NHL WAGs: 8 Pictures Of Carrie Underwood And 8 Of Lindsey Vecchione

The NHL season is vastly approaching the trade deadline and there is a lot that can be talked about. The Las Vegas Golden Knights have taken the lead by storm, having one of the best records in the NHL despite being an expansion franchise. The Boston Bruins seemed to have turned a corner by playing a different style of hockey under head coach Bruce Cassidy and being up near the top of the Eastern Conference standings. Nikita Kucherov is looking like he can take home the Art Ross Trophy. While the stars are forming on the ice, particularly with the All-Star festivities coming up, there are stars off of the ice that garner attention as well. In this case we talk about WAGs Carrie Underwood and Lindsey Vecchione.

Underwood and Vecchione seem to have things for guys on skates and having the ability to play hockey at the professional level. Underwood is married to NHL player Mike Fisher, who is set to come out of retirement and return to the Nashville Predators. Vecchione is currently dating Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews. They both love hockey players and they both are incredibly good-looking. But the question that some might be considering is which WAG turns more heads? This list takes a look at some of the most appealing pictures of Underwood and Vecchione. Which one would you choose if you ever had the chance to date/marry one? Let's take a look at eight photos of Carrie Underwood and eight photos of Lindsey Vecchione to see. Then, you can make a better judgement.


16 Underwood: Swimwear Shoot

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Carrie Underwood starts off our discussion with a great photo right off the bat. Mike Fisher spent his NHL career with the Ottawa Senators and with the Nashville Predators. Underwood could have been seen at the Predators game with a Fisher jersey on her back and a bigger smile on her face knowing her man was out on the ice. She isn't in a jersey this time, but she is definitely beautiful in this swimsuit shoot.

Here is Underwood with a black and white striped bikini. Her signature blonde hair and award winning smile make an entrance in this photo and we will see plenty more of both later on. Underwood also shows she works out quite a bit with her toned abs. This is only the first photo, but definitely a great start to the conversation.

15 Vecchione: Easy on the Eyes

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Jonathan Toews knows a few things about winning in his lifetime. He has won three Stanley Cup championships with the Chicago Blackhawks. He also won off of the ice by dating the lovely Lindsey Vecchione. Vecchione is stunning in her first photo in this competition. She isn't in a swimsuit (just yet) but she definitely brings it with her first photo.

She is staring right into the camera with her blonde hair falling effortlessly on her shoulder and her top slightly showing. We get a great view of her eyes and her pink lips on full display. Toews is a lucky guy to be kissing her every night. This is only photo number one for the lovely Vecchione, so she is sure to keep the good photos coming. Time to go back to Underwood to see what could potentially be next.

14 Underwood: Surveying the Beach

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Nashville, Tennessee can be a great place to go on vacation. You can go get some good food down south, you can visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and pretty much just enjoy the good weather down there. For Carrie Underwood, she had to take advantage of the beach days that were occurring while her husband tried to help the Predators win the Stanley Cup. This next photo shows how good Underwood can look in a bathing suit when she can get a chance to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the cold water.

Underwood is seen wearing a lime green bikini that she looks extremely good in. She also looks like she was enjoying a cool beverage based on the empty cup in her right hand. She definitely had to cool off on a hot day. She might not have the husband and kids with her, but she doesn't seem to mind. She looks very good once again and continues to put constant pressure on Vecchione to respond.

13 Vecchione: Looking Away From All of Us

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Sometimes, you just have to look away at something to truly understand what is going on in life. In this particular photo, Lindsey Vecchione is looking away, but probably because that is where the photographer wanted her to look. She definitely is looking stunning once again and makes the case that she is the more attractive hockey WAG. Maybe Toews will like what he sees in this particular photo.

She is wearing a top very similar to her first photo. The only big difference is that this one is showing just the slightest bit of her attire underneath. She could be thinking about wanting to see Toews after his next hockey game, or could just be focusing on the shoot. We will never know. What we do know is that Carrie responds well with her next photo.

