16 Photos Of Carrie Underwood That Will Make Mike Fisher Want To Stay Retired

Without question, NHL forward Mike Fisher is one lucky guy to have been able to be married to an absolutely beautiful woman like Carrie Underwood. However, if there's one thing we can all agree on is the fact that Mike will probably regret coming out of retirement after viewing the 16 stunning photos of his wife on this list. Just a few months after Mike declared he was retiring (August), Fisher has since stated that he's ending his short retirement to help the Nashville Predators win the Stanley Cup in what will mark Fisher's 18th NHL season. Mike Fisher believes this year will be the Predators' year, and he's confident that they have a great chance to win.

However, does Mike have his priorities straight? When Mike had announced the hardest decision of his life to retire, Fisher's gorgeous wife Carrie Underwood stated that while she was sad she wouldn't be able to see Fisher play for the Predators, Carrie was excited to have him around their home more with their child Isaiah. Recently, there were rumours that Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood were heading towards a split-up, but thankfully, those rumours turned out to be false. That said, every decision has it's pros and cons, and one of the cons of Mike returning is that he won't be spending nearly as much time with his gorgeous wife. Today we're looking at 16 photos of Carrie Underwood that will make Mike Fisher want to stay retired.


16 Carrie On The CMA Awards Red Carpet

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I believe 'breathtaking' is the only word that accurately describes this CMA Awards red carpet picture of Carrie Underwood. Everything about this vibrant photo 'popped', as Carrie's dress, hair and makeup were all on point. Underwood certainly knows how to make her presence felt, and this is one of the reasons she's become such a huge music star - besides her incredible vocal talent of course.

Carrie Underwood shows no signs of slowing down despite being involved heavily in music for well over a decade, and she just recently released a song titled 'The Champion' featuring Ludacris last month which has been successful thus far. Pictures like this certainly make fans wonder how Mike Fisher was able to capture Carrie's heart, as I'm sure many would love to trade places with Fisher.

15 A True Blonde Beauty

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When you think of blonde bombshell's in the entertainment and music industries, Carrie Underwood would certainly be at the top of many fans lists, and this picture is proof. Showcased above is a stunning photoshoot pic of Carrie Underwood rocking short shorts, a gorgeous lace-up top and a sensual facial expression - the recipe for driving her fans and Mike Fisher crazy! To sum it up, everything about this photo worked perfectly.

As we had mentioned previously, Carrie may be slightly more conservative than some of her fellow celebrity women singers, but she still has a bit of a wild side and loves showcasing her 'naughty side' from time to time. Regardless, Underwood was looking breathtaking in this photo, and it's no wonder why Mike Fisher fell in love with the country music icon.


14 Carrie Underwood's Gorgeous Smile

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Besides her undeniably attractive physique, Carrie Underwood also boasts one of the most attractive smiles in the entire entertainment industry, and the picture above certainly proves this notion. Carrie Underwood was photographed here rocking short shorts, a flattering pink lace top, and a beautiful smile.

For those of you unaware, Carrie Underwood had actually met Nashville Predator's Mike Fisher at one of her own concerts in 2008.

They began dating shortly afterwards. Two years later, Mike and Carrie had their stunning wedding, and 5 years following their wedding, Fisher's and Underwood's first child was born - a boy named Isaiah. Mike and Carrie are unquestionably a 'power couple', and they're both bringing in handsome salaries each year (Carrie obviously more).

13 Carrie's On A Boat

Love this swimsuit! #vacation #ocean @caliabycarrie #staythepath

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Carrie Underwood was unquestionably looking gorgeous in this vibrant Instagram photograph, and her fantastic physique was on full display. Considering Carrie's one of the biggest singers in the world, and compound this with the fact that she's absolutely stunning, it only makes sense why she boasts nearly 7 million followers on Instagram.

Underwood seems to be a little more conservative with the way she dresses compared to other celebrities.

That means photos like these are rarities. I suppose you could say Carrie likes catering to a more 'PG' kind of audience, but she still has a few gems that showcase her stunning looks. Regardless, Mike Fisher's probably rethinking his decision with all of these flattering photos of his wife Carrie, who he won't be spending nearly as much time with for the immediate future.


