Off The Post: 15 Instagram Photos Carey Price Doesn't Want Fans To See Of His Wife

Carey Price is undeniably one of the NHL's top goaltenders, and the former fifth overall pick has enjoyed a successful career so far. Some of his accomplishments include winning the Vezina and Hart Trophies as well as a couple of gold medals for Canada at the Olympics. All he's missing is a Stanley Cup to cap off a remarkable career. Not only does Price live his dream of being an NHL player, but also enjoys the luxury of being happily married to his beautiful wife Angela, who recently gave birth to their baby daughter Liv Anniston Price on May 6, 2016. Angela is 31 years old and is a native of Washington State, where she attended Washington State University majoring in Marketing and minoring in Finance.

Angela is well known amongst Montreal Canadiens fans. For those who may or may not know her, her main occupation is her blog called "By Angela", where she posts photos and writes about her daily life. She's very passionate about health and fitness, and you'll notice her preaching about staying active and healthy all over her Instagram. If there's one thing you should know about Mrs. Price, it's that she is extremely beautiful. Her one of a kind beauty will have you admiring every single one of these photos.

With that said here are 15 pictures you need to see of Carey Price's hot wife.

15 Beautiful Smile

These boots are on the blog today #byangela @stevemaddencanada

A post shared by Angela Price (@byangelaprice) on

Angela is modelling some knee-high Steve Madden boots and is looking great as usual while her outfit is totally on point. She continues with her trend of staying classy, wearing black and white in this shot. This photo is plain and simple in what seems like an empty room with a couch for Angela to pose on.

You have to have fallen in love with her beautiful smile by now, and it stands out once again in this picture. It is sure to catch your attention instantly. Mrs. Price must feel extremely privileged to be able to try on different types of clothing, post photos and write about them as a job. She does it extremely well, and her smile could make anyone buy anything. I mean, what company wouldn't want this woman promoting their clothing?

14 Beach, Please

Angela resides in Montreal during the hockey season with her daughter Liv while her husband Carey is busy stopping pucks for the Montreal Canadiens. During the summertime, the Price family heads to Kelowna, British Columbia where they enjoy some family time and take many trips to the beach. You can tell by the funny shirt and by her Instagram pictures that Angela really likes to make the most of the summers in Kelowna, whether its being at the beach or just out in nature. There's no doubt she looks great while doing so.

Angela is looking super gorgeous here on her way to Las Vegas for the NHL Awards. Let's be real though, Carey's already got himself an award locked up that is far more important than any hardware he will ever win.

13 Rocking A Sports Bra

Just as I mentioned, Angela makes sure to stay active and keep in shape as best she can. Here's another picture posted on her Instagram to prove that. Even though she doesn't get as much as attention as many other hockey WAGs, Mrs. Price sure has the ability to show off when she wants to. Let's just say she is looking fantastic in this sports bra.

We all have different tastes, but it's hard to argue against women coming off as more attractive when they are motivated to stay in shape. There's something about hard work and dedication that is a turn on for a lot of guys out there. These are just some of the amazing qualities that Angela Price has, which makes it very difficult to not be jealous of her husband Carey.

12 Beach Mom

Here's an adorable photo of Angela and her daughter Liv at the beach in Kelowna, B.C. Mrs. Price showcases her beauty in a different kind of way compared to most other hockey WAGs. After all she is a mother, so she has to keep it classy. Regardless, she looks great doing so. Take this photo for instance. Although we see her wearing a nicely-fitted one-piece covering most of her body, she still manages to look extremely attractive. Angela's beautiful smile is one of the many traits that proves she is a natural beauty and you will notice that more as we go along. While she isn't currently regarded as one of the most popular hockey WAGs, we're here to make sure she gets the recognition she deserves.

11 Summer Outfit

Angela lives a healthy balanced lifestyle which is certainly a big contributor to helping her look in such great shape. At a quick glance of this photo, you could have easily mistaken her for a magazine model advertising some type of clothing brand. Angela's blog, as well as her Instagram, is where you can find photos of her documenting a healthy balanced life. Photography is Angela's favourite hobby, but one might argue that she looks a lot better in front of a camera than behind one.

This outfit is just one she put together quickly for her blog post back in June. Although very simple, Mrs. Price manages to make this outfit seem very elegant thanks to her shining blonde hair and lovely smile.

10 Beautiful In Blue

Well. Would you look at that. There's no question that Mrs. Price has got one of the most beautiful and underrated smiles of all of hockey's WAGs. Some people just have the gift of naturally looking good in front of a camera and clearly Angela is one of those people.

This is a stunning picture of her to say the least. She's wearing a pretty blue dress while striking up a cute, yet typically candid pose for the camera which makes for a perfect result. While she does take a lot of photos for her blog, she also keeps her Instagram updated with blog-like content for her followers. In this post, she's sharing where she got her dress while using her influence to promote the brand that makes it, and looking great doing so.

9 Keeping Fit

One of the most important keys too looking and feeling great is getting some exercise. You must have wondered by now how Angela is able to maintain her good looks, even just months after giving birth. Well, that answer can be found right in this picture. Working out is not easy, but by the looks of her Instagram, Angela tries to find as much time as she can to stay active.

