Habs Vs. Leafs: 8 WAGs From Each Team

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens rivalry in the Great White North is the oldest rivalry in the NHL, dating back to 1917. That's a little over 100 years ago. In case you didn't know, the Leafs and Habs faced each other in the postseason 15 times and five Stanley Cup Finals (1947: Leafs won 4-2, 1951: Leafs won 4-1, 1959: Habs won 4-1, 1960: Habs swept 4-0, 1967: Leafs won 4-2).

Okay, enough about the history between the Leafs and Habs. We're going to take a look at the lovely WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of the Leafs and Habs players. These ladies make this particular Canadian rivalry even more fun (and easy on the eyes). They not only support their husbands and boyfriends on the ice, they also kill it off the ice. Their beautiful and oh-so-hot looks make everything better. Whether they're comforting their men after a tough playoff loss or walking the runway for a fashion show, their looks are worth a second glance.

From WAGs of depth players like Sydney Esiason to the gorgeous WAGs of superstars like Angela Price, we're sure that you're going to recognize some of these names. And, if you don't recognize some of these stunning ladies, that's okay because you're going to want to remember their names so you can read more about them and what not. You may not be an NHL fan, but you're going to want to check out the NHL WAGs that arguably make hockey more exciting.

Let's compare the Leafs vs. Habs: Eight WAGs from each team you HAVE to see.


16 Habs: Angela Price (Carey Price)

Angela Price is the lovely wife of Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price. While the Canadiens aren't having a top notch season, Carey certainly has someone lovely waiting for him at home whenever he returns home from the Habs games.

Angela is a Washington state native who currently works as a blogger for her personal blog called By Angela. She's skilled at giving advice on topics pertaining to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, baby and home decor. She's also a gorgeous lady with a wonderful sense of style. Plus she has legs for days. She and Carey met back when Price was playing junior hockey and she seems to have embraced the spotlight of Montreal, despite having to put up with ridiculous divorce rumors about her and Carey a few months ago.

15 Leafs: Sydney Esiason (Matt Martin)

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Sydney Esiason is the smokin' girlfriend of Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Matt Martin. Although Martin hasn't had much ice time as of late, he's still winning at life as he's dating the daughter of CBS Sports color commentator and former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason.

Sydney has a passion for football and hockey and just sports in general. She has worked for Sports Illustrated's SI Wire, NHL.com and the New York Jets. She has a similar career to her father's current career. There's no doubt her stunning looks helped her become a minor internet celebrity. She has been dating Martin since his days in Long Island as a New York Islander. She was stunning when sporting Islanders jerseys and she's still stunning when donning the blue and white.


14 Habs: Lucie Vondrackova (Tomas Plekanec)

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Lucie Vondrackova is a singer and actress from the Czech Republic. She's married to a fellow Czech, Montreal Canadiens alternate captain Tomas Plekanec. Plekanec's name has been on the trade block for a while and many are seeing the writing on the wall that this could be his last season in Montreal. But for now, his wife is more than worthy of this Habs vs Leafs battle. Unlike some WAGs, she didn't exactly need the money as she's one of the most successful singers in the C.R.

The couple has two sons. Yet, Vondrackova is still a beautiful blonde mama of two. She doesn't seem to have aged even though she's reaching the middle aged mark of 40 years old. She could relate to the song "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart.

13 Leafs: Christina Marleau (Patrick Marleau)

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Patrick Marleau is a veteran forward who currently plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Previously, Patrick played for the San Jose Sharks from 1997 to 2017. Patrick is old enough to be the father of some of his current teammates and the same could be said for his wife, Christina, who could be the mother of some of her husband's current teammates.

However, the couple doesn't look their ages, and Christina is still a beautiful lady for someone her age. Christina proves that women who are near the middle aged mark still got it. Marleau was acquired this past offseason as a veteran hand to balance out the young locker room of the Leafs. It was a homecoming for the Toronto native and it looks like he'll end his career as a Leaf.


