17 Recent Bizarre NHL Rumors That Remain A Mystery

Admit it, you love reading about gossip behind the scenes and in the locker room. Whether it be a rift between players or potential trades, fans salivate at these situations. I guess this type of talk is what gossipers experience with TMZ... Needless to say, some NHL markets are a lot more accustomed to drama than others; we’re looking at you Canada and in particular, Montreal which continues to be littered with news and rumors on the regular. With such a forgettable season on the ice, the tabloids have had a field day with bizarre news from behind the scenes, and we’ll touch base on some of those in this article.

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We’ll include a variety of other bizarre rumors including possible trades that almost took place and numerous conspiracy theories, whether it be why the NHL didn’t got to the Olympics or heck, troubled occurrences that took place off the ice with certain players. We guarantee one thing, you’ll be entertained even if most of these rumblings are likely to be untrue - though some on the list might leave you scratching your noodles.

Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are 17 bizarre rumors to recently surface. We begin with the city filled in drama on the regular, Montreal. Let’s get started.

17 Alex Galchenyuk Entered A Rehab Facility Before Start Of The Season

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It seemed as though Alex Galchenyuk’s days in Montreal were numbered during the recent off-season. He came off a lackluster campaign and his name was in the middle of trade rumors throughout the campaign. Things went from bad to worse for Alex when a story would emerge possibly leaking out his personal difficulties away from the rink. In any other market, such a story would not be exposed but in Montreal, it seems as though everything is a go.

During an interview with a local Montreal radio station, former coach of the Habs Mario Tremblay dropped a shocking story that Alex entered rehab for both drugs and alcohol.

Now by law and in order to protect the player, the team must not reveal such info, though surprisingly, the Habs didn’t deny the claim. Whether it’s a true story or not remains a mystery and another bizarre Montreal rumor without a clear cut answer.

16 Alex Ovechkin Not Traded Because Of Merchandise Sales

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Following another disappointing playoff defeat against the Pens, GM of the Caps Brian MacLellan dropped a couple of bombs. One of them, was the thought of trading away Alex Ovechkin. During the interview, the GM made the claim that trading away the Superstar was unlikely to take place, however, it was a possibility he later stated. As you can imagine, the rumor mill was a buzz instantly.

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The gossip would later die down and according to various rumors, that has a lot to do with the Caps owner Ted Leonsis.

Ultimately, the owner has the final say in the transactions he wasn’t too optimistic about the idea of trading away his Superstar. According to this rumor, Ted was unwilling to trade Ovie due to the amount of revenue he brings in not only to the rink on a nightly basis but through merchandise as one of the top sellers in the NHL.

15 Erik Karlsson Gets Called Out By Sens Owner For Spending Habits

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As much as fans dislike Eugene Melnyk, from a business standpoint you have to understand where the guy’s coming from. He’s spent countless amounts of dollar bills throughout the years with limited amounts of revenue coming back. For that reason, he isn’t too crazy about building a new rink for the team. Things would only get worse with plans of Erik Karlsson to leave the team after the expiration of his contract.

This urban legend is seriously out of left field. According to this bizarre rumor, bad blood started between the two when Karlsson apparently spent an exaggerated amount of money on an Uber ride and put it on his team credit card.

The story goes that owner Eugene Melnyk called out Karlsson in front of the entire team- truly a bizarre rumor.

14 Marian Hossa Purposely Misses Season To Help Hawks' Cap Situation

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The reason for Marian Hossa missing the season is truly bizarre. He didn’t really suffer from any type of injury, instead, it was said that Hos suffered from a severe skin disorder and things got worse for the power forward due to the harsh effects of the medication he was using the treat the ongoing problem. Few details have emerged since, leaving Blackhawk fans in the dark pertaining to his future. Age 39, fans remain unsure whether or not he’ll play again. He was a huge component for the team’s success and his hiatus has sunk the team to the bottom of the league.

According to lots of gossip around the league, the injury was purposely done by the Hawks in order to place Hossa on the long-term IR and relieve their terrible cap situation at the same time.

13 Montreal Put A Deal In Place For A Thomas Plekanec To Return

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The turtleneck wearing son-of-a-gun is no longer a member of the Montreal Canadiens after a lengthy run with the team. Plekanec was a weird situation, he wasn’t the biggest fan favorite with the crowd but a big-time favorite with his coaches – basically the opposite of P.K. Subban... Nonetheless, his departure had lots of media tabloids talking and as you can expect in Montreal, various claims were made pertaining to the deal.

