Sorry Ottawa, Habs Fans Are Still Invading Canadian Tire Centre

It appears the Ottawa Senators' plan to block Habs fans from attending the opening round series at the Canadian Tire Centre is backfiring. The team blocking ticket sales to anywhere outside of the Ottawa region has created a huge secondary market for tickets, which are being scooped up by you guessed it, fans from La Belle Province.

The Senators were trying to maintain the biggest home-ice advantage possible as Habs fans would be more than willing to make the 200-minute drive to Ottawa on a Sunday for Game 3. However many who bought tickets from the Sens' box office ( only bought them with the purpose of re-selling them online, or outside the arena on Sunday.

According to Christopher Curtis of the National Post, tickets went on sale on sites like Stubhub and Kijiji just minutes after it was announced that restrictions would be placed on those whose billing information did not match the National Capital Region, Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec.

We'll have to wait for Game 3 to see ow much of the secondary market will split up the crowd, but in this day and age, there are many ways around the restriction.

In a way, the Senators may have just helped these re-sale sites because they now hold more leverage with traveling fans who can't get the tickets at face value.

“This is great for business,” said one Ottawa-area ticket scalper, in a telephone interview with the Montreal Gazette. “My margins just went up, big time. My phone’s ringing off the hook and the calls are almost all coming from 514 and 450 area codes."

The Tampa Bay Lightning and Nashville Predators have pulled similar tactics as Detroit and Chicago fans are also very omnipresent around North America. The main difference is Montreal fans can easily travel to Ottawa, whereas it's more of a trek for Detroit fans to go to Tampa Bay, or Blackhawks fans to Nashville.

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Sorry Ottawa, Habs Fans Are Still Invading Canadian Tire Centre