Shootout: Which Of These 15 NHL WAGs Score With You?

Oh, to be a professional hockey player. Being an athlete, having money and often being the object of many women's affections has a tendency to make you a lightning rod of hotness and attractive to some of the most beautiful and interesting women in the world. But, being an NHL hockey player also means that you date or marry a person who becomes the topic of many hockey conversations. Take this list for example; it's all about which hockey wives and girlfriends fans believe score the highest in terms of looks, success, personality, strength, and brains. Yep, pretty shallow we know. But, in an effort to keep things interesting and not sink to the lowliest of levels, we've selected women who are attractive for a variety of different reasons. All the women are gorgeous, but this list wasn't just about looks.

We've picked some of the world's most attractive wives and girlfriends of NHL players off the good old Internet and displayed them for you see. How would you grade them? What criteria do you look for when you score them? Did the NHL players in question score a game winner or did they fail to win the game? Here's one thing we know for sure. Even when a WAG didn't score as highly in your eyes, we're well aware they're still more attractive than most women in the world. Congratulations to all of the men attached to the women below. Should you never play another game of hockey in your lives, you've done well for yourselves and we salute you.

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15 Lindsey Vecchione

via unsporstmanlike.ca

If any of you have been making a habit out of reading posts on hockey WAG's, you've probably come across this photo before. Lindsey Vecchione is the long-time squeeze of Jonathan Toews from the Chicago Blackhawks and she's near the top of everyone's hot list. She's had a little work done and she shows it off in this photo, but she was a beauty before the help and she's still a beauty now.

If you're thinking we put her at #15 because she ranks lower on our list for points, don't be fooled. We simply wanted to give you something to start this list off with a bang. You won't find many who score higher in this list and Toews is one lucky individual. It must be tough to be one of the better hockey players in the world and have one of the more beautiful WAG's.

14 Elisha Cuthbert

She's perhaps one of the most famous hockey WAG's in the world. After being the centre of attention in a battle between Sean Avery and, well, whomever Sean Avery was battling with at the time, Cuthbert's name came up after Avery mentioned he's scored with her before. He even had the nerve to call her "sloppy seconds". It was in poor taste and it didn't sit well with the hockey community. It wasn't long before Avery was out of the league.

Now Dion Phaneuf is her guy. She's perhaps no longer the "new" girlfriend on the block, having been with Phaneuf and in the hockey scene for some time, but she's definitely still a WAG that scores high on the charts. That she takes on hockey-related roles in her acting career (like Goon movies) and because she's a huge fan of the game, she also earns her points for being a hockey girl.

13 Ellie Ottaway

Pretty makeup by @jposadamakeup for my @leonisa team today💋

A post shared by Ellie Ottaway (@eottaway) on

Ellie Ottaway is the girlfriend of Nashville Predator's defenceman Roman Josi. She's a professional model who likes to show off her work all over her Instagram page. While we're no experts, as far as we can tell, she ranks right up there with some of more desirable and it's fair to say Josi scored a beauty. Now the new captain of the Predators, perhaps he can pass along some of his WAG wisdom.

Ellie is definitely independent, making good money promoting all sorts of clothing lines and fashion trends but if we're going to dock points for anything, it's the pouty face she tends to make in many of her pictures. I know it's a model thing, but it's a model thing we're never going to like. Maybe we're just getting old.

12 Jennifer Persson

😁🌻☀️💛 nouw.com/jenniferpersson

A post shared by Jennifer Persson (@jenniferperssn) on

There's nothing like a chick who can rock a tee and then looks just as good if not better all dolled up. Jennifer is the two-year girlfriend of Filip Forsberg of the Nashville Predators and one of three ladies to make our list who have grabbed the attention of Predators players.

There aren't many on this list who when you see their photo you immediately think they're pretty, smart, friendly and loving and that's the feeling you get when you look at most of her photos. For that, we'd suggest giving her some extra points. She might not be the steamy type of hot some of the others on this list are, but that may be all the more reason to like her. We think Forsberg scored a good one here.

