15 Hockey Stars With Beautiful WAGs

The world of pro sports loves to glamorize the WAGS of star players. The NFL and NBA receive a ton of notoriety and media coverage, however, those North of the boarder are well aware that hockey players do it just as well as the other sports and hell, even the ugly players get the smoking chicks. What can we say, hockey dudes are humble guys and chicks like that. As you’ll see in this article, some of the worst looking dudes must have a way with their words, or their contract might be enough to entice their beauties, either/or (we joke...).

In this article, we’ll examine some of the steamiest WAGS in the entire NHL, however, there’s a unique twist as the men in their lives aren’t the best looking. From a frail and bearded Ryan Miller to a gray haired Alex Ovechkin, we’ll highlight the ugliest players that scored the hottest WAGS in the entire league. The battle for number one spot was fierce and that’s not the due to the ugliness of the players but more so because of the beauty of these WAGS featured on the list.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 ugly hockey stars with beautiful WAGS. We begin with a backup goalie in the twilight of his career.


15 Ryan Miller – Noureen DeWulf

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Let’s be honest here, when you take a look at Ryan Miller, you wouldn’t really consider him as a player to have the hottest WAG in the entire NHL. The dude’s skinny, frail looking and hell, looks like a 7-11 employee rather than an NHL goalie. However, the reality of the situation, the 37 year old is in fact married to one of the steamiest WAGS in the entire league Noureen DeWulf.

She might look familiar (no she wasn't the angel from your recent dream), DeWulf has been a mainstay in Hollywood for quite some time and when you look the way she does, that isn’t too shocking. She appeared in numerous films including West Bank Story, The Back-Up Plan and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. She also took part in the Anger Management series a couple of years back.

14 Brent Burns – Susan Holder

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If you make a Google search pertaining to the ugliest player in the National Hockey League, a picture of Brent Burns will come up. He’s got a ridiculously long beard that kind of makes him look homeless and as if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also missing most of his front teeth, poor guy. The irony is that he wasn’t a bad looking dude before the beard, though once the beard really got out of control and he lost them teeth - all of that was a recipe for an ugly dude that kind of resembles Chewbacca. Hell he was even asked to sign autographs while visiting Disney World but not for his NHL popularity but because children though he was a pirate.... and we’re not even joking.

Wisely, Burns let himself go after he met his beautiful partner Susan Holder. The couple has two children together, Peyton Gabriann and Jagger Stephen Patrick.

13 Matt Murray – Christina Sirignano

Forever thankful to have him by my side in this crazy world 🖤

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If Ryan Miller and Brent Burns had a son together, he’d look exactly like Matt Murray. He’s pretty much built like Ryan Miller and his beard looks just as homeless as Brent Burns’ during the post-season. Despite his terrible mix of ugly hockey players, Murray is laughing at all of us as a two-time Stanley Cup winner at the age of 23! Yea, that’s remarkable and oh, if that wasn’t enough, he’s also got one of the steamiest partners in the entire National Hockey League, Christina Sirignano.

We’ve gotten a glimpse of Sirignano numerous times in the past, who can forget when she stormed the ice celebrating with Murray while rocking a pair of jeans that resembled as if they were painted onto her body. If you must, you can further ogle at her stunning looks via Instagram.

12 Jack Eichel – Erin Basil

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Young NHL stars have great success with the ladies, the likes of Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid have some of the hottest WAGS in the entire National Hockey League. Let’s face it, Eichel can dazzle on the ice but we can’t say the same for his looks especially with that curly afro, the guy looks like he can pass as Will Ferrell’s brother in the film Step-Brothers. Nonetheless, his lady friend has a thing for Will Ferrell look-a-likes as the two are happily dating and Erin is quite the stunner in terms of looks as you see in the picture above.

All jokes aside, Jack’s undergoing a tough campaign this season. His stats aren’t too bad though a -15 rating along with being on the worst team in the East, things haven’t gone according to plan for Eichel nor the Sabres.

