Max Pacioretty Gets His Own McDonald's Burger, the 'Max 67'

Not only does Max Pacioretty score a lot of goals, he has now scored himself a McDonald's burger. The 'Max 67' will be available in Quebec restaurants from March 18th to April 20th. The burger comes on an Angus beef patty, with bacon bits, tri-colored nachos, cheese, tomato, onion and topped off with a nacho sauce. The burger is said to have 790 calories, but we'll find out for sure soon enough.

This doesn't sound like something Pacioretty would eat before a game, but it'll sure be fun for fans to have one before or after a game.

via imgur.com

Pacioretty becomes the third Hab to get his own burger, with Brendan Gallagher creating "The Gallagher" Daniel Briere getting the "Briere BLT".

Considering Pacioretty's linemates this season, the enormous burger should probably come with a small fry and small beverage.

Who could be the next Montreal Canadien to get a McDonald's burger?

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