Golden Knights And Other NHL Teams Reveal New Uniforms

All the talk about the NHL expansion Vegas Golden Knights lately has been about the expansion draft, and who they would grab from other teams.

But, what about what all those players they get are going to wear when they hit the ice for this upcoming 2017-2018 NHL season? Well, now we know, as the Golden Knights finally revealed their official jersey - the first in franchise history.

As you can see, they went with a grey and gold/yellow color-scheme with some black and a little red around the sleeves.

For the 2017-2018 season, the NHL has switched jersey providers from Reebok to Adidas, and other teams around the league have also made some changes to their jerseys. As TSN pointed out, "The general theme for the NHL's new set of jerseys appears to be simplicity. Many teams have removed piping and stripes, opting for a simpler look."

The Minnesota Wild have switched things up and they have brought back their primary logo to their home jersey, while still featuring a simple but nice and somewhat vintage look.

via nhl.com

The Carolina Hurricanes made a slight change to their jerseys as well, by adding black to the sleeves and the bottom of the jersey:

via tsn.ca

Looking at the new New Jersey Devils gear you might notice that they widened the stripes on their sleeves:

via tsn.ca

The Edmonton Oilers also made a change to their orange home jerseys by changing the color on the shoulders from a light blue to a darker blue:

via tsn.ca

The Colorado Avalanche added a bottom border to their new jerseys with the up and down zig-zag pattern meant to, we assume, mimic mountains, given that highest peak of The Rocky Mountains is in their state:

via nhl.com

The NHL also tweeted out this full compilation image of all of the Adidas jerseys of every team in the league for the upcoming 2017-2018 season with the hashtag #FromTheFuture

So what do you think of the new jerseys? Let us know!


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