11 Patrik Laine – Sanna Kiukas


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Let’s be honest, the white wig actually helps Laine’s cause. He shocked the hockey world during the NHL Awards when he showed up with a thin white mustache resembling a villain in a James Bond movie, the guy is blessed with some serious skills on the ice but we can’t say the same for his looks. Partner Sanna Kiukas doesn’t seem to mind one bit however, she’s a beauty and that’s clearly represented in the photo above as she looks smoking in her fiery devil attire. Unfortunately for us, her Instagram account is private, shucks.

Luckily for us, Laine opted against auditioning for future James Bond roles and instead, he’s ripping up the NHL in his second season. Last year was no fluke and Laine knows nothing about a sophomore slump as he’s got 20 goals just midway through the year.

10 Evgeni Malkin – Anna Kasterova

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He’s tall, lanky and awkward looking, though he’s a hell of an NHL player and definitely one of the best in the last decade. He’s thriving in his personal life as well alongside his smoking partner, Russian journalist Anna Kasterova. Just taking a quick scroll down her Instagram account and you’d think she was a smoking model and not a journalist - Malkin you lucky son of a gun.

As expected, the Pens got off to a rocky start this season, they went the distance for the second straight year last season and lost numerous bodies via free agency, those factors indicated a decline earlier on. However, Malkin himself hasn’t slumped one bit notching 20 goals for the tenth time in his career, a truly outstanding mark for one of the league’s best.

9 Kevin Shattenkirk – Deanna Abbey

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Age hasn’t been too kind for Kevin Shattenkirk; the aging process has affected him in a specific area, the dude has a terrible bald spot which only seems to be getting worse. Luckily for him, his partner doesn’t seem to mind as he’s with the beautiful Deanna Abbey.

Yup, that’s the perks of being an NHL player - dating smoking women. It also helps that he just signed a ridiculous four year, $27 million dollar contract - a deal which was heavily debated considering his awful playoff run as a rental with the Caps. He’s been decent this season but nothing extraordinary, he’s got five foals along with 23 points midway through the season. However, his plus/minus numbers remain quite abysmal at a -14.


8 Mitch Marner – Stephanie Lachance

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Speaking of sophomore slumps, we now turn our attention to the Leafs forward Mitch Marner. As a rookie, Marner helped to propel the Leafs into a playoff spot closing out the year with 61 points. He got off to an awful start this year but seems to be picking it up as of late. However, his five goals in 47 games are a major let down, the former fourth overall pick needs to get it going or the Leafs will possibly fade out of a playoff spot. Lucky for them, they might be able to sneak in through the lackluster Atlantic Division which features a plethora of struggling teams aside from Tampa and Boston.

Take a look at his rookie picture from his junior year and you’ll come to find out that he wasn’t the best looking dude and still resembles a 16 year old today. Stephanie Lachance doesn’t seem to mind one bit and in fact, she’s one of the hottest WAGS in the entire league among the younger players.

7 Justin Abdelkader – Julie Leshkevich

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Abby isn’t the ugliest dude on the list, but he isn’t too cute either. When you take a look at his WAG, his ugliness gets taken to another level - Julie Leshkevich is an absolute smokebomb and if you have a thing for blonde bombshells, you’ll hate the Wings forward that much more. Wisely, Justin locked her down just before the Joe Louis Arena closed its doors, well done Abby, well done.

Abby most definitely has the funds to support his partner, the grinder signed a ridiculous seven year, $30 million dollar deal a couple of years ago which baffled Wings fans. We don’t want to question his heart and grit but for a player of Abby’s limited capabilities, over $4 million a year is way too much of a stretch. He enjoyed the prime of his career alongside the "Magic Man" Pavel Datsyuk but once he left for the KHL, Abby has scored 15 goals in the last season and a half combined, oh and that’s along with a -24 rating.

6 Matt Martin – Sydney Esiason

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Speaking of terrible contracts, we now turn our attention to Maple Leafs forward Matt Martin. His deal might be worse than the one above, Martin signed a four-year deal worth $10 million, do the math, that’s $2.5 million per season for a guy who has a career high in goals of 10. As a Leaf, he’s got eight goals in 127 games...

