Puck Bunnies: Top 20 Steamiest Women Of Hockey

No matter where you go in the world, you will definitely end up seeing some kind of sporting event taking place, whether it be a game being played by professionals, or a random game played by kids or other amateurs. With that being said though, not every sport can be played on a global level, either because the sport is banned and not really popular, or because certain climates make it difficult to play the game. The game of hockey is one of those sports, and it makes sense that it is not played everywhere, seeing as there are some countries where it is simply too hot to maintain a fully operational ice rink; but despite the lack of a truly global presence, the game has done a good job at the international level.

Like many other sports, hockey is dominated by professional leagues that feature solely male athletes, but there are also leagues out there that showcase female athletes, women who are highly skilled at the game. All of these female athletes are attractive in their own way, but there are some who just stand above the rest, and hopefully this list will be able to introduce you to some of them; but they are not the only beautiful women associated with hockey. When it comes to the men's side, you can find tons of different women who can literally make your jaw drop, and usually, these women are romantically involved with players, whether they are a girlfriend or a wife, and there are also some retired players who were able to father some very good-looking daughters. With all that being said, here is a list of the 20 hottest women in hockey.

20 Anna Kasterova - Evgeni Malkin's Fiancee

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Last season, the Pittsburgh Penguins managed to win their second straight Stanley Cup, a feat that had not been accomplished in nearly 20 years, but then again, it was not all that surprising that they won two in a row, considering they still have two superstars on their roster. Evgeni Malkin is one of those superstars, and during his tenure with the team, he has consistently found himself near the top of the NHL in terms of point production. It is true that Malkin has already won three Cups, but he is also extremely lucky in his personal life, as he is currently engaged to fellow Russian, Anna Kasterova, who has appeared on several Russian television programs, including a weekly soccer talk show which she hosted. The pair have been together since 2013, and welcomed a son back in May of 2016.

19 Hilary Knight - Hockey Player

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For a solid 20 years, Canada and the United States have been battling for hockey supremacy internationally, and on the women's side, the two countries seemingly meet in the finals of every single competition. The U.S. has produced many great female hockey players, and one of those players is California native Hilary Knight, who has helped lead the U.S. to several World Championship Gold medals, and two Olympic Silvers, where she has scored a combined 31 goals and 72 points in 50 games. Knight has got to be the hottest female hockey player out there, and based on how well she has performed in both the CWHL and NWHL, there is no doubt that she will find herself inducted into several Hall of Fames shortly after she announces her retirement.

18 Kathy Leutner - Sidney Crosby's Girlfriend

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Love him or hate him, Sidney Crosby is still probably the best player in the NHL, and his hardware definitely represents that, as he has already won basically every award and championship imaginable. Crosby has so far spent his entire career with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and he was a major contributor to all three of the team's recent Stanley Cup victories, and for the past two years, we have gotten to see him celebrate those wins with his girlfriend Kathy Leutner. Now, Crosby has always kept his personal life pretty secret, but it seems he did not want to keep Leutner a secret, and why would he, seeing as she is a gorgeous model. In 2011, she was actually one of the finalists of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit model search, and since then, she has appeared on the cover of several fitness magazines.

17 Carlin Domi - Tie Domi's Daughter/Max Domi's Sister

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In hockey, an enforcer is a player who basically just provides a physical presence on the team, and although they could sometimes score, their main job was to fight, and to protect the skilled players. As far as enforcers go, Tie Domi is one of the best in history, and because of how often he fought, and how he actually played the game, he managed to earn a whopping 3.515 penalty minutes in 15 NHL seasons, which is the 3rd most in league history. Domi has gone on to have two children: a son named Max who is currently one of the Arizona Coyotes' best offensive players, and he also has a hot daughter named Carlin, who currently lives in Toronto and recently finished college, where she earned her degree in communications.

16 Carrie Underwood - Mike Fisher's Wife

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Last month, Mike Fisher announced his retirement, thereby ending a career that spanned 17 seasons, and during that time, he managed to get to the Stanley Cup Final twice, only to leave empty handed both times. Granted, it is always difficult when a player retires, but in Fisher's case, he will be fine, because now that he is not playing hockey, he will get to spend a lot more time with his lovely wife, Carrie Underwood. It goes without saying that Underwood is by far the most well known individual on this list, as the former American Idol winner is one of the most popular and successful country singers in the world. She and Fisher first met in 2008, and have been happily married since 2010, and in 2015, they welcomed their first child together.

15 Anna Prugova - Hockey Player

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A goalie will usually determine the outcome of every single hockey game, and with this entry, we will be talking about Anna Prugova, who happens to call Russia her home. Prugova is just 23 years old, and she won a Bronze medal at last year's World Championships while serving as the team's number 1 goalie, but not only was she one of the team's most important players, she was also its hottest member. As it turns out, Prugova is also an Olympian, as she participated in the 2010 Winter Games when she was just 16 years and 86 days old, which made her the youngest player to ever participate in an international ice hockey competition. Based on the photo shoots that Prugova has been involved in, there is no question that she can easily get a job in modeling if she does not want to play hockey anymore.

