15 NHL Couples That No One Is Talking About (But Should Be)

Who’s to say which celebrity and sports couples get the most attention in the mainstream? It’s anyone’s game, especially when you throw social media in the mix. The current queens of the tabloids and the women who seem to be getting all the attention in the mainstream are the Kardashians … and the media attention that they have received, as well as their celebrity and/or athlete paramours, is extensive to say the least. But there are quite a few couples—especially in the NHL—that like to keep pretty much to themselves. That is indeed rare in today’s world, but they do keep a low profile and at the same time, tabloid interest is quite low considering that some of the athletes are some pretty big names in their own right.

Don’t get us wrong—some of these athletes and their significant others have received some attention, but at the same time, not as much as some. Couples like Jarret Stoll and Erin Andrews, Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones and others have snagged up quite a bit of the attention. But we’ve got a list of quite a few other NHL couples that are indeed out there to write about, but are often overlooked in today’s mainstream and social media blitz we’re used to when we go online to peruse Facebook. Some are couples from a few years back, but they’re still worth mentioning, and should garner a little more attention.

So you think you know your NHL couples? Well, put your knowledge to the test and take a look at this new list here at The Sportster.

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15 Ryan Miller & Noureen DeWulf

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The current goalie for The Mighty Ducks, this man has been playing on the NHL ice since 1999 when he was drafted to the Buffalo Sabres. Miller played many consecutive seasons with the Sabres before moving on to Vancouver and ultimately The Anaheim Ducks. He has become quite famous for his hybrid style of goaltending.

He married actress Noureen DeWulf in 2015.

The two have a son. DeWulf is best known for her roles in the Anger Management sitcom, and film roles which include: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and The Back-up Plan. She was also a participant in the reality show, Hockey Wives.

14 Justin AbdelKader & Julie Leshkevich

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This alternate Captain and left winger for the Detroit Red Wings was drafted back in 2005 and has played for the team ever since being welcomed into the prestigious NHL. He has had some good statistics when looking back on all his time with the Wings, which include a Stanley Cup win, great scoring records and even numerous contract extensions with impressive salary raises.

He is married to Julie Leshkevich, a woman who had been his long-time girlfriend. They became engaged in November of 2016 and they finally got married in July of 2017. They are expecting a baby boy to be born in September of this year.

13 Sean Avery & Hilary Rhoda

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This young man was no stranger to gracing the cover of many newspapers and tabloid magazines, and not always for good news. Yes, he had his fair share of scandals and we’re sure there are many of you that remember his trials and tribulations in the public eye. But he’s now retired and is committed to living the good life off the ice, preferring to remember the good times on the ice. He has published a memoir in 2017, entitled: Ice Capades: A Memoir of Fast Living and Tough Hockey. He married Hilary Rhoda, a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, in 2015. They had been engaged since 2013, having met in 2009.

12 Brandon Prust & Maripier Morin

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Born in London, Ontario, this young man has played the game since he was but a young boy, growing up in Canada’s London, Ontario. He was drafted to the Calgary Flames in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since. He has since played for The Phoenix Coyotes, The New York Rangers and The Montreal Canadiens.

His partner is none other than Maripier Morin, a pretty well-known television personality in and around Montreal.

The couple met in 2010, and seven long years later, they were married. If you look at any photographs of the couple, you’d agree that they are absolutely adorable together.

11 Bret Hedican & Kristi Yamaguchi

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Now this couple may have gotten a little bit of media attention, but according to us, not nearly enough. Hedican is now retired, but there is no doubt in our collective minds that he has left behind a very decorated NHL career. He is a Stanley Cup Champion and a two-time American Olympian. He had a very long career, playing from 1991-2009.

She is a respected and decorated figure skater and has amassed quite the accolades herself. Together, the two make a powerful couple … if you will, the Ice King marries the ice queen. They met in the late 90s and wed in 2000. They have 2 daughters.

10 Valeri Bure & Candace Cameron

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She is the absolutely now gorgeous woman who played DJ Tanner on the classic television sitcom, Full House. She has since returned to mainstream media, acting in the show’s reboot, Fuller House.

Years back, she made headlines when she met and married ice hockey player, Valeri Bure. Even though she has indeed returned to the public eye, the two still keep a low profile and aren’t looked upon as much as other NHL couples, but still, they do make a great couple, don’t they? He had a 14 year career with the NHL, playing for a plethora of teams, including The Montreal Canadiens, The Calgary Flames and others.

9 Evgeni Malkin & Anna Kasterova

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This 31 year old Russian hockey player has been on the ice since he was 3 years old. A prodigy indeed, those early skills took him to unimaginable heights considering where he was from. He was drafted by the illustrious Pittsburgh Penguins in 2004 and is still with the franchise team. The 2017-2018 season wasn’t his very best, but he had a personal record-breaking season in 2016-2017, so we can definitely forgive him a comparably lacklustre year on the ice. In 2015, he became engaged to Anna Kasterova, a TV personality in Russia, and became parents to their son, Nikita, in May of that same year.

