Remember When Montreal Traded Cameron Diaz for Dale Weise?

Glenn Healy, please excuse yourself from future broadcasts of playoff hockey. Fans in Canada are already having withdrawals about the lack of TSN/RDS broadcasts and this ridiculous error certainly didn't help. Apart from Jim Hughson and an aging Bob Cole, the combo of Sportsnet/CBC/TVA have put together a horrific broadcasting team. We miss you and are always thinking about you Pierre Houde and Chris Cuthbert. The worst of the lot put together? Mr. Glenn Healy.

A noted Maple Leafs homer, his substandard commentary reached a new low on Sunday night when discussing the trade of Dale Weise to the Canadiens, as he stated that they only had to give up Cameron Diaz for him. They also threw in two signed copies of The Mask.

Well done Glenn Healy, well done.

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