12 Habs: Katia Pacioretty (Max Pacioretty)

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Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty has been one of the most consistent NHL goal scorers, who was drafted 22nd overall by the Canadiens in the 2007 NHL Draft.

Whether or not you like the Habs, you have to admit that Max's wife, Katia, is a brunette beauty who fits the girl next door image. She seems to be sweet, stunning and silly in her own way. It's a good thing that she's a woman who can fit into both the sugar and spice categories. It has to be tough for Pacioretty to don the C in a hockey hotbed like Montreal, but he truly seems to have embraced Montreal for all its positives and negatives, as he and Katia have built a life together in the city.

11 Leafs: Jordyn Johnson (Auston Matthews)

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Even if you're not a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, you've probably heard of NHL second year sensation, Auston Matthews, who made headlines after being selected first overall by the Leafs. Matthews went on to score 40 goals in his debut season (2016-17).

Matthews' dating history has also been a hot topic of discussions among certain hockey fans. Matthews dated an Arizona State student named Emily Ruttledge for a while before moving on to a model named Jordyn Johnson out of his native Arizona. While both gals are attractive, Johnson has the upper hand since she's a model who constantly uploads stunning pictures on her Instagram. Like most hockey players, Matthews keeps his personal life private so he hasn't commented much on his relationship with the gorgeous Johnson.


10 Habs: Krystel Gauvin (Charles Hudon)

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Charles Hudon remains a rookie left winger on the Montreal Canadiens' roster, but his game is strong on and off the ice. Hudon scored his first two career NHL goals in his team's 8-3 blowout win over the Ottawa Senators on October 30, 2017. Hudon is also expecting a baby with his fiancee, Krystel Gauvin.

As you can see in this Instagram photo, Hudon showed love towards the mother of his soon-to-be child, which is a good thing. It's even better that Gauvin is going to marry this gorgeous young lady because she appears to be a keeper. Hudon finally got a steady job with the main club this year after years of producing in the AHL, so all the more power to him.

9 Leafs: Molly Robinson (Tyler Bozak)

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Tyler Bozak is the alternate captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He previously played for the Toronto Marlies of the AHL and the University of Denver Pioneers of the NCAA.

With that being said, Bozak's other half, Molly Robinson, is a blonde beauty with a ton of fashion sense. Not much is known about Robinson, but she's active on social media and keeps up with the latest trends. Robinson seems to be a good mother who is also very good looking. Their son is now two years old, but Molly usually brings him along to cheer on daddy at the ACC. Bozak appears to be a mainstay on the Leafs for the foreseeable future, which is good news for the young family.


8 Habs: Courtney Petrachek (Victor Mete)

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Montreal Canadiens rookie defenseman Victor Mete still has a long way to go in the world of hockey, but he seems to have his life figured out already. Well, at least in the love and relationship department. Mete has been dating his girlfriend, Courtney Petracheck, for the past five years.

Mete hasn't found much success in the NHL yet, but he found a magnificent girl and that's just as impressive, considering his young age (19). Petracheck is a brunette stunner with legs for days. Mete has exceeded expectations this year. He unexpectedly won a starting job on the blue line out of training camp and even spent a good portion of the season playing alongside Shea Weber. He's been a bright spot in a tough Habs season.

7 Leafs: Stephanie Lachance (Mitch Marner)

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We've already talked about the Leafs' no.1 young phenom in Auston Matthews, but we can't forget about Matthews' running mate in the Leafs's youth movement in Mitch Marner. Marner has mostly played on Matthews' wing in his first couple of NHL seasons and he's proven to be a budding young star, eclipsing the 60-point mark last season. He seems to be on pace for a similar season this year. Much like his good buddy Auston, Marner has done well for himself in the dating department as well, as he's going out with a young lady by the name of Stephanie Lachance.

We know hockey players tend to be more private with their personal lives than athletes from other sports and that's the case here. The two have been together since Marner's junior days, but the only glimpses we see of Lachance are in the occasional Instagram post by Marner.