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No, Plek wasn’t sent to Toronto as a seed to make the team lose but instead, the word is that the Habs arranged a deal with the player to have him back with the club next season, which facilitated his departure from the team.

With a lack of depth at center, we have reason to believe this particular rumor might be true.

12 The Real Reason Petr Mrazek Got Traded

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At one point, it seemed like a matter of time that Mrazek would grab the starting position with the Wings. Boy have things ever changed in the last year or so. Petr had an awful season with the team and making matters worse, it’s believed that his attitude in the locker room wasn’t any better.

Problems emerged between the Wings former goalie and the Wings coaching staff. Sending a message to the keeper, he was benched for the Winter Classic and went exposed during the Expansion Draft.

Ultimately, he was traded at the deadline for a conditional pick, a trade most Wings fans weren’t too thrilled with. Getting Petr out of the team was a lot more necessary according to the rumors due to his attitude and less about his skill.

11 Ilya Kovalchuk Delayed His NHL Return For More Money

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The Russian sniper had the league buzzing last off-season when rumors of a return began to circulate. According to rumors, Kovalchuk was in discussions with numerous teams including the New York Rangers. Now his return was ultimately brushed aside and Ilya decided to extended his stay with the KHL. A lot of folks believe that has to do with the Olympics but other theories suggest otherwise.

According to the rumors, the interest in Kovalchuk wasn’t as high as he would have liked it to be, especially in terms of dollars.

The word was that Ilya is a lot older and slower in foot speed. Kovalchuk proved his worth this year putting up some great numbers and winning a gold medal. Not too shocking, just days ago, Kovalchuk confirmed he plans to return to the league next season – leading many to believe this rumor might be true.

10 Taylor Hall Was Almost Traded For Cody Ceci

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Let’s be honest here, the Taylor Hall trade was a complete disaster and one that sunk the Oilers. Desperate to add some stability at the back, GM Peter Chiarelli went all-in with his addition of Adam Larsson, trading away prized possession Taylor Hall. According to some rumblings, the trade could have gone even worse.

TSN’s Darren Dreger exposed this potential deal while on the radio; the names involved shocked fans as the deal saw Hall going to the Senators in exchange for Cody Ceci, a depth defenseman and number four D-man on most teams.

Now were not praising the Oilers for the deal that they did accept, however, we can all agree Larsson’s got a lot more upside than Ceci on the back-end.

9 Pekka Rinne Throws The Stanley Cup Finals

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Some of these bizarre rumors have a chance of being true but this one is certainly out there and one most of us can agree is a complete fabrication. However, the story caught enough heat last year to make it on the list.

The Preds had one heck of a playoff run last season. Without a doubt, the playoff MVP for the team was Pekka Rinne, who was outstanding during the team’s journey to the cup finals.

His gameplay had MVP written all over it, though his game would take a shocking turn for the worst in the Cup finals when the Pens got to him often. It led some fans to believe he threw the series.

However, as we’ve seen in the past with tremendous playoff goalies like Giguere back in the day, that magic runs out no matter how hot you are as fatigue can kick in both mentally and physically.

8 Pavel Datsyuk Wanted Out Of Detroit The Summer Before He Left

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We can all understand Datsyuk’s desire to return back home and finish his career off in Russia. Spending countless years away from his family, it was time for Pavel to go back home and watch his kids grow up. He opted out of his deal and parted ways with the Wings, not too shocking, the team missed the post-season the very next year.

A surprising twist was the fact that Pavel actually wanted out the year prior, this just after having signed a three-year deal with the Wings.

What’s even more head-scratching is the fact that Datsyuk initially wanted a five-year term. Nonetheless, the story goes that he wanted out prior to the 15'-16' campaign but was talked out of it by Holland as it would sink the team in more ways than one (on-ice and with the cap).

7 P.K. Subban Almost Traded To Another Team

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You can argue the Subban deal was the biggest trade in the NHL over the last decade. But what if we told you that Subban was on the verge of getting traded during the 2016 NHL Draft? According to this rumor, Marc Bergevin was heavily invested in selecting Pierre-Luc Dubois, a local prospect.

