Ms. And Mrs. Gretzky: 10 Photos Of Wayne's Daughter Paulina And 5 Of His Wife Janet

Wayne Gretzky is a very lucky man. He will forever be remembered as one of the greatest hockey players of all time (maybe even the best, depending on who you ask). In the NHL, Gretzky pretty much accomplished all there was to accomplish during his playing days. He holds several regular season and playoff scoring records. He appeared in countless All-Star Games. Gretzky even had the rare honour of having his #99 retired by the entire league! All of those accomplishments are things any young hockey player dreams of achieving.

Gretzky has had some great accomplishments off the ice as well. He was named an Officer of the Order of Canada, and has successfully opened a few businesses. In terms of his personal life, Wayne got married to former model and actress Janet Jones in 1988. Together, the couple have five children: Paulina, Ty, Trevor, Tristan, and Emma.

Unfortunately for Wayne, his eldest daughter, Paulina, frequently posts photos of her that would make The Great One want to rip his hair out. More often than not, they are photos of her in swimsuits or in other outfits that are more revealing than Wayne would like. Wayne’s wife, Janet, used to be a model who once appeared on the cover of Hugh Hefner's prized magazine, among other things. Paulina clearly got her modeling interests, and good looks, from her mother, as we are about to find out.

Continue reading to see ten photos of Paulina Gretzky, and five of his wife, Janet, that Wayne would absolutely not want you to see!


15 Paulina: Under Arrest

Fun day on set with @taylormadegolf !! Can't wait to see the commercial ❤️

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No, this isn't a photo of Paulina Gretzky being placed under arrest. Rather, it is a photo of her looking gorgeous while wearing a "Speed Police" badge while she was shooting a commercial. Now, we would not mind being arrested by Officer Paulina Gretzky if she was dressed like this, Wayne, on the other hand, is probably none too pleased with Paulina dressed up like the way she is in this photo. If Paulina really wanted to be a police officer, odds are Wayne would prefer to see her dressed up in the complete officer uniform. That way, Paulina is showing only minimal skin. Best of all for Wayne (but not for us), that would mean she does not get to show off her assets, as she does here.

14 Paulina: Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day🌹

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This steamy photo Paulina shared with her thousands of followers on Instagram was clearly meant for husband, pro golfer Dustin Johnson. He has to be considered one of the luckiest men in the world for being able to land someone as gorgeous as Paulina. Judging by the comments on the photo, there are countless men who wish that they were with Paulina instead. Alas, they will have to make do with photos such as this one, which leaves very little to the imagination. It is for those reasons that her father must be so annoyed that Paulina posted this photo. Wayne almost certainly would have preferred if Paulina sent this photo only to Dustin himself rather than posting it for all to see.

13 Janet: Sunbathing

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Janet might be the mother to five children (and a grandmother) and be in her late-50s, but she has proven that she can still rock a swimsuit with the best of them. Janet appears to be defying age as she rocks this bikini while sunbathing, presumably by the pool at the Gretzky family mansion. Janet is not afraid to show off her toned stomach and long legs in this 2015 Mother's Day photo. It really is impressive that Janet manages to still look the way she does, which is surely the envy of many women. However, Wayne can not be pleased to find out that Paulina posted this photo of his wife for all to see. He probably would have preferred for Paulina to have posted a photo of her mother wearing a little bit more clothing for her Mother's Day Tribute to Janet.

12 Paulina: #SquadGoals

Bae Watch 🚩

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What's worse than a photo of Paulina in a revealing swimsuit? A photo of Paulina and a friend of hers in very tight swimsuits! In case you haven't already figured it out, Paulina loves to show off her body. As we can see in the photo shown above, Paulina likes to surround herself with people who are also good looking and are not shy about showing off their bodies. We can only imagine the headaches Wayne Gretzky must get when he sees photos such as this one circulating around online. Much to Wayne's chagrin, this is the type of photo that would make any man wish to be on that balcony and probably head down to that pool with Paulina and her friend.

11 Paulina: With Tiger Woods

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This doesn't look like such a bad photo at first glance. Sure, Paulina is wearing a skin tight dress that would probably give Wayne cause for consternation. However, the fact that she was with Tiger Woods would concern her father even more. This photo was apparently taken in late-2016, so Wayne surely is aware of Tiger's history of sleeping around and being unfaithful. Having that knowledge in the back of his mind and Paulina photographed with him in a figure-hugging dress would be all that Wayne needs to wish that the general public does not see this photo of Paulina and Tiger. That Tiger has a glass in his hand and his eyes appear to be glazed over would almost certainly add to Wayne's concerns.

10 Janet: Modeling

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While many of us are familiar with Paulina's "non-PG" modelling gigs, we might forget that her mother, Janet, also had her fair share of non-PG modelling gigs when she was younger. This photo was taken before she and Wayne had gotten married, but it is still a photo that Wayne would probably want to keep to himself. As we can see in the photo above, Janet is not afraid to show off her legs as she gazes intently into the camera. That Janet seems to only be wearing a jacket, with nothing on underneath, would make Wayne go absolutely crazy! This is well in the past though, as Janet has mostly been out of the limelight in recent years, with her daughter now taking the spotlight.

