15 NHL Stars Who Can't Score On The Ice (But Do Off The Ice)

As you might know, there are tons of beautiful women by the sides of many NHL players around the league. You may already know some of the popular ones such as Carrie Underwood or Elisha Cuthbert. Some people might think that the beautiful women only go after the big superstars in the league, but that's not quite true. Sometimes the grinders and the second-string players can still manage to win the heart of a beautiful partner. They may not get the same love from the fans as their high-scoring team mates, but they definitely get the right amount off the ice.

This list will take a look at 15 of the league's players who aren't known to score on the ice but do very well off the ice. It's proof that there is no correlation between the success of your sports career and your love life. There are many different qualities that make one a big scorer off the ice. Many of these players have very beautiful wives, but these women are often also intelligent. Some are extremely supportive and have been there before day one. These kinds of relationships are the real deal, although it always helps that these guys are NHL players making NHL salaries.

So, while you may get to pick on these players' numbers, you'll probably find yourself admiring the beautiful ladies in their lives. Here are 15 NHL Stars Who Can't Score On The Ice (But Do Off The Ice).

15 Matt Martin (Sydney Esiason)

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Matt Martin is a well-known tough guy around the NHL. The 28-year-old's career hasn't been filled with a whole lot of goals and points - with 50 goals and just over 100 points in 560-plus games. Martin has already racked up almost 850 penalty minutes in his career.

Being such a tough guy and not having the most charming look, you wouldn't picture Martin with a woman as beautiful as Sydney Esiason. Daughter of former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, Sydney has worked in various positions in the world of sports. Her most recent job was being the host of SI Wire for Sports Illustrated in 2016. Sydney definitely has the right looks to be on television. She's very well dressed and has a fantastic figure, which you can see more of on her Instagram. Judging by her photos, she seems to love traveling and spending time with Martin and their dog Jax.

14 Justin Abdelkader (Julie Leshkevich)

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Justin Abdelkader was drafted in the second round by the Detroit Red Wings in 2005. Hailing from Muskegon, Michigan, Abdelkader's career has been pretty subpar offensively while carrying a cap hit of over $4.2 million until 2023. Abdelkader's only scored 95 goals and 216 points in 585 games overall.

I guess it's easy not to care about how poor you're playing when you're married to someone as beautiful as Julie Leshkevich. Julie seems like a perfect combination of beauty and brains. She attended the University of Michigan and has landed multiple jobs with her degree, such as a teacher's assistant, a marketing internship at a glass company and a director of wellness relations for Reference.com. While it may be easy to make fun of Abdelkader's poor play, he's certainly scoring big off the ice. Julie's seems flawless, it's unfortunate she's not very active in the social media world.

13 Tomas Plekanec (Lucie Vondrackova)

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Tomas Plekanec has been a Montreal Canadien since he was drafted in the third round of the 2001 NHL draft. Though not the most talented scorer, Plekanec has had a respectable career. He went five consecutive seasons (2006-2011) scoring 20 or more goals. However, the Czech forward's production has fallen off as his career is winding down.

The 35-year-old has been married to a gorgeous Czech singer named Lucie Vondrackova since 2011. Lucie is a well-respected pop singer in the Czech Republic, as well as a theatre and film actress. She's won multiple awards during her career and is one of the most successful singers in her country. Plekanec has not only married a stunning woman, but also a very talented one. With his scoring starting to decrease every season, the long-time Hab can rest assured that he's already scored his biggest goal off the ice.

12 Daniel Winnik (Taylor Rulon-Miller)

Daniel Winnik is a 32-year-old veteran currently playing for the Minnesota Wild. Playing for eight teams in 11 years should give you an indication of the amount of skill Winnik has, or lack thereof. The Toronto native has just over 80 goals in 760-plus career games.

Luckily for Winnik, his stats don't matter when it comes to being a husband. The Phoenix Coyotes ninth-round pick from 2004 is married to the very beautiful Taylor Rulon-Miller since 2015. The couple met back when Winnik was playing for the San Jose Sharks. Born in California, Taylor works as a freelance producer and photographer according to her LinkedIn. You should definitely check out her Instagram. She takes incredible pictures. Aside from her talents, she's a stunning woman which definitely makes it easier for Winnik to deal with constantly moving throughout a struggling hockey career.