8 Tomas Plekanec & Lucie Vondrackova

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It’s been 17 years since this man was drafted to the NHL by The Montreal Canadiens. He played and active 14 years with the team that brought him to the big leagues, with mixed results. Plekanec did alright, and “fair” would be a good way to describe his career, but by no means extraordinary.

He currently plays with The Toronto Maple Leafs.

He is married to Lucie Vondráčková, an actress, model and singer. She is one of the most respected theater singers and actresses in the Czech Republic. Together the two have 2 children. They were married in 2011.

7 Dion Phaneuf & Elisha Cuthbert

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Elisha Cuthbert was a very popular actress whose claim to fame was at the hands of many performances in very popular films. The films included in her rise were The Girl Next door, House Of Wax, The Quiet and many more. Her film career has dwindled considerably, despite having taken part in many hits and critical successes over the years.

She married Dion Phaneuf in 2013 and the two have one child. He was drafted into the NHL in 2003 and has played with the LA Kings, the Calgary Flames, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators. Over the years his performances on the ice have gotten a little worse with time. Maybe retirement is imminent.

6 David Booth & Ashley Durham

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He was drafted by the Florida Panthers in 2004, 54th overall. In the NHL, he’s played with The Detroit Red Wings, the Vancouver Canucks and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has had some decent statistics over the last few years, but at the same time has suffered through many injuries, particularly concussions.

In 2014, he married former beauty queen, Ashley Durham. She was Miss Tennessee in 2011. She has parlayed that success onto the runway and has graced the covers of many magazines, which include: Seventeen, Cosmo, Hour Detroit, Golf Digest and others. The two make an adorable couple.

5 Ben Scrivens & Jenny Scrivens

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Ben Scrivens hasn’t played for the NHL in quite a little bit; he currently plays his ice hockey in the Kontinental Hockey League with Salavat Yulaev Ufa. He has formerly played with The Edmonton Oilers, The LA Kings and The Montreal Canadiens.

In 2012, he married Jenny Scrivens, a former Women’s National Hockey League goaltender for The New York Riveters. This coupling is rather original, seeing that most of these NHL athletes are dating or are married to models or actresses, Ben opted to date and eventually marry someone he had a little more in common with … or rather a lot more, seeing that they shared a profession in common.

4 Thomas Greiss & Brittney Palmer

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Yet another NHL goaltender makes our illustrious list here in this article. He was selected 94th overall in the 2004 draft by The San Jose Sharks. He currently plays for The New York Islanders and has tended the net for The Phoenix Coyotes and The Pittsburgh Penguins as well.

His wife, Britney Palmer was a former beauty queen, named Miss South Dakota back in 2014 and has since tried to break into modelling, with not much to show for it, which is very unfortunate seeing that she is indeed a gorgeous woman. Together he and she have one child, a daughter.

3 Erik Karlsson & Melinda Karlsson

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This Landsbro, Sweden native has been playing hockey for the greater part of his life. He was introduced to North-American audiences 2008 when he was the 8th overall draft pick of The Ottawa Senators. Karlsson still plays for that team despite many rumours of him being moved soon.

He had been married before, to a woman named Therese, but they divorced in 2013.

He met and married Melinda Currey—they wed in August of 2017. In that same year, they announced that they would be having a son, which they would name Axel. In March of 2018, they announced via social media that their son didn’t make it to delivery. Together they suffered a great loss and are still together despite the terrible ordeal.

2 Alexander Ovechkin & Nastya Shubskaya

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This Russian hockey player who is the current acting captain of The Washington Capitals is no stranger to being in the limelight. He’s been playing the good old hockey game since 2001 and has accumulated quite a few accolades and honors along the way; not to mention a pretty impressive collection of career stats. He used to be engaged to Maria Kirilenko, but called off the wedding. He subsequently met and married the beautiful Nastya Shubskaya. The two make a beautiful couple and are definitely worth a little more attention. Coincidentally, she is the daughter of the famous Russian actress and film director, Vera Glagoleva.

1 Cale Hulse & Gena Lee Nolin

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This Canadian defensemen played in the NHL from 1993 until 2006. His movie star good looks garnered him quite a little bit of attention, and not just from the newspapers. He met and married actress Gena Lee Nolin in 2004. She is most famous for her time on the ever popular television show, Baywatch, where she played the character of Neely Capshaw in 64 episodes, spanning three seasons.

They each were previously married and had children from those marriages. But together, they are parents of two children, a boy and a girl. The couple garnered quite a bit of attention in the past, but seem to have fallen off the radar.

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