Mike Bossy's 50 in 50 Puck Is On eBay - And He Wants It Back

New York Islanders legend Mike Bossy's puck for his most famous goal is up for auction on eBay. This would be the puck Bossy fired into the net to score his 50th goal in the 50th game of the 1980-81 season.

Bossy was two goals short of the mark with five minutes left in the 50th game, and pulled it off. About 30 years ago however, the puck was out of his hands. The puck is up on eBay and Bossy wants it back, but refuses to pay for it, because he considers himself the rightful owner (duh).

via ebay.com

Jake Jacobson (the seller) spoke to TMZ and explained how he ended up with the puck. He's a big Islanders fan and former swim coach. He was given the puck by Bossy's daughter as a thank you for swimming lessons he gave her.

Jacobson once contacted Bossy and offered it back, but claims Bossy "didn't really seem interested. He couldn't even meet. It just wasn't a good offer."

The Hockey Hall of Fame wants the puck as well and agrees that Bossy shouldn't have to buy it back if he never willingly gave up the puck and that he's the rightful owner. Bidding for the puck has now risen to over $5,000. The opening bid was set at $850.

Hopefully this puck either ends up back with Bossy, arguably the greatest pure goalscorer in NHL history, or in the hall of fame.

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