12 Underwood: ACM Awards Show

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Like we mentioned before, Carrie Underwood is a very accomplished singer and songwriter. She sings the intro music for Sunday Night Football on NBC. But her career is just more than a minute of singing about waiting all day for Sunday night. She has produced some classics such as "Before He Cheats" and "Little Toy Guns". She still is coming out with great songs to this day. In 2016, she performed at the ACM awards show in 2016 and absolutely killed it with her outfit.

She is wearing a silver dress along with lace up heels that just make her look bedazzling. She looks amazing in her element of singing for a big crowd. Only few can remember what songs she sang at that event, but one can only imagine how great she sang. Maybe Vecchione can show us a unique talent she has to keep this race close.

11 Vecchione: Kitchen Smiles

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Vecchione isn't recording the latest hit in the country music world like Underwood tends to do. But, she is definitely looking fantastic with her smile. We have made a big deal about Carrie Underwood's smile (rightfully so), but we have to give credit where credit is due with Vecchione. She isn't in her full out model mode, but she still looks amazing even with a simple selfie.

It looks as though Vecchione is in her kitchen when this picture was taken and then eventually made it to the internet. Toews is incredibly lucky to have this smile melt his heart every single day. Her blonde hair flows perfectly on her shoulder and her lips look great here ironically, considering there is a picture of a set of lips in the background. A very good choice of a photo for Vecchione, so what will Carrie come up with next?

10 Underwood: Country Girl

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This next Carrie Underwood photo is sure to turn some heads or make all of you do a quick double take. She is not wearing a swimsuit or holding a dog in her possession, but she is definitely making herself look more than presentable. She shows she can have a career as a full time model if she ever decides to call it a career as a country singer. She certainly has a great sense of style.

It also is very reflective of her successful career as a country singer, as she looks stunning in the cowgirl hat by the white fence. If that doesn't scream country music star, I don't know what does. The blonde country singer and hockey WAG continues to bring it to the table with every photo. Lindsey Vecchione, you're up!


9 Vecchione: Rising from the Pool

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Vecchione, like Underwood, spends a lot of her time in the rink. Sure, it is great that one of her favorite teams has been the Blackhawks and she is dating one of them currently. But that doesn't meant that she doesn't crave going swimming or on a beach every once in a while. She isn't at the beach modeling off a bathing suit, but she is modeling the top half of a bathing suit for all of us to enjoy and consider in this battle of the WAGs.

She is rising up from the pool with one of the most serious looks on her face. She looks sternly into the camera while her black bikini top shows. Her eyes also show nicely in this while her hair looks like she has gone underwater once or twice before this photo was snapped. She sure knows how to look good in the water, This could be tough for Carrie to overcome as we are halfway home.

8 Underwood: All American Girl Look

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Carrie Underwood just continues to amaze us with all of her photos. She knows that she is talented and she is beautiful. There is no clear advantage yet with the ongoing battle between her and Vecchione. This next photo could definitely help potentially create some separation between the two of them. Mike Fisher is probably regretting coming out of retirement after seeing this photo.

Underwood is standing and smiling in front of the camera while wearing a white top and ripped jean short shorts. It once again shows that she focuses on her ab workouts at the gym with her flat stomach. Her legs also show well and her smile in this particular photo shows us that she has a very easy-going personality. Carrie loves the camera and the camera cannot help but love Carrie. She has been called the All-American girl in her past.

7 Vecchione: Anybody Want to Play Some Football?

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It seems like across the United States, there is nothing better than football. Sure, people say there are better things like baseball, apple pie, etc., but football is definitely up there too. Everyone has their team whether your team wins multiple Super Bowls or goes 0-16 in a season. Lindsey Vecchione shows us she doesn't have a problem being a little bit rough, a little bit tough, and very good-looking all in one.

Lindsey Vecchione is in her full football uniform, but it wasn't just for a regular photo shoot. People sometimes forget that she played for the Chicago Bliss for one season in the LFL. So she definitely knows what is going on during these NFL playoffs. She may be a hockey fanatic and dating Jonathan Toews, but she can prove she knows a thing or two about the game of football as well. Plus, she looks really good doing so. Carrie, you're up!