9 Paulina: Flashing The Camera

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This photo was published by The Daily Mail, a news site over in the United Kingdom. According to them, Paulina deliberately bent down and flashed part of her chest to the camera. In other words, as Paulina was getting out of the car, she noticed the cameras pointed at her and bent over just enough so that she could knowingly flash part of her chest. It doesn't sound particularly likely Paulina did so on purpose, especially since she was already wearing a low-cut top. Then again, this is Paulina and she is never shy to show off her body. Regardless of whether or not it was done on purpose, the bottom line is that she is did show more than her father would have liked. Wayne could not have been pleased that this photo was published online.


8 Paulina: Partying With A Friend

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I doubt Wayne wants to see a photo of his daughter posing for a photo with some guy at a party, while holding a glass of champagne and dressed in a bikini. Unfortunately for Wayne, he has had to get used to this sort of thing over the past several years. His daughter is very attractive and she would naturally draw the attention of many male admirers, such as the guy in the photo.

The one difference with this photo is that the guy in the photo has made quite a nice "grab," if you see what I mean. Not only would that drive Wayne crazy, but her current husband, Dustin Johnson, might feel the same way. Paulina has toned down on her partying ways in recent years since becoming a mother.

7 Janet: Cover Girl

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Yikes! Wayne probably wishes that he bought every existing copy some of Janet's old modeling work. We're definitely starting to see where Paulina got her affection for the camera from. How did Janet meet Wayne anyway? Well, the two met at a Kings game in 1987, shortly before Wayne Gretzky ended up being traded to Los Angeles from Edmonton. The two got married about a month before the trade went down, and many accused Janet of pushing for the deal to Los Angeles to advance her career. However she refuted this in a documentary about the trade saying she wouldn't be pursuing her career further, considering she was "barefoot and pregnant". Over the next 15 years, Janet would give birth to five children.

6 Paulina: Dimly Lit

love you @djohnsonpga Dirty Diana 🎶

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Seriously, has Paulina ever been fully clothed - not counting the times she wears skin-tight dresses? Based on the photos we have seen of her so far, we are beginning to think that she doesn't know what it means to be fully clothed. We certainly aren't complaining, although Wayne is probably pulling out his hair with all the provocative photos of Paulina.

Since we have shown so many photos of Paulina scantily clad, we determined the only logcal thing to do here is...show another picture of a scantily clad Paulina (sorry Wayne!). This dimly lit photo looks aesthetically pleasing but let's be honest, we are only here because of Paulina. Okay, we're also here to get some blasts from the past from Janet, but Paulina is the current star here.

5 Paulina: Questionable Modeling Outfit

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Seriously, what is going on in this photo? I have no idea who found that bathing suit and why they thought it would be such a good idea to have Paulina model it. Yes, Paulina is a very attractive woman but not even she is able to make that bathing suit look nice. It comes off looking incredibly tacky and just not appealing - no matter who is wearing it. Perhaps making matters even worse, Paulina was wearing matching heels for this photoshoot. I'm no fashion expert, nor do I profess to be, but this photo just looks so bad on so many levels. I wouldn't be surprised if Wayne also shares his displeasure with this photo, and wishes he could burn every existing copy of this photo.

4 Janet: Police Academy

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We've seen many photos of Paulina dressed in a bikini that leaves very little to the imagination, and now we know where she gets that from. Okay, in Janet's case, her film career mostly took place in the 80s when swimsuits weren't quite as revealing as they are now. However, if you check out some of Janet's past films like Police Academy, Flamingo Kid and American Anthem, you'll see her in plenty of steamy outfits. As it turns out, Janet was also not shy about flaunting herself for all to see. While that is certainly her prerogative and we are not about to discourage that, it is probably safe to assume that Wayne was a little relieved when Janet said she was putting her movie career on hold to raise a family.

3 Paulina: Golf Digest Magazine

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This photo of Paulina Gretzky being the cover girl for Golf Digest drew a lot of criticism from the LPGA players. Their main argument was, understandably, that Paulina should not have been on the cover since she has no real connection to golf. Sure, she is married to a pro golfer but she has never golfed competitively in her life. Secondly, LPGA golfers are forced to cover up because of the sexist clothing standards that exist, but there was no issue with Paulina being on the cover of a golfing magazine looking like that because we all know what sells While that may be true, we're pretty sure Paulina's father would also have preferred if she was not on the cover for Golf Digest. Well, not in that outfit anyway.

2 Paulina: At The US Open

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This is most likely the most recognizable outfit that makes Wayne wish Paulina was just a kid. At a U.S. Open event a few years back, Paulina questionably chose to wear a very, very tight fitting dress that was just barely long enough. Her dress drew a considerable amount of criticism for not being appropriate, since it apparently took all the attention away from Dustin Johnson's impressive victory at the tournament.

We assume that Wayne probably had a few thoughts on this debacle. (1) Why are you taking photos and focusing on Paulina's outfit anyway, when you should be focusing more on golf? (2) Paulina really needs to learn about the appropriate length of a dress because if you have to hold it down as you walk up the stairs, it's too short.

1 Janet: Wedding Photo

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Truth be told, there aren't very many risque photos of Janet Jones available online (at least not that we can publish here). While there could be multiple possible reasons for this, we are going to assume Wayne went to great lengths to ensure those photos never see the light of day.

As for this final image of Janet Gretzky, it is the expression on her face that says it all. Wayne seems quite happy about just getting hitched to the former model and actress, but Janet doesn't seem to be quite as thrilled, based on the photo above. Maybe it's the camera taking her by surprise, or maybe realizing that they will have a daughter who loves to pose seductively for the camera. Either way, this image probably won't be hung up at the wall of the Gretzky home.


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