Price Is Right: 15 Trades Marc Bergevin Would Accept For Carey Price

The Montreal Canadiens have truly dropped off as a franchise and will need to make some major moves to fix it. One player who has been in the rumour mill is Carey Price and it is crazy to say, but it may be time to move on from him. Price is in his prime and it is apparent that the Canadiens will not be winning the Stanley Cup anytime soon. The Canadiens have made far too many bad trades and it is clear those truly sunk them. If the Canadiens are going to have to rebuild, it may be the perfect time to trade Price for his high value. It will be hard for the Canadiens to swallow, but it would help them in the long term.

With that said, in this article, we will be looking at fifteen potential trades that could work to obtain Carey Price. Price is arguably the best goalie in the NHL when he is on his game and is still young enough to be considered in his prime. The packages for Price will be massive if they were to go through, so this should be something that hockey fans should look forward to.if the Montreal Canadiens want to help their future, trading Price may ultimately be the best move that they can make. Although it would be abysmal in the short term, things are already bad there. Price could net them some major assets in their rebuild and very well could be the best move for them.

15 Calgary Flames

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Package: Matthew Tkachuk, Mike Smith, and 2019 and 2020 1st round pick

The Calgary Flames are finally finding themselves as legitimate NHL contenders and are heading the right direction. Although this season started off fairly average, the Flames have started to heat up and look like one of the best teams in the Western Conference. Yet, if they want to end up winning the cup, they need a goalie like Carey Price to carry them there.

For the Flames to get Price, they will need to give up a lot. Realistically, there is no way this trade goes down without giving up multiple first round picks. From there, the Flames would need to part ways with one of their top young forwards and Matthew Tkachuk would most likely be the guy to get it to go through. From there, Smith would be added in to give the Canadiens a goalie and help the Flames’ financially.

14 Chicago Blackhawks

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Package: Corey Crawford, Alex DeBrincat, 1st round pick 2018, 2nd round 2019

The Chicago Blackhawks have fallen off over the past few seasons and it is apparent that their dynasty is coming to a close. The Blackhawks are likely to not make the playoffs this season and that is truly shocking considering how outstanding they were. Yet, the NHL is always changing, so it is time for them to make some major adjustments.

If the Blackhawks went after Carey Price, they would absolutely need to give them Corey Crawford first. From there, they would have to part with their best prospect and star rookie, Alex DeBrincat. They would also have to hand over a few draft picks at a minimum, including this year’s first. This may be a hard trade for the fans, but Price would be totally worth it.

13 Arizona Coyotes

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Package: Max Domi, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, 2018 1st round pick

The Arizona Coyotes are having an abysmal year and they are in dire need of massive changes. It is clear that team they have built is heading in the wrong direction and that need to make some major adjustments. The Coyotes have a lot of young assets to make a deal for Carey Price go through, but it will cost them a lot if they want it to happen.

If the Coyotes want to be taken seriously as trade partners, they would need to give up their top pick in this year’s draft. It is a huge gamble because it may end up being the first overall one, but that’s the only way it’ll happen. From there, they would have to move soon to be rental Oliver Ekman-Larsson and young star Max Domi to be taken seriously.

12 Florida Panthers

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Package: Aaron Ekblad, Owen Tippett, 2018 2nd round pick

It is truly sad to watch how badly the Florida Panthers have fallen off since their spectacular year in 2016. Yet, today the Panthers are currently one of the worst teams in the NHL and that will not change until moves are made. If the Panthers wanted to make a deal for Carey Price, they would need to give up a lot because they are in the same division.

The Montreal Canadiens would want Aaron Ekblad in return as the main piece of the deal and that would be hard. From there, Owen Tippett would be the prospect going there way and a second round pick would have to be exchanged as well. Yet, this deal would help the Panthers because they would have a superstar between the pipes again. Is it worth it though?

11 Philadelphia Flyers

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Package: Nolan Patrick, 1st round pick 2018, 1st round pick 2019

The Philadelphia Flyers have not been able to win the Stanley Cup these past few decades because they never had a franchise goalie. The Flyers need to find themselves a goalie who can help win them games because they do have a very solid roster. The Flyers could very well win with this core if they picked up Price, but it would cost them a lot.

It would be a tough pill to swallow for the future, but the Flyers would have to include Nolan Patrick in a deal if they wanted to get Carey Price. It would be hard because he currently is the future of the team, but they would have to. They also would need to at least give up this year’s first round pick and potentially next year’s. It’s a huge cost for a superstar player.

10 Buffalo Sabres

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Package: Ryan O’Reilly, Alexander Nylander, 1st round pick 2018

The Buffalo Sabres are at the bottom of the NHL standings yet again and it is truly a shame. The Sabres have been stuck in a rebuilding phase for many seasons now and it likely will not change unless they make a major deal. The Sabres need a goaltender who can help them out of this funk and Carey Price would be their best option by a long shot.

For the Sabres to make a deal go through, they would absolutely need to give up their first round pick of this year. The Canadiens need a strong center and Ryan O’Reilly could be a player they give him, especially because he already is in the rumour mill. Alexander Nylander could be a solid final piece of the puzzle in the deal because he is a top prospect.

9 Anaheim Ducks

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Package: John Gibson, Rickard Rakell, 2nd Round Pick 2019-20

The Anaheim Ducks have somehow found themselves as an inbetween team this season and that is crazy when looking at their talented roster. Yet, with this, it probably is time for the Ducks to shock the NHL world and make a massive deal. Although picking up Carey Price would cost them a lot, they should seriously consider it if they want to win the Stanley Cup.