6 Underwood: Carrie and Her Pup

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This photo could have been put later on, but its overall beauty was just too good to hold off on. Besides being on tour and at Nashville Predators games, Carrie Underwood can be seen hanging with animals. She especially loves dogs, which is evident in our next photo. If your day was just a bit tough, just look at this photo to crack a smile on your face!

Here we see Carrie Underwood and her pup smiling into the camera in a lovely pink dress. While she is in the dress, she is happy to be holding her pup underneath her arms. How can you beat a dog in a photo along with Carrie Underwood? Lindsey Vecchione may not have a dog like Carrie Underwood in her next photo, but she surely will counter this.

5 Vecchione: Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot

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Models don't always have to be outside on the beach or in the sun to be captured in a stunning bikini photo. They also don't need to be right in the actual shoot itself. Sometimes in an off moment, the best photos can be taken. Lindsey Vecchione proves that point with this next picture. She probably didn't intend to look this good, but it just happened to turn out that way.

She is wearing a light blue bikini top with multi-colored bottoms while holding her phone in her hand and leaning against a chair. She also wears gold heels to complete her whole outfit. She looks beautiful in her bathing suit and it seems like she wasn't even trying to make this photo happen. Leave it to Vecchione to give us a photo that make all of us go in a state of awe. Carrie is now back up as time is starting to wind down.

4 Underwood: A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

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This next photo of Carrie Underwood will leave all of us smiling. No, she isn't singing "Jesus, Take the Wheel", or "Remind Me" with this particular photo. But she definitely does remind us that she is a hockey WAG that should never go unnoticed. Then again, how can somebody of Underwood's talent or looks ever go unnoticed, right?

Underwood once again shows she is one of the best hockey WAGs in the game as she gives us a simple shot. She is smiling brightly for the camera to see with her blonde hair coming down nicely upon her shoulders. Her eyes give us something to dream about while her necklace shows she likes to add a little flair to whatever she is doing. Underwood has made a strong case thus far, but she only has one photo left to make a big mark. Vecchione still has two chances to prove she is the more attractive WAG.

3 Vecchione: Doesn't Want to Ruin Her Hair

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Once again, Vecchione takes it to the pool for her second to last photo to prove she is the more attractive hockey WAG. Sure, Vecchione might have the advantage that her husband still plays in the NHL. But don't forget, Underwood has the advantage of being able to be seen around the world with concert appearances. Vecchione definitely gives us a taste of what she is like.

Her gorgeous hair and laid back attitude are a great combination to be seen hereby everyone. Toews is incredibly fortunate that he found a girl this attractive and this into hockey. Vecchione can sure look good in a bathing suit, which Toews probably doesn't mind at all. The race is still close and each WAG has one photo left. Who will prevail?

2 Underwood: No Words

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For this last photo, Underwood is lying across two ropes, but the beauty factor is definitely up there. She always seems to have a wholesome look but that doesn't mean she can't turn heads whenever she feels like it.

She combines everything here with her fierce gaze, blonde hair, nice legs, the whole package. Underwood sure took it up a notch in this photo, as she lays across the two support ropes and appears to be in a warehouse or storage area of some sort. Why? Well, we're not really paying attention to that right now. Carrie Underwood is one attractive woman and well-known worldwide. But is she more attractive than Lindsey Vecchione? She has one more photo to change all of our minds.

1 Vecchione: Peeking from Around the Corner

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Here it is! This is the last photo of this list and the last photo of Vecchione trying to prove she is the more attractive WAG in this interesting discussion. She definitely puts it all together in this one just like Underwood did in her last photo. She is in a bathing suit and leaving nothing to chance to try to win over everyone's opinion of who is more attractive.

She is wearing a black swimsuit while looking like she just came out from behind the corner. She also has water all over her which glistens from her skin. She has a very fierce look on her face. It is amazing how jaw-dropping she is in this photo. Even after 16 photos, the question still remains: who is more attractive? You make the call and let the debates begin.


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