14 Lindsey Vecchione - Jonathan Toews' Girlfriend

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The Chicago Blackhawks have won three Stanley Cups over the past 10 years, and the main reason behind all of that success is the fact that the team consists of a core group of great players, most of whom were drafted and developed by the organization. Jonathan Toews was taken 3rd overall by Chicago back in 2006, and since his debut, he has become the most important player on Chicago's roster, as evidenced by his captaincy. Toews has already won three Cups, and he is still by far one of the best centres in the NHL, but that is not where his accomplishments end though, as his girlfriend is also the NHL's hottest WAG. Lindsey Vecchione is her name, and she has been dating Toews since 2012, and this voluptuous blond has enjoyed a rather healthy modelling career, and based on how hot she is, you have to question why Toews has not married her yet.

13 Amanda Kessel - Phil Kessel's Sister/Hockey Player

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Ever since he left Toronto, Phil Kessel has had a great time playing in the NHL, but then again, if you were coming off your second straight Stanley Cup with the Penguins, you would be pretty happy too. Kessel has been in the NHL for 11 seasons now, and he has competed internationally for the United States several times, but what many fans do not know, is that he is not the only Kessel currently playing pro hockey. Amanda is Phil's little sister, and not only does she currently play in the National Women's Hockey League, but she has also helped the Women's National team win 2 Gold Medals at the World Championships. There is no question that her brother is the more skilled of the two, but Amanda is clearly the sibling who was gifted with the better looks.

12 Barbie Blank - Sheldon Souray's Wife 

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Sheldon Souray was a defenseman who played in the NHL for parts of 13 seasons, and during that time, he was known for having a devastatingly powerful shot, but he was also known for not being that good defensively. Souray never managed to win a Stanley Cup during his playing days, but he has not allowed that fact to get him down, because if he did, he might have not been able to land the stunning Barbie Blank. Right now, Blank spends her time working as a model, but prior to that, she made a living as a professional wrestler in the WWE, where she went by the ring name Kelly Kelly. She and Souray got engaged in 2014, and they have been married for over a year now, so it goes without saying that Souray is definitely enjoying his retirement.

11 Susanna Tapani - Hockey Player

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Anyone who has been to Finland will agree that there are a lot of very attractive women in the country, and with this entry, we will once again visit Finland in order to talk about forward Susanna Tapani. At 24, Tapani has made her mark on the international scene, as she has helped her country's Women's team to win a Bronze medal in three different World Championships, where she scored a combined 2 goals and 4 points in 18 games. As of right now, Tapani plays for Lukko, alongside the aforementioned Eveliina Suonpaa, which means that the team has some beautiful talent on it. Surprisingly, Tapani is not only a hockey player, as she is also an accomplished ringette player who won the World Championship in 2011.

10 Elisha Cuthbert - Dion Phaneuf's Wife

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Dion Phaneuf has been in the NHL for 12 years now, and somehow, he has managed to spend all that time playing for just Canadian teams, and everyone can agree that he did not have a fun time playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. While in Toronto, Phaneuf would regularly get criticized for his defensive skills, but I doubt he really cared what people had to say, considering he went home to Elisha Cuthbert virtually every single night. Cuthbert is a Canadian actress and model who made a name for herself by appearing in the movie, The Girl Next Door, and for portraying Jack Bauer's daughter in the television series 24, and this beautiful blond can also currently be seen on the Netflix series, The Ranch.

9 Jennifer Persson - Filip Forsberg's Girlfriend

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As mentioned a few entries ago, the Nashville Predators found themselves on the losing side of last season's Stanley Cup Final, and although Filip Forsberg is one of the team's best forwards, he could not carry the team to the Cup on his own. Forsberg was born and raised in Sweden, and he has been a permanent part of the Preds' roster since the 2014-15 season, and for a few years now, he has been dating Jennifer Persson, a breathtaking brunette who was also born and raised in Sweden. Before moving to Tennessee, Persson worked in a Swedish shoe store, body shop, and Jewelry store, but now she primarily makes a living as a certified lash stylist, and she really enjoys posting photos of her lavish lifestyle online.

8 Julia Scorupco - Mariusz Czerkawski's Daughter

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When it comes to Sweden, Finland, and Russia, they are the European countries that produce the most talented pro hockey players on the continent, but there are also some less prominent countries that can also develop talented players, like Poland. One of those Polish players was Mariusz Czerkawski, and he was actually the first player to make it into the NHL after being born and trained in Poland, and he went on to play in the league for a combined 13 seasons. Czerkawski was at one point married to actress Izabella Scorupco, who is best known for her role in GoldenEye, where she played the Bond girl, and their marriage gave the world their daughter Julia. Based on the pictures she posts on her Instagram, there is no doubt that Julia deserves her place on this list, and if she learns to act, than she can definitely follow in her mom's footsteps.