11 Brandon Dubinsky (Brenna McGuire)

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Brandon Dubinsky is no sweetheart on the ice. The former New York Rangers second-rounder has earned over 850 penalty minutes in his 12-year career. Dubinsky is known far more for being a pest than a skilled hockey player in the NHL. He's reached the 20-goal mark only twice in his career, though averaging a fair 40 points or so every season. This season, the 31-year-old has three goals and 12 points for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Dubinsky married the lovely Brenna McGuire back in 2012. McGuire is a former basketball player from the University of Virginia. She was born and raised in Winchester, Massachusetts. Though there isn't much information about her on the internet, you don't have to dig far to see how stunning McGuire is. Dubinsky has almost 150 goals in his career, but none can be bigger than the one he's scored off the ice.

10 Jori Lehtera (Lotta Janne)

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Jori Lehtera was a third-round pick of the St.Louis Blues in 2008 and is currently a member of the Philadelphia Flyers after being traded during the 2017 draft. Despite being 30-years old, this is only Lehtera's fourth NHL season.

The Finnish forward hasn't had the flashiest of careers. He has 30 goals in a 250-game career so far, including none during the 2017-18 season. Though Lehtera hasn't scored this season, he clearly scored off the ice by marrying his beautiful wife Lotta. Lehtera's wife has worked as a model for a company called "Puls". The company sells protein bars and snacks and once asked the couple be part of a marketing campaign. Her Instagram shows her mostly enjoying life as a traveling hockey wife whilst taking care of the couple's newborn daughter Elsa.

9 Dustin Brown (Nicole Brown)

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With over 1,000 games of NHL experience, Brown has captained the Kings to two Stanley Cups in 2012 and 2014. Brown had five consecutive seasons scoring at least 20 goals before signing his contract. He has yet to hit 20 goals in a season since, though the 33-year-old looks like he could hit that mark this season with 15 goals in just over 50 games played.

Brown is married to his beautiful wife Nicole, whom he met a long time ago in the couple's hometown of Ithaca, New York. They met at a hockey tournament when they were both 15 years old and have been together since. Dustin and Nicole have four boys together. Despite having to deal with the constant criticism of his poor play, and the pressure of being the former Kings captain, at least Brown was scoring big off the ice with a loyal and beautiful wife.

8 Jordan Nolan (Laura Colella)

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Jordan Nolan isn't as well known as most of the guys on this list, but he's on here for a reason. Nolan has only been in the NHL since 2011 and has played 336 games in his career, notching only 47 points. The Los Angeles Kings 7th round pick doesn't score much on the job, but many would say otherwise off the ice.

Nolan is married to a very beautiful actress named Laura Colella. Colella also does camera and director work in the Hollywood industry. She's most known for her work involving the films Breakfast with Curtis, Tax Day, and Stay Until Tomorrow. Colella clearly has many media talents and looks incredibly stunning. Nolan currently plays for the Buffalo Sabres after they claimed him off waivers last September. Although he's not a highly skilled player, the 28-year-old sure is lucky to be married to such a gorgeous and successful wife.

7 Valtteri Filppula (Jordan Falcusan)

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Valtteri Filppula was drafted in the third round by the Detroit Red Wings in 2002. Born in Vantaa, Finland, Filppula isn't known for being a big shooter, but rather as a shutdown centre. He's only hit the 20-goal mark twice in his lengthy career and has seen his production regress in recent years. This season, Filppula has 10 goals and 22 points in 51 games.

The Finnish forward married Jordan Falcusan last July. Jordan is American-born, has earned a bachelor's degree in sports management and has worked as a promotions manager for a company called Eurosport. Born in 1986, Jordan is quite sporty, having previously been a soccer player. We don't know much else about the Michigan native, other than the fact that she's beautiful. These two newly-weds seem very happy together, and it looks like Filppula's biggest goal of his career has come off the ice.

6 Ales Hemsky (Julie Hemsky)

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Ales Hemsky has been around the NHL for over 15 years since being drafted 13th overall by the Edmonton Oilers in 2001. The Czech-born forward has appeared in 845 games in his NHL career but has only scored 174 goals. Hemsky has racked up almost 400 assists in his career though. Currently a member of the Montreal Canadiens, Hemsky has been dealing with a concussion for most of the season after being held pointless in seven games.