The Anaheim Ducks would have to part ways with John Gibson if they wanted Price and that would be a huge gamble. From there, they would also have to give up one of their top forwards and Rickard Rakell may be their best bet. Since the value of Gibson and Rakell is so high, a first may be a bit of stretch, so multiple second round picks in the deal would be likely.

8 Edmonton Oilers

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Package: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jesse Puljujarvi, Cam Talbot, 2018 1st round pick

The Edmonton Oilers are another team who completely dropped off this season and it is sad to see. The Oilers have a lot of star players on their roster, but it clear that they need to find stability. The Oilers should be extremely active in trying to fix their roster and getting Carey Price would be outstanding on their part. Yet, it would cost them a lot.

For the Oilers to get Price, they would absolutely need to get rid of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jesse Puljujarvi. These two would be the stars in the deal. For salary cap reasons and his decline in play, Cam Talbot would be a good add one. Lastly, their first round pick would also need to be given up as well. This deal would end up being a huge blockbuster.

7 Colorado Avalanche

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Package: Tyson Jost, Tyson Barrie, 1st Round Pick 2018

The Colorado Avalanche are shocking the NHL world right now and currently are one of the hottest teams in the league. With that, the Avalanche are currently playoff contenders and considering how bad they did last year, this is a major improvement. The Avalanche should use this wave to pick up Carey Price and prove that they can be contenders.

For the Avalanche to get Carey Price, they will need to give up a few big assets. First, they will need to trade away their top forward prospect, Tyson Jost, to help the Canadiens offensively. Tyson Barrie would most likely be the vetera traded because he has been in the rumour mill and the Canadiens could use defensive help. A first round pick is also a necessity for the deal to work.

6 Vancouver Canucks

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Package: Olli Juolevi, Thatcher Demko, 1st round pick 2018

The Vancouver Canucks are finally realizing that they are a rebuilding squad and that they need to make a major shakeup. This most likely will be the final seasons of the Sedin brothers in Vancouver and that may be a blessing in disguise. They can finally focus on bringing in younger assets and could even use the salary cap relief to trade for Carey Price.

For the Canucks to successfully acquire Carey Price, they will need to give up their top defenseman prospect, Olli Juolevi. There is no way that the Canadiens will accept a deal that does not include Thatcher Demko as well. From there, it is likely that the Canucks would have to part ways with their first round pick of this year too.

5 St. Louis Blues

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Package: Jake Allen, Jaden Schwartz, 1st round pick 2018, 2nd round pick 2019

The St. Louis Blues have consistently been a top team in the NHL, yet they simply cannot ever find a way of winning it all. Because of this sad fact, the Blues need to make some major moves and trading for Carey Price would make a lot of sense. The Blues would finally have a franchise goalie that very well could carry them to the glory they need.

The Blues would have to give up their starting goalie, Jake Allen, as one of the pieces. Although this would be tough, they would also have to give up one of their top core players and Jaden Schwartz would make the most sense. The Blues also would have to give up multiple picks, especially their first, to even be considered as a potential trade candidate.

4 Carolina Hurricanes

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Package: Noah Hanifin, Julien Gauthier, Marcus Kruger, 1st round pick 2018

The Carolina Hurricanes are actually having a fairly solid season this year, but because their division is so strong, it is going to be hard for them to make the playoffs. The Hurricanes need to make a major trade if they ever want to compete in their division, so why not trade for Carey Price? They do have assets to make it potentially happen.

The main piece that would have to go to Montreal from Carolina is Noah Hanifin. He is an elite, young defenseman who is becoming great. Julien Gauthier would make an excellent fit as the top prospect in the deal. Marcus Kruger would be a bit of a salary dump, but solid veteran player for the Habs. Also, the first would obviously need to go too.

3 New York Islanders

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Package: John Tavares (Sign and Trade)

The New York Islanders have been playing fairly well over the past few months and currently are flirting with a playoff spot. Although it will be a tough challenge for them to make it work, it is not impossible. Yet, one looming question with them is if John Tavares will come back. If he does not want to stay, they should use him to bring in Carey Price.

This would probably be the best deal for both teams involved. The Islanders would not lose Tavares for nothing and the Canadiens could land their franchise centerman. If the Canadiens are shopping Price, Tavares would probably be the best package they would receive. Both teams would win this deal and it would be a spectacular hockey trade.

2 New Jersey Devils

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Package: Corey Schneider, Marcus Johansson, Miles Wood, 1st round pick 2019

The New Jersey Devils are surprising everyone this season and are one of the top teams in the league. They definitely have a solid roster and have the opportunity to make some noise in the playoffs if they keep this up. If the Devils want to win the Stanley Cup however, they need to trade for Carey Price to help them make it a possibility.

The New Jersey Devils would have to give up a pretty big package to get Carey Price and Corey Schneider would be the star going back. Marcus Johansson and Miles Wood would be good forwards that they could give and a first round pick is always a necessity. This would be a good deal for the Devils though because they could replace those players easily.

1 Ottawa Senators

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Package: Erik Karlsson (Sign and Trade)

The Ottawa Senators are in absolute shambles this season and it is truly shocking because they had such a fantastic showing this past year. The Senators need to change up their roster because it is clear that no one is happy there. Players have been asked to waive their no trade clauses, so it is apparent that the Senators will be very busy soon.

The Ottawa Senators are a potential team who can trade for Carey Price because they have Erik Karlsson. Karlsson has openly stated that he wants big money when he is a free agent and the Senators are a team that like to save. The Senators could offer Karlsson up, who has been in the rumour mill, for Price straight up. It would be a huge one.

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