Former Stanley Cup Champion Demands Cocaine On Flight, Tries to Urinate In Food Cart

A former Stanley Cup champion is in some hot water after an alleged crazy drug-fueled confrontation with a flight attendant.

There is a report out of the Czech Republic that states that former Detroit Red Wings and Calgary Flames forward Jiri Hudler threatened flight attendants, demanded cocaine and tried to urinate on a food cart while on a flight from New York to Prague.

According to TSN, The 33-year-old Hudler allegedly ended up threatening a flight attendant when she refused to give him the cocaine that he was demanding. He's also being accused of using cocaine while in one of the bathrooms on the plane.

Hudler must have really been out of it since he went to the bathroom to do cocaine and then tried to pee in a food cart. CBS Sports says that Hudler allegedly went as far as to threaten the flight attendant's life by telling her that he would have his friends kill her once she arrives in Prague.


Hudler himself has commented on the issue, though his account of the incident is a little more conservative.  In a statement, Hudler denies the allegations, claiming the ordeal is "just such a small incident."

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Hudler is originally from the Czech Republic and started his NHL career with the Red Wings in 2006 after he was selected in the second round of the NHL Entry Draft back in 2002, eventually winning the Stanley Cup in 2008 with the club that drafted him. During his NHL career, he racked up 164 goals and 264 assists in 708 career games.


Hudler also spent time with the Florida Panthers and most recently the Dallas Stars last season. He's currently a free agent, and we can't imagine that these allegations will help him land with a new team as the upcoming NHL season kicks off.

From what we can tell, this is the first time that Hudler has had any off the ice problems during his career. As of right now, it looks like he may have a drug problem that he needs to deal with before he can try to continue his hockey career.

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Former Stanley Cup Champion Demands Cocaine On Flight, Tries to Urinate In Food Cart