Stanley Cup Trash Talk Escalates: CM Punk RIPS Hulk Hogan

CM Punk took the trash talking between he and Hulk Hogan to a new level after Game 3 between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Chicago Blackhawks. Following Game 3, in which the Lightning won 3-2 to take a 2-1 lead in the series, Hulk Hogan took to Twitter to sing the team's praises in victory and reitarate on what he said before the series that Chicago is "in trouble, brother!"

Like I said the Blackhawks are in a whole lot of trouble,they should take their puck"punk" and go home,CM can show them the way brother HH

— Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) June 9, 2015

Well, CM Punk decided to go above and beyond friendly banter and ripped into Hogan.

You mispronounced the team captains name and didn't even know the coaches name. You're a hack.Shut the fuck up or I'll wreck you @HulkHogan — Coach (@CMPunk) June 9, 2015

Punk is referencing this:

#TBLightning superfan Hulk Hogan getting the name of the coach and best player wrong. Epic. #StanleyCupFinal pic.twitter.com/5JnQECjZL0

— Greg Rajan (@GregRajan) June 4, 2015

Now, it's funny to see Punk point out that Hogan probably isn't as in tune with hockey as Punk, but did Punk go over the line in calling Hulk a hack? Or how about threatening to wreck a 61-year-old man? Perhaps this is all gamesmanship from two men who made careers out of talking smack. In addition to these tweets, Punk cut a promo on CSN Chicago before the game on The Hulkster.

Either way, anyone who likes both hockey and wrestling can appreciate this.

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