On the bright side, the veteran is married to his stunning wife, Julie. Mrs. Hemsky runs a company called Jugar 'N' Spice where she sells her self-designed jewelry. Julie is gorgeous and seems very smart considering she runs a business. Though he's not much of a goal scorer in the NHL, many would agree that Hemsky seems like a better scorer off the ice.

5 Andrew Shaw (Chaunette Boulerice)

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Andrew Shaw recently married his beautiful wife Chaunette Boulerice. Shaw currently plays for the Montreal Canadiens, with 10 goals and 19 points this season. The Ontario native is known for bringing a physical presence on the ice and has hit the 20-goal mark only once in his career.

Though he may play a rough game on the ice, Shaw is a much sweeter guy off the ice. That's why he scored a gem of a wife in Chaunette. Shaw's wife is as beautiful as the sound of her name. We wish we knew more about her, but there's practically no information about Mrs. Shaw on the internet. She does have a Twitter, where her bio states that she's currently living in Belleville, Ontario. At the end of the day, Chaunette is proof that you don't have to be a good, or obedient, NHL player to score yourself a gorgeous wife.

4 Viktor Stalberg (Mathilda Jansson)

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Viktor Stalberg was never expected to be a great player. Selected in the 6th round of the NHL draft back in 2006, he has played for 6 teams over his NHL career. He was on the roster for the Blackhawks team that won the Stanley Cup in 2013, which could be considered his biggest accomplishment if not for his beautiful wife.

Mathilda Jansson is a true stunner, and the two have a young son together. While he was never very good at scoring on the ice, he is still in the NHL. Despite that already being a great accomplishment, his greatest achievement has got to be keeping this stunning woman by his side.

3 Zemgus Girgensons (Katie Sullivan)

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You probably didn't expect to see Zemgus Girgensons on this list. He's the only Latvian currently in the NHL and was a 14th overall pick by the Buffalo Sabres in 2012. Unfortunately, Girgensons hasn't really had that good of a career for a first-round pick. The Latvian has yet to play in a full season and has just over 40 goals in his 320-plus game career.

Girgensons recently proposed to his lovely fiancée Katie Sullivan. Sullivan is a cheerleader for the University of Pittsburgh's football team. She's got a cute smile and is very athletic. She is really one of the most underrated WAGs and you should check out her Instagram to see for yourself. Girgensons is very lucky to have a beautiful cheerleader as his wife-to-be.

2 Sam Gagner (Rachel Linke)

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Sam Gagner is known for being a pretty big draft bust. He was drafted sixth overall by the Edmonton Oilers in 2007 but never came close to meeting his expectations. Gagner is still only 28 years of age but has played for five teams in his career. The Ontario native hasn't hit the 20-goal mark once during that time. Gagner is currently a member of the Vancouver Canucks and has just seven goals this season.

His on-ice career might not be the greatest, but being able to score off the ice surely makes up for it. Gagner has been married to his beautiful wife Rachel Linke since 2014. What's most impressive about Rachel is not just her looks, but the fact that she is a doctor. The good thing about all this is that whenever Gagner sustains an injury, he gets his beautiful wife to take care of him. He's one lucky guy.

1 J.T. Brown (Lexi LaFleur)

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J.T. Brown is the only undrafted player on this list but made his NHL debut for the Tampa Bay Lightning back in 2012. The Minnesota native was recently claimed by the Anaheim Ducks after the Lightning put him on waivers. Brown is known for being a  fourth liner that brings a ton of speed, which makes him effective in today's game. He's no sniper, though, with just 20 goals in just under 300 career games; but he sure scored a beauty by marrying Lexi LaFleur.

Brown and LaFleur have one daughter, Lily. They met online through Twitter direct messages while J.T. was playing for the Syracuse Crunch and Lexi was working on a Master's degree in public relations at the Syracuse University. If you're active in the hockey Twitterverse, you might already know of Lexi, who tends to utilize her social media platform to voice her opinions and support her husband. On top of being a brainiac and outspoken, LaFleur is gorgeous. She seems like a really fun girl to be around judging by her interactions on social media.

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