11 Anna Kasterova

Another model on our list, Anna Kasterova is Evgeni Malkin’s girlfriend and you'll get no argument from us if you want to call her one of the more steamy, mysterious and intriguing looking women on this list. Kasterova is a Russian model who offers that exotic appeal and for that reason, among others, we'd suggest she earns big points.

Amazingly, by looking at this photo, you would never know that she is a mom and she and Malkin have a son named Nikita. Definitely worth a few bonus points. If you want to see some pretty cool photos, check out her Instagram page. The best thing about it is that it's not full of modeling photos, but pics where the couple is relaxing or just being normal. She takes a pretty mean selfie photo as well.

10 Nastya Shubskaya

Sorry folks, as beautiful as Nastya Shubskaya is, she's no longer available. She recently married Washington Capitals superstar forward Alex Ovechkin. They just celebrated their one-year anniversary and even though he was engaged to someone else not long before he tied the knot with Nastya, the two seem truly happy together and it looks like he made the right choice and scored a game-winner.

She scores some additional points by our measuring stick because if you check out her Instagram feed, she's got all sorts of photos of her family and friends and that's a nice change as opposed to some of the models who seem to only take photos of themselves and a million selfies. Some will argue she should take more because she's gorgeous but she probably doesn't because she seems more down to earth. Ovechkin is considered one of the greatest pure scorers in the NHL and it's easy to see why.

9 Jordyn Johnson

🌿🖤 // @shoppriceless

A post shared by JJ (@jordynjohnsonn) on

The new girlfriend of Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews, Jordyn Johnson is an interesting study. It's hard to tell whether or not she's a bump up to Matthews former girlfriend Emily Ruttledge, but she's definitely hot. Ruttledge had that neighbour next door thing going on while Johnson seems more keen to go with the steamy and vivacious look. Either way, Matthews seems to do pretty well for himself.

If Johnson can manage to hang onto to Matthews for a while, she'll be doing pretty well for herself too. It won't be long before Matthews is making somewhere in the neighbourhood of $11 or $12 million per season. He's the cornerstone of the Maple Leafs future and he's going to be paid handsomely for it.

8 Nicholle Anderson

via twitter.com

We've added Nicholle Anderson to this list for a completely different reason than most of the other women. Don't get us wrong, we think she's incredibly attractive, but she's also one of the strongest women in the world - definitely one of the strongest hockey wives. She is the wife of Ottawa Senators goaltender Craig Anderson and she just went through a battle with throat cancer.

Sometimes you have to take a step back from things like who's hot and who's not and really look at what's important. Nicholle Anderson proves that having the right partner and the support system of a family when trying to battle one of the most difficult things life can throw at you means more than anything fickle like physical appearance. Good for you Nicholle. You earn big points and we're extremely happy to hear that you won your battle.

7 Monika Caryk

The long-time significant other of Mike Hoffman, Caryk scores points for her lips alone. She clearly knows that she's got a winning pair and her Instagram account is full of poses like this. If you've got the lips, flaunt the lips. She almost has that Barbie doll look to her which some people love and some people aren't a huge fan of.

If you check out her Instagram page, you'll notice a few things. She loves her man, she loves to take selfies, she loves to hang out by the pool and she's a big dog lover. Her job description reads she's a professional packer and unpacker too which we can only assume means she has a decent sense of humour. She's obviously committed because the two have been together for over a decade.

6 Katie Hoaldridge

📷: @hawthornephoto

A post shared by Katie Hoaldridge (@hoaldridge) on

Another model, Katie Hoaldridge is the super-attractive better half of Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn. Unlike a lot of other models, Hoaldridge is also super athletic. She used to be a cross country runner in high school and in college and she's been featured in ads for Runner's World and other sports-related products. She is a former-Texan which, if you know anything, you know that some of the most wicked ladies in the world come from Texas.