7 Florence Schelling - Hockey Player


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In hockey, the goalie is the most important player on the ice, because they are ultimately their team's last line of defense. Florence Schelling knows all about the importance of the goalie, because that is the position she plays, and til this day, she is still considered to be one of the best female goalies in all of Switzerland. This beautiful brunette has been in net for three Olympics now, and in 2014, she helped lead the Women's team to a Bronze medal, to go along with the Bronze from the 2012 World Championships. Not only has Florence seen some success internationally, she also holds a special place in Swiss hockey history, as she was, and still is, the first and only woman to ever play in the country's Men's National League B.

6 Nastya Shubskaya - Alex Ovechkin's Wife

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In 2004, the Washington Capitals were awarded the 1st-overall pick, and used it to select Alexander Ovechkin, a player who has already cemented his legacy as one of the best goal scorers in NHL history. It has been 13 years since Ovechkin debuted with Washington, and since then, he still has not won a Stanley Cup, but the lack of a championship has not stopped him from getting into relationships with some great looking ladies. Seeing as Ovechkin is from Russia, it makes sense that he would mainly be linked to Russian women, and last summer, he married Russian socialite, Nastya Shubskaya in a private ceremony. This stunning brunette is an aspiring actress who attended film academies in New York and Russia, and while trying to break into acting, she has spent her time working as a model.

5 Isabella Yzerman - Steve Yzerman's Daughter


Over the course of 90 years, the Detroit Red Wings have seen many Hall of Fame players come and go, but very few of them went on to play their entire career with the team, and luckily for the franchise, Steve Yzerman was not one of those players. Yzerman played in the NHL for 22 seasons, all of which were with Detroit, and when he retired in 2006, he did so after having captained the team for 18 years, while also scoring 692 goals and 1,755 points. During his time as a Red Wing, Yzerman had three daughters, and of the three, Isabella is without a doubt the hottest one, because not only does she have a great face and physique, but also because she is incredibly smart, as she is currently getting her masters degree in applied psychology at the University of California.

4 Ciara Price - Tyler Seguin's Ex

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Up until now, most of the WAGs who have appeared on this list are still currently in a relationship with a hockey player, but with this entry, we will be talking about Ciara Price, who is the former girlfriend of Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin. These two dated back in 2012, and it is believed that Price was partly responsible for the off-ice distractions that caused the Boston Bruins to eventually trade Seguin to Dallas, and who can blame him for being distracted by this gorgeous blond. Price has made a living as a model, where she has mainly helped to promote motorcycles, but she is also a former Playboy Playmate who found herself on the cover of the magazine in 2011; and she also likes to post very suggestive pictures on her Instagram.

3 Alexandra Vafina - Hockey Player

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There is no question that Russia has been producing quality hockey players for the NHL for decades now, but seeing as the country is considered a hockey superpower, it should come as no surprise that they produce good women players as well. One of those players is forward Alexandra Vafina, who has played for her country on the international stage several times, and helped the national team win two Gold and two Bronze medals. Vafina has not spent her entire career in Russia though, as she has played in Minnesota, and is now playing in Canada for the Calgary Dinos of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport League. There is no doubt that Alexandra looks great, but you will soon find out that she is not the hottest female player to come out of Russia.

2 Eveliina Suonpaa - Hockey Player

With this entry we find ourselves right back between the pipes with Eveliina Suonpaa, a 22-year old goaltender who was born, raised, and trained in Finland, a country known for producing good players. Suonpaa started playing hockey at the age of 4, and although she is fairly young, she has already gotten a taste of winning, as she has won a Bronze medal at the 2012 and 2014 World Championships, which are pretty big accomplishments considering that the United States and Canada continually dominate the world of Women's hockey. Aside from a very brief stay with the University of Minnesota-Duluth's women's team, Suonpaa has played all of her hockey in Finland, where she currently plays for Lukko of the country's top-tier hockey league; but she still aspires to play in the U.S.

1 Paulina Gretzky - Wayne Gretzky's Daughter


In every single sport, there is an individual who is considered to be the greatest of all time, and when it comes to hockey, there is no doubt that Wayne Gretzky is the greatest player to have ever lived. Over the course of his legendary career, Gretzky scored 894 goals and 2,857 points, which compliment his eight MVP awards and four Stanley Cups, and he also currently holds an incredible 60 NHL records. The Great One has accomplished a ton of things on the ice, but he has also managed to be pretty good off the ice too, as he is the proud father of five children, including his daughter Paulina. Simply put, Paulina Gretzky is the hottest hockey daughter, and based on her insane body and amazing looks, no one can deny that, and it should come as no surprise that she has worked as a model, where she has appeared in magazines like Flare and Maxim.

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