How Does Michel Therrien Coach The Montreal Canadiens?

Myles Stuart / facebook.com/pages/NHL-Memes/244528182305805

Outside of Montreal, many are probably praising Michel Therrien for the job he's done in Montreal, impressed with the constant improvement the Canadiens have shown in the last few years. During his second tenure in Montreal, he has racked up a winning percentage of .654, an impressive number for a coach in any sport. However that has not stopped him from being heavily scrutinized, as many don't agree with his treatment of young players, or constantly shuffling his lines.

I liken him to a mad scientist, as many are flabbergasted by his moves, citing him as a madman, yet he seems to have the magic touch, as the strong majority of his moves have worked out. Just look at the record. We can't understand his madness, but we sure can appreciate his record.

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