Seguin Checks With Analyst Mid-Game For Update On Scoring Race

Dallas Stars star Tyler Seguin isn't going to win the NHL scoring title this year, but his teammate Jamie Benn might. Going into the game last night against Anaheim Benn was only a few points behind the leaders Tavares and Crosby with Ovechkin also in the mix.

Going into the 3rd period Benn had racked up 2 assists and Seguin wondered as to where that put Benn in the race. Knowing that the Capitals had also been playing earlier in the evening he was curious as to whether or not Ovechkin had gotten any points.

But, unlike boxer Marvin Jones, Seguin didn't have his phone on him during the game. So, during a break in the action he just went over to Analyst Mike Johnson, who was positioned between the benches, and asked him.

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