12 Carrie Enjoying The Great Outdoors

Starting off this list, we have a photo of Carrie Underwood that would definitely make Mike Fisher want to stay retired and far from the ice. Showcased above is one of Carrie's most popular Instagram photographs with over 460k likes, and it's one of Underwood enjoying the beautiful sun rays at a stunning lake in the 'great outdoors'.

Carrie Underwood may be one of country music's biggest superstars, but she still shares an appreciation for enjoying the simpler things in life.

This includes enjoying time away from the city with her family and friends. Summertime is certainly one of best seasons of the year, especially when it means the gorgeous Carrie Underwood's posing in nothing but swim wear. I'm sure Mike Fisher was enjoying his short retirement, and pictures like this will undoubtedly make him rethink his decision.

11 Carrie Rocking Her Own Fashion Line

Carrie Underwood seems to have her hands full with all kinds of business ventures outside her successful singing career, and Underwood's own swim wear line called 'Calia' is one of them. There's no better model than the creator herself, and Carrie proved that her swimsuits look fantastic. She pressed on the point in the Instagram caption that they cover up everything she wants covered.

Carrie may not dress as skimpily as other celebs, but she doesn't need to do so to look gorgeous. Underwood has a natural attractiveness about her, and whether she's covered up or posing in nothing more than swim wear, she'll looking stunning none the less. Mike Fisher's undoubtedly found a keeper, and it's great to hear their relationship is not 'on the rocks' like some media outlets had alluded to.


10 Underwood's Stunning Orange Dress

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Here we have a breathtaking photo of Season Four American Idol winner Carrie Underwood rocking a stunning orange dress which definitely accentuated Underwood's flawless complexion and gorgeous features. It's still quite surprising to many fans that Mike Fisher was able to attract Carrie Underwood, as she's certainly one of the most beautiful women in the music industry today.

There's no denying that Carrie's the most successful American Idol contestant of all time, as she's sold well over 65 million records worldwide.

That is absolutely insane when you think of her humble upbringing. Regardless, Mike Fisher would definitely love nothing more than to be spending time with his wife, and I'm sure he intends to take Carrie on a lavish vacation when this NHL season's over.

9 Carrie On The CMT Red Carpet

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What more could a Carrie Underwood fan want? Carrie was showcased above on the 2016 CMT Artist Of The Year's red carpet, and as per usual, Underwood was looking stunning. Carrie's makeup, gorgeous blonde hair, smile and dress all help make this picture stand out as being one of Carrie's absolute best - crisp, clear and eye-popping. Carrie Underwood has some of the most attractive legs in the music industry.

She's certainly spending a fair amount of time in the gym working out.

Her 'squat game' must be on point. Just show this picture to Mike Fisher, and it'll probably make the NHL pro wish he remained retired. That said, both Mike and Carrie are still pretty young, and they'll have plenty of time to spend together in the near future.


8 Carrie's Stunning Beach Pose

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Here we have yet another stunning photo of Carrie Underwood that's sure to make Mike Fisher wish he was still retired, a picture showcasing Carrie at the beach rocking nothing more than a two piece and pretty face. After viewing some of Underwood's photos, it's clear she would be an absolute hit if she ever posed for Sports Illustrated.

Unlike many other celebrities, Carrie Underwood looks just as gorgeous now as she did when she just entered the music industry.

Carrie's remained humble despite the enormous amount of success she's achieved throughout her career. It doesn't seem as though Carrie's gotten any plastic surgery done to enhance her appearance or 'assets', and I'd say it was a good choice as Underwood looks phenomenal the way she is, natural.

7 Underwood Performing In An Eye-Popping Dress

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Carrie Underwood's definitely one of the best live performers there is, and that's not only because she can truly sing her heart out. Underwood's been known to rock some very stunning outfits on stage, and this unusual, yet intriguing low-cut dress has to rank among the best of them. Carrie's attractive legs were on full display here, as was her toned physique.

Underwood's success in the music industry has been an interesting story to say the least.

She started her career in the summer months of 2004 when she auditioned for American Idol and sung 'I Can't Make You Love Me' by Bonnie Raitt. It was clear right from her audition that Carrie Underwood was primed to be a success story, but to become one of the most successful female artists of all time? Not in the slightest.


