Tampa Bay Lightning's Anti-Visiting Fan Dress Code

via dawindycity.com

Like some other teams during these hockey playoffs, the Tampa Bay Lightning have gone with a restrictive ticket sales policy in order to stack the arena in the home team's favor. The team has restricted ticket sales to certain Floridian zip codes.

However, while we have seen this kind of thing from other teams during these playoffs (Washington, Nashville) the Lightning have gone and taken things a step further with their dress code policy:

"Chase Club and Lexus Lounge ticket holders: Please note that for all 2015 NHL Playoff Games at Amalie Arena, only Tampa Bay Lightning apparel (or neutral) will be permitted in these club and adjoining seating areas. Fans wearing visiting team apparel will be asked to remove them while in these areas."

Lightning executive vice president for communications told the New York Times, "We’re not going to apologize for the policy... We want to create as much of a hometown environment for the Lightning players and our season-ticket holders as we can, and we’ve been somewhat successful at it.”

Now, maybe it's just me, but if you have to go through all this trouble just to create a hometown environment, well.... that doesn't seem to say much for your belief in your fans. And it's just kind of a jerk move too, don't you think?

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