Despite his terrible stats and well, lackluster looks, Martin still managed to land one of the steamiest WAGS in the entire league, Sydney Esiason. You can clearly see the difference between the two, Sydney is a blonde smokebomb that literally looks perfect. Like a fine wine, she appears to be getting better with age, though we can’t say the same for her hubby...

5 Nathan MacKinnon - Vanessa Morgan

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If Dumb and Dumber’s Harry Dunn had a child, it would likely resemble Colorado’s Nathan MacKinnon. He’s blessed with insane speed and skills, though when he opens his mouth you secretly wish he was casted for a Dumb and Dumber sequel featuring the children of Harry and Lloyd. Once again, that doesn’t seem to matter for Vanessa Morgan, who is smoking hot. Nathan has been rumored to be dating the Canadian actress who appeared in a number of television roles which includes Toni Topaz in the Riverdale series. If you haven’t seen her yet, we urge you take a look at her Instagram account, sorry Nate.

Things really aren’t going too bad for Nathan nowadays, not only has he improved in the looks department but he’s also a heavy candidate for the MVP honors this season. He basically strapped the Avs on his back taking them from the basement to a potential post season appearance. As of this writing, he sits second in league point only trailing Tampa’s Nikita Kucherov.

4 Zack Kassian – Cassandra Gidillini

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Who can forget Zack Kassian’s wolverine like chops during Edmonton’s playoff push last season? It was a throwback look which many appreciated however, it’s not a look somebody watching would want to replicate. Oh and it also doesn’t help that he’s missing some teeth, yea Kassian isn’t blessed with looks that’s for darn sure and you can argue he’s at the bottom tier of the league in terms of looks.

His partner Cassandra Gidillini doesn’t seem to mind however. Maybe she likes wolverine beards and lack of teeth. Nonetheless, he scored the beauty and for that, we applaud his efforts. We can’t applaud the Oilers however who are undergoing a catastrophic season and one very few saw coming. Kassian was never a gifted goal scorer, though his three goals in 46 games haven’t helped the Oiler offensive deficiencies in the slightest.

3 Dion Phaneuf – Elisha Cuthbert

Grey Cup date! 🏈

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The top three on this list was a tossup, as the competition was quite fierce. We’d like to congratulate Dion Phaneuf for not landing the number one spot, though he was pretty close given his smoking hot wife, Elisha Cuthbert, who has a hell of a following both now and then during her teen fame.

A massive hockey fan growing up, for those that knew Elisha it wasn’t too shocking that she ended up with a hockey player, though many wish it wasn’t Dion. The two tied the knot in the summer of 2013 and recently welcomed in their first child, Zaphire, now that’s a powerful name. Age 35, the Canadian actress still looks quite beautiful - as for Dion, at least he’s got that $7 million per year salary going for him.

2 Alexander Ovechkin – Anastasia Shubskaya

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The battle for number one was a hell of a tossup, Ovie merely escaped the embarrassment of landing in the number one spot, though it was a photo finish in truth. Looking at the wedding photo above, you’d think Ovechkin was giving his daughter away, those gray hairs really don’t help his cause one bit. What does help his cause, the beautiful Anastasia Shubskaya, his smoking hot Russian wife.

You can give her a follow via Instagram and you’ll find out quickly that she loves to live the lavished lifestyle alongside her millionaire hubby who’s one of the top earners in the NHL. In truth, most of us would lavish such a beauty with those kind of bucks, saying no to her is as unlikely as Ovie passing up a one-time attempt during a Caps power-play....

1 Phil Kessel – Sandra Pereira

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Poor Phil just can’t catch a break. He was drafted last among his peers during the first All-Star Draft, was mocked by teammate Ryan Reeves who scared the hell out of him at a hotel and even recorded the footage for the world to see and as if all that wasn’t bad enough, he takes home the honors in this article. In truth, he became a lot uglier to no fault of his own, his partner Sandra Pereira is just that smoking. Take one look at her Instagram account and you’ll be praising Phil for at least a solid hour.

At the end of the day, the joke is on us. Although ugly, Phil’s a millionaire, dating a smoking partner, a two-time cup winner and, this season, one of the best players in the entire NHL. Being Phil isn’t a bad gig after all.


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