of Orland Park, Illinois, Connor Carrick is a 23 year old defenseman with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Though not much of a point producer (he had just eight points in 67 games last season), he's a quality third-pairing blueliner with adept skating abilities. He also happens to be one of several players on the young Maple Leafs with incredibly beautiful WAGs.

In fact, Carrick recently asked his longtime girlfriend Lexi Solofra to marry him. Alongside a photo of the couple sharing a kiss, Carrick posted the following caption this past July: "Seeing her come down the stairs this morning, I knew I had made the easiest decision I'd ever have to make. To us lex, I love you." Who says hockey players aren't romantic?

9 Mark Pysyk

via blog.megcourtneyphotography.com

A first-round pick of the Buffalo Sabres in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, Mark Pysyk now plays for the Florida Panthers, where he is a bottom-pair defenseman who kills penalties. While he's far from one of the better blueliners in the league, he certainly has one of the hotter girlfriends.

Pysyk has been dating the beautiful Oakley Dale for a number of years and the couple took the past offseason to get married and celebrate before Pysyk began training for the upcoming season. They married at Banff Springs, which is a few hours away from Pysyk's hometown of Sherwood Park, Alberta. The ceremony took place in front a picturesque mountain view, while the reception included a bunch of shirtless Albertans looking like they were having the time of their lives.

8 Nico Hischier

via doublegsports.com/twitter.com

It has been a remarkable year for Nico Hischier. The 6-foot-1, 175-pound center recorded 86 points in 57 games with the Halifax Mooseheads of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and was subsequently made the first overall pick in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft by the New Jersey Devils; in doing so, he became the first ever Swiss-born player to be selected first overall.

He was congratulated by several, including his longtime girlfriend Lorena Orlacchio, who resides in Switzerland, but is likely en route to New Jersey; or at least she should be if she knew the kind of trouble a young and rich hockey player could get up to near New York City. She's certainly aware of his celebrity status as she recently made all of her social media accounts private.

7 Jack Eichel

Off to Neverland ✨

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As much as he wants us to believe, Jack Eichel isn't on the same level as Connor McDavid or Auston Matthews, but that doesn't mean he isn't doing quite well for himself. Despite the fact he has to live in - and play for - Buffalo, he's coming into his own as a center in the league, having recorded 57 points in 61 games a season ago and now on pace to record a point-per-game in his third season. He's also dating a ridiculously hot brunette, Erin Basil.

Eichel met Basil while he was attending Boston University and has remained with her throughout his first two and a half seasons in the NHL. In fact, the couple recently dressed up Tinkerbell and Peter Pan for Halloween. According to her Instagram, they also attended the Buffalo Bills home open with Eichel's teammate Sam Reinhart as the awkward third wheel.

6 Mitch Marner

Toronto Maple Leafs' dynamic young winger Mitch Marner might be struggling in his second season in the NHL, but at least he has the beautiful Stephanie LaChance supporting him at home - although we can't be certain of his living arrangement given the 20 year old shared a condo with his mother in his rookie season as she helped him adjust to live in the NHL.

Marner had 61 points in 77 games as a rookie, but has only one goal and five assists through 12 games this season and has been demoted to fourth-line duties at times. His longtime girlfriend remains supportive, however, except for when it comes to his Halloween costume ideas. Marner and veteran teammate Matt Martin wanted to dress as Dr. Evil and Mini Me, but the idea was shot down by LaChance and Martin's girlfriend, Sydney Esiason.

5 Jean-Gabriel Pageau

via fabwags.com

Jean-Gabriel Pageau is in a similar situation to Cody Ceci, who we mentioned earlier on this list. He was born in Ottawa and played his junior hockey with the QMJHL's Gatineau Olympiques, which is just a short drive across a bridge from Ottawa. The fourth-round pick of the Ottawa Senators debuted with the team in 2012-13 and, after a return to the minor leagues from 2013 to 2015, earned a full-time roster spot toward the end of the 2014-15 season.

His girlfriend, Camille Beeby, is from Montreal, but like Ceci's girlfriend, she's also an accomplished equestrian rider. If you only followed the Ottawa Senators, you would think all Canadian women are equestrian riders, but what we can gather from the two Senators players and their girlfriends is that female equestrian riders are incredibly hot. The blonde-haired beauty is almost as tall as Pageau, who is generously listed at 5-foot-10.

4 Dmitrij Jaskin

via playerwives.com

A native of Omsk, Russia, Dmitrij Jaskin played one season of junior hockey with the Moncton Wildcats of the QMJHL before turning pro. Selected in the second round of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft by the St. Louis Blues, the right winger has since played in 200 career regular season games and posted 48 points. He's far from the dynamic scorer he once was at the junior level, but he's a relatively productive bottom-six winger nonetheless.

He's definitely more efficient off the ice as he has one of the hottest girlfriends in the NHL. Jaskin is currently dating Russian hottie Nadiya Volskaya. Unlike say Swedes or Finns, not all Rusians are blessed with beauty, but the ones who are happen to be off-the-charts hot, and that's the case with Volskaya. She doesn't mind showcasing her sexuality on her Instagram account, which is followed by over 10,000 people, but deserves way more attention.

3 Marko Dano

via tumblr.com

Like Dmitrij Jaskin above, Marko Dano is proof that you don't need to be a super talented player to date a remarkably hot woman. Dano, who hails from Austria and was selected 27th overall by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, is a forward with the Winnipeg Jets who has no points through six games this season and, aside from a successful rookie campaign in which he recorded 21 points in 35 games, has only 21 points in his last 78 games.

Nonetheless, Dano is dating Petra Polakova, a former Miss Universe finalist from Slovakia who is clearly way out of his league. Fortunately for Dano, she isn't aware of that. The blonde has a beautiful face to go along with Stacey Kiebler-esque legs.

2 Connor McDavid

Not posting this because it’s national boyfriend day

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Most of the hockey world will contend that Connor McDavid is the superior hockey player to Auston Matthews and, while they might be right (despite early numbers this season), this is one list that McDavid doesn't surpass Matthews. Make no mistake, the first overall pick of the Edmonton Oilers in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft is dating an absolute stunner, but she comes up just a tad short of Matthews' girlfriend.

McDavid is currently dating Lauren Kyle, who, as previously mentioned, dressed as the Melania to his Donald Trump for Halloween. McDavid earned considerable backlash on social media for his choice of costume, but when a woman as hot as Kyle tells you you're dressing up as Trump, even the most steadfast liberal would abandon his beliefs and do so. A native of Toronto, Kyle is now followed by over 17,000 people simply because she's the girlfriend of arguably the world's best hockey player.

1 Auston Matthews

Sush is our favorite 🙄❤️

A post shared by JJ (@jordynjohnsonn) on

While McDavid might hold the crown as the world's best player, Auston Matthews might be creeping up right behind him, despite being a year younger and only in his second season in the league. And while both players are relatively reserved in front of the media, Matthews has a certain swagger about him with his flashy fashion sense. The future Maple Leafs captain could do some damage on the dating scene in Toronto, but you can't blame him for instead dating Arizona-based model Jordyn Johnson, who has herself gained nearly 14,000 followers as a result of the relationship.

Johnson and McDavid's girlfriend, Lauren Kyle, might be equal in looks, but Johnson is a much better Instagram follow if you're into beautiful women capitalizing on their sexuality. The tall model has an incredible body and sultry look to go along with it. She's an absolute must follow on Instagram.

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