Take this photo for example. She posted this nearly a year after giving birth to introduce a blog post about how she lost her baby weight. Judging by her outfit and her pose on the mat, It's safe to assume there was some yoga involved. Regardless, kudos to Angela for being able to stay motivated to exercise even right after giving birth.

8 Street Style

The great thing about Angela is that she can look good in basically any kind of outfit. We're almost halfway through this list and we've seen her rock multiple kinds of outfits already, which shows us just how naturally beautiful she is. The look in this photo is very street casual, but at the same time super stylish. Angela actually describes it perfectly in her caption; that jacket can turn almost any outfit into a serious one instantly.

Judging by the picture and her caption, I'd say she just got done with another workout and is on her way to deal with some business. If there's one thing we can be sure about, aside from her great looks, is that this woman is a hard worker. Keep doing what you do, Angela.

7 New Mom

Just getting showered and out of the house feels like an accomplishment #newmom

A post shared by Angela Price (@byangelaprice) on

This photo was taken just a few weeks after Angela gave birth to her baby daughter Liv, and Mrs. Price is looking as good as can be. Apparently she struggled just to get out of the house, but you wouldn't be able to tell by taking a look at her in this shot.

Even though she's just starting her journey of parenthood, Angela looks as good as any 20-year-old out there and this picture proves that. She knows exactly what to wear at all times. Even the most casual outfit looks spectacular on her. Not only is Angela extremely good looking, but her willingness to maintain a healthy lifestyle is very motivating. The combination of style and sporty in this photo represents both of those things.

6 Christmas Party

The holidays are a time where we step away from reality for a short while to spend time with our loved ones. Here's a nice photo of the happy couple taken during the most recent Canadiens' Christmas party. Angela is stealing the spotlight with her beautiful black dress. It's nice to see Carey smiling too for a change.

This is one of the rare occasions where we see Mrs. Price dressed rather fancy and pampered with makeup. If you didn't believe she could get any prettier, well then you better believe it now. One thing is for sure though, these two make a great looking couple. It's a shame that they're not widely regarded as one of the hottest couples in hockey. Anyway, judging by Angela's caption, it seemed like the Prices had a great time celebrating the holidays with their friends.

5 Mirror Selfie

We couldn't get through this list without a cute selfie. While selfies are such a common way to take a photo of oneself these days, Angela surprisingly doesn't take that many of herself. From the looks of her Instagram, Angela is usually getting her picture taken by somebody else, which is probably more suitable for her blog-type posts. Nonetheless, Mrs. Price looks gorgeous in this mirror selfie, even if it is a pretty simple photo overall. She doesn't have to do too much, just a simple look into the camera with a hand on her hip will do. Her  blonde hair is glowing noticeably in this photo and the sports cap is a nice touch. Angela just makes it seem so effortless. She is truly one of a kind.

4 Sunglasses Modelling

From the looks of this photo, it seems like Liv takes after her mother. Seriously though, you have to admit this mother and daughter combo is adorable, and Angela is looking like a smoking hot mom. Honestly, if I didn't know better, she could easily be Liv's older sister. Angela is looking like a model here; practically flawless. Her smile couldn't be more perfect if you ask me.

It appears as if this is another family trip to the beach for the Price family in Kennewick, Washington. We can't get much of a look at it in this photo, but Angela is wearing a black bathing suit which I'm sure would have some heads turning in an instant. This is easily one of her best pictures.

3 Night Out

IRO event tonight with @rhiannaweaver @larissa_gilbert #montreal #nightout

A post shared by Angela Price (@byangelaprice) on

These three lovely ladies are looking super classy for a night on the town. Angela is rocking an all-black outfit here which is once again super simple, yet very elegant. She looks like she belongs on a red carpet. With the obvious fact that Angela is now a mother, she doesn't often get to do what many hockey WAGs are known to do - partying and enjoying nights out with their girl friends.

That doesn't mean her life is boring, though. Angela does tons of adventurous things with her family as we've already seen, but this is one of the few pictures you'll find of Angela going for a night out with her friends. This night was well before she gave birth to her daughter, though, so she still didn't have the responsibility of being a parent.

2 Enjoying The Beach

Some more outdoor adventure for the Price family. This one takes place in Lake Tahoe at the Sand Harbor beach, where Angela is enjoying life on a large rock with a Bloody Caesar to drink. This photo is about as revealing as it gets for Mrs. Price, so it's quite the treat. Even with the beautiful view and clear water, Angela still manages to be the focal point of this photo.

Although she is showing some skin, this isn't the typical "in a bikini by the beach" photo you'd expect to see these days. Most women like to stand by the water and show off whatever assets they may have, but that's not the case here. This is simply a beautiful mother enjoying some vacation time with her family.

1 First Family Skate

Team Christmas party 🌲 🎁 #gohabs #babyfirstskate

A post shared by Angela Price (@byangelaprice) on

You know how the saying goes: "There's no better gift than the gift of family." That quote pretty much sums up this photo, as the Price family takes to the ice together for the first time at the Canadiens' Christmas skate.

There may not be a better picture of Angela to conclude this list. This one just sums it all up. She is looking as beautiful as can be in the company of her family. You've seen now that Angela's got it all; an attractive smile, she's in top shape and is passionate about what she does. This list absolutely proves that Mrs. Price is one of the better looking wives in hockey and possibly al of sports. She is truly a diamond in the rough and one that Carey Price should feel extremely lucky to have.

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