6 Carrie Enjoying Her Time Off

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Being one of the biggest music stars in the world today who's constantly touring and working hard, Carrie Underwood definitely appreciates her time off from work - however, she'll be spending some of her time off alone for the time being while Mike Fisher looks to push the Predator's towards a Stanley Cup win. Here we have a breathtaking photo of Underwood sitting on her wooden swing, and she was undoubtedly showing off her legs and attractive smile.

While Carrie could literally afford a swing made of 24k solid gold, she prefers the rustic and simplistic design as seen above. Carrie Underwood seems far more down to earth and less superficial than many other women in positions similar to hers, and I'm sure this is one of the reasons as to why Mike Fisher has chosen to spend his life with her.

5 Carrie's Try Not To Stare Challenge

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As the title states, this is definitely Carrie Underwood's 'try not to stare' challenge. One of the steamiest pictures on the list, Carrie was showcased here rocking a revealing outfit all while swinging above ground hanging by two ropes. This was certainly a professionally taken photo, and while she looked flawless, I'm pretty sure the bulk majority of Underwood's pictures are stunning regardless of whether they're a selfie or the product of a photoshoot.

Regardless, if Carrie ever grows tired of the music industry and is interested in pursuing a new profession, modelling would unquestionably be an option for her - she already has the large social media following. That being said, this photo is one that would certainly make Mike Fisher want to stay retired.


4 Carrie Underwood's Short Shorts

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As we continue to work our way through this list of Carrie Underwood photos that will make Mike Fisher want to stay retired, we proudly bring to you yet another picture showcasing Underwood in stunning 'booty shorts'. As we've already mentioned, Carrie possesses some of the most attractive legs in the music business, and she's certainly aware of this fact hence why she makes sure to showcase them in most of her vibrant photos.

In my humble opinion, Carrie Underwood's the only real huge success story besides Kelly Clarkson that's come from American Idol, because most other contestants faded away pretty quickly from the spotlight after their first couple songs. Both Clarkson and Underwood are still huge names today, and they're both still insanely popular.

3 Carrie Looking Absolutely Stunning On Jimmy Fallon

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Throughout her career, Carrie Underwood's made countless appearances on talk shows, and one of them was The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During this specific appearance, Carrie Underwood was looking absolutely gorgeous, and her choice of outfit was certainly captivating. Carrie definitely has a great taste in fashion, and she always dresses like a true star - I'm sure Jimmy Fallon was temporarily mesmerized.

However, the thing that makes Underwood so particularly attractive is the fact that her 'assets' don't need to literally be hanging out of her outfits to look good unlike many other female celebs, as she definitely likes looking more professional - a great role model for young women as you don't have to show a lot of 'skin' to look attractive.


2 Carrie's 'Cowgirl' Pose

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Here we have a bit of a 'throwback' picture showcasing Carrie Underwood rocking a true 'cowgirls' outfit, a picture that's sure to drive Mike Fisher crazy. Whether Carrie's rocking modern dresses, booty shorts or country-inspired clothing, she'll look flawless regardless. Although Carrie Underwood's widely recognized as the 'Queen Of Country', Carrie's actually one of the most successful singers in any genre, and many believe she's one of the best all-around singers today.

Throughout Carrie's career, she's achieved too many accomplishments and awards to count - seven Grammy Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards, twelve American Music Awards, twelve Academy Of Country Music Awards among countless others. Because of Underwood's long list of music achievements, she was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall Of Fame last year, and the Hollywood Walk Of Fame this year.

1 Underwood Promoting Her Tour In Stunning Style

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Finishing off this list, we bring to you a stunning photograph of Carrie Underwood promoting her tour titled the 'Storyteller Tour'. If there was ever a way to gain attention to a Carrie Underwood tour aside from the fact that you'd be witnessing one of the best singers in the world today, it's Carrie herself posing in one of the most stunning red dresses I've ever seen in my life.

Underwood was looking absolutely breathtaking, and she was definitely in fantastic shape ahead of this specific tour - you can see her abs through the dress. As we can all agree, Mike Fisher's an extremely lucky guy to have a woman like Carrie Underwood by his side, and these 16 pictures are sure to make Fisher wish he never came out of his retirement.


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