Benn is one of the higher paid players in the NHL so between the two of them both being successful in their own careers, they're doing pretty well for themselves. Because of her career, her looks, her success and her hooking up with one of the NHL's best forwards, we have to score her pretty high.

5 Katka Provaznikova

via youtube.com

This one was too good not to include. How do you score someone so hot but so busted by an NHL player she was trying to blackmail after she hooked up with him? The model we're referring to is Katka Provaznikova and the NHL player was Jaromir Jagr.

Provanznikova posted a photo on social media while in bed with Jagr and after they'd gotten it on. Her plan was to blackmail Jagr for 50,000 in Czech Koruna's but Jagr couldn't care less. Not at all swayed by the threat, his response was to go ahead and post it. He didn't care if people knew who he'd slept with and clearly, her attempt didn't work. Does she score points for trying? Does she lose points for bombing so badly? We'll give her this, she is a babe though.

4 Elina Casell

Its a hat kind of day 🤗 #summer #style

A post shared by Elina.Casell.Hjalmarsson (@elinacasellofficial) on

Elina Casell is the wife of Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Niklas Hjalmarsson. She's extremely attractive and those eyes would earn her points any day. But, it's not just her looks that have us scoring her high on our charts.

Casell is a professional blogger and businesswoman. Her website elinacasell.com is a showcase of her knowledge on fashion and her gumption to be an independent entrepreneur outside of just relying on Hjalmarsson's hockey career. She also blogs about almost everything and while he's busy scoring goals, she's keeping up with the latest trends and trying to become a fashion icon. This photo is apparently all about the hat. What do you think? Does she score extra points for being a motivated online selling machine or is she beautiful and you really don't care what she does for work?

3 Mathilda Jansson

Summer went missing in Zug ☁️☁️☁️☁️

A post shared by Mathilda Jansson (@mathilda.jansson) on

Viktor Stalberg just recently left the NHL for a Swiss team but he's good enough to make an NHL return and he's not far removed from playing with the Ottawa Senators and Carolina Hurricanes. Even if he didn't score himself another NHL gig, he sure scored himself a beautiful girlfriend. Her name is Mathilda Jansson and as you can see, she's a looker.

The two are expecting a baby almost any minute and her Instagram account is full of photos of her being a happy and pregnant expecting mother. Before she was ready to have a baby, she was often seen in swimwear that would make most men melt. We're giving her extra points for having that baby glow and still rockin' the good looks all while being ready to pop. Congratulations to both Viktor and Mathilda. Maybe you'll have a huge hockey star on your hands.

2 Nicole Arruda

Something like that

A post shared by Nicole Arruda (@nicolemarruda) on

Not only is she beautiful, but she has to be pretty grounded and tough to be the girlfriend of Drew Doughty. Doughty is one of the best defensemen in the NHL but he's also got an ability to say whatever he thinks whenever he wants. One of the most notable trash-talkers in the game, he's also recently come out and said he's ready to leave the Los Angeles Kings if they don't start winning. Not only is that a lot of pressure to put on yourself, but your girlfriend is going to feel some of that blowback.

She seems like a WAG who can handle the pressure and it sounds like the two are pretty serious. Doughty is planning on popping the question pretty soon. Here's to you Nicole for not only being a babe but putting up with Mr. Doughty. He's probably a nice guy, but also a handful.

1 Carrie Underwood

Is there a hockey wife more famous than Carrie Underwood? Is there a hockey wife more attractive than Carrie Underwood? An argument can be made that the answer to both questions is a resounding no. Underwood is a huge star in country music and now a huge hockey fan having married recently retired NHL'er Mike Fisher.

The last time hockey fans saw Underwood, she was singing the National Anthem at the Nashville Predators home games in the Stanley Cup Finals and she almost willed that team to the championship. She earns major points for being gorgeous, successful and completely loyal to her husband and his former team. By the way, did we tell you she's a huge Walking Dead fan? That alone has to put her near or at the top of most lists.

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