The Canucks had the fifth overall selection in the draft and it was said that if Vancouver would have taken Dubois, a deal would have been made to bring the forward over to Montreal in exchange for Subban.

However, the deal fell through when Dubois went off the board third overall taken by the Blue Jackets. Somewhat odd that the Habs initially sought out a forward for Subban and later settled on a veteran d-man.

6 P.K. Locker Room Beef

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It’s only fitting that we transition into this rumor, odd that the Habs were shopping Subban so heavily. What makes it such a head scratcher is that fact the Habs weren’t necessarily looking for a specific positional player and instead, kicking tires with lots of teams till they got the best offer. That led many to believe that dealing Subban wasn’t done to upgrade the team and instead, done to just get him out of the organization.

Rumors believe that a rift in the locker room caused his ultimate departure.

It was said that Max and P.K. endured a rocky relationship behind the scenes and one that eventually sent Subban packing. We have reason to believe this rumor might be true, especially when you look back and see the verbal disputes between the two on the ice as teammates along with things getting physical with another during practice.

5 Mike Green Faked An Injury To Stay With Detroit

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A peculiar deadline deal move that didn’t take place saw Mike Green stay with the Wings despite the fact that his contract’s coming to an end and that the Wings are clearly rebuilding trying to collect as many assets as possible. Fans were irate that Green wasn’t moved and it led to some silly theories, one of them being that he faked an injury to stay.

It was a little odd that teams had health concerns for Green, who was a rental – making matters that much more confusing, he recently suited up for the Wings looking quite healthy and like his normal self.

It’s puzzling how teams would not take a chance on Green, injury prone or not – nonetheless, there’s a big time chance the Wings re-sign the d-man in the off-season.

4 NHL Bailed On Olympics For Its Own Interests

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Let’s be honest here, Germany versus Russia very likely wouldn’t have been the finals for the gold medal had the NHL taken part. Instead, Gary opted against going and it wasn’t the most popular decision among the fans and even with the players as the likes of Alex Ovechkin and Connor McDavid spoke out about not participating.

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Some believe Bettman and the league had other motives in not going, one of which was to promote the World Cup of Hockey even further.

The tournament was a big time success with the National Hockey League. Not going to the Olympics adds more prestige to the tournament and more dollar bills in the pockets of those running the show.

3 NHL Changed The Draft Odds Because Of The Oilers

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The NHL recently changed the draft odds and we can all agree it was done for the better of the game. We’ve seen it time and time again, teams just tank for the opportunity at getting the best odds in the draft. More times than not in the recent years, the Oilers got the luxury of getting first pick, shockingly, the team is once again in the mix for the upcoming 2018 Draft.

According to this rumor, the NHL wanted to change the odds so that the Oilers would stop getting top tier picks.

Poor Joe Sakic faced the wrath of that decision as the Avs finished dead last in the standings but yet landed the fourth pick, while Philly jumped up to second despite finishing the year with a modest record.

2 The Reason Alex Radulov & Andrei Markov Weren’t Re-Signed

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It was truly a head scratcher seeing both Radulov and Markov leave the team via free agency even though the Habs had money to retain one, or maybe even both. Instead, Montreal saw their best forward from the season prior move over to the West, while Markov also couldn’t agree to terms on a proper length and also left for the KHL. Looking at Montreal’s defense, the decision wasn’t the most popular especially when you assess the fact that an extra year caused Markov's departure.

Speculation is the norm in Montreal and it was no different in this situation.

According to various local radio stations, Bergevin parted ways with the two as a way to change the culture within the organization – basically, getting rid of European players.

1 Price’s Mysterious Injury

A reoccurring theme in the article, Montreal loves to speculate and this one might have gone too far. Rumors swirled from outrageous to downright wrong when it came to Price’s injury early on in the season. The media ran rampant with ridiculous stories, one of which featured Angela Price wanting out of Montreal and demanding Price get traded or the couple would divorce.

Although that’s bad, another rumor that made the headlines featured Price having an affair behind the scenes.

Everything got so bad that Angela Price was forced to address the rumors both on radio and via her Instagram account confirming she was not getting a divorce. It’s been a forgettable year for Price all around as he put up career lows across the table along with closing out his season on the injured reserve list.

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