6 Habs: Teil Froese (Byron Froese)

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Byron Froese currently plays for the Montreal Canadiens as a center. Behind the man in the bleu, blanc et rouge stands an attractive wife, Teil.

Not much is known about Teil, but she's a pretty blonde girl with a nice face and mesmerizing eyes. She seems to be a natural beauty who doesn't need a whole lot of makeup to look good. She's the perfect definition of a hockey wife. Like several players on the Habs bottom six, Froese earned a job with the main club after getting called up from the Laval Rocket of the AHL earlier in the season. He's spent most of the season on the fourth line, but it looks like he'll be staying with the main club for the remainder of the year.


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No one would confuse Connor Carrick for a star defenceman but he's developed into a useful player for the Maple Leafs who are still pretty thin on the blue line. Carrick has been with his girlfriend Lexi Solofra for a long time, despite just being 23 years old. In one Instagram post, he referred to the couple having been together for five years. That sure is commendable for a young couple to show that kind of commitment to each other. Carrick will be hoping for a similar type of commitment on his next NHL contract as his deal with the Leafs is set to expire after this season. That will make him an RFA, but with the day things have gone with his girlfriend, it doesn't look like he'll be a free agent on the dating market anytime soon.


4 Habs: Marie-Pierre Fortin (Phillip Danault)

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Phillip Danault currently plays for the Montreal Canadiens as a forward. Despite the Canadiens' poor record, Danault and his fiancee, Marie-Pierre Fortin, seem to be doing quite well.

Fortin looked excited to wear Danault's jersey ever since he was acquired by the Habs in February 2016. They both are Quebec natives, so obviously it worked out that Danault gets to play in La Belle Province. Also, Fortin looks like every nerd's dream of a geeky girl in a good way. Fortin may not be your cup of tea, but she's pretty in her own way. Danault unfortunately suffered a bad concussion this season off a Zdeno Chara slapshot, so hopefully he's able to recover and come back stronger than ever either later this season, or next.

3 Leafs: Viktoria Makis (Martin Marincin)

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Martin Marincin is a defenseman who currently plays for the Toronto Marlies of the AHL while remaining under contract of the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL.

Maricin isn't a hockey player who puts up high numbers on a regular basis, but his girlfriend, Viktoria Makis, sticks by his side, no matter what. Makis isn't a model, but she has model-like traits, including her abilities to strike poses. Makis is an appealing girl next door type.

Marincin was called up for a good portion of the past few Maple Leafs seasons, but hasn't gotten that shot this year, as the team has mostly remained healthy and appear to be playoff bound for the second straight season. We're sure having Makis by his side makes the AHL grind a little easier.


2 Habs: Frederique Beaubien (Brendan Gallagher)

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Brendan Gallagher is the alternate captain of the Montreal Canadiens and he has the ideal girlfriend to match his game on the ice. Her name is Frederique Beaubien and she appears to be a Quebec native, according to her Instagram.

We don't know how long Gallagher and Beaubien will last as they're both in their mid-20s, but we can tell you that Beaubien is definitely a beautiful girl with a mesmerizing set of eyes. She seems to enjoy the finer things in life, just like her beau. Gallagher is always a heart and soul type player so hopefully he puts as much passion into his relationship as he does on the ice. If so, then it looks like Beaubien got herself a good catch.

1 Leafs: Alana Mozes (Zach Hyman)

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Zach Hyman has spent the last few seasons in Toronto and is now under a brand new contract that will take him through the 2021-22 season. He's found a good niche on Toronto as a bottom six forward and should be around when the Leafs take the next level as a franchise and make the jump from playoff contenders to Stanley Cup contenders. Hyman is doing well for himself, but so is his girlfriend, who is a graduate of law school and is an articling student of a Toronto based law firm. Hyman is in a steady relationship with a very well accomplished and beautiful young lady. This couple looks like it's built to last, as Hyman seems to be in Toronto for the long haul.


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