The 15 Hottest NHL Ice Girls Of All Time

In recent years, NHL games have become an all-out entertainment experience. Loud music fills the air and lasers bounce around the arena as spectators take their seats. The spectacle of the player introductions and the national anthems gives way to the first fast-paced shift. As soon as there is a break in play, the loud music shakes the crowd as they look on in anticipation of the ice girls getting to work.

Those that haven’t attended an NHL game in recent years may not know about these ice surface specialists also happen to be very attractive in many stadums. While those watching the game on television are subjected to a barrage of annoying commercials, those at select arenas are treated to beautiful women skating around with shovels. Of course, they serve a practical purpose. They clean the ice surface. A lot of ice girls also represent their teams much in the same fashion as NFL cheerleaders do. They attend community events, act as mentors, and donate their time to other worthwhile causes. Sadly, also like NFL cheerleaders, NHL ice girls don’t earn that much for their sacrifices.

It goes without saying that in an overly sensitive world, some people take offense and boisterously express displeasure at anything that resembles objectifying pretty women. While some teams refuse to employ ice girls, others have incorporated a politically correct and watered down use of mixed sex “ice crews.” Fortunately for fans of attractive women, there are still many ice girls plying their trade at hockey rinks all over North America. For your viewing pleasure, here are the 15 hottest NHL ice girls of all time.

15 Amy – Boston Bruins

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Hailing from Portland, Maine, the adorable Amy recently finished her rookie season as a Boston Bruins Ice Girl. The Bruins were certainly disappointing in 2015 but the fans were able to enjoy the TV timeouts when Amy would hit the ice with her shovel in hand. Watching Amy go end-to-end with a scoop full of snow is just as satisfying as watching Patrice Bergeron make his way through opponents.

When she’s not scraping the ice, Amy is a personal trainer.

14 Kendall – Los Angeles Kings

K-Fish, K-Dee, and DeeFish are among a few nicknames that Los Angeles Kings Ice Girl Kendall goes by. The curvy blonde’s talents aren’t limited to her snow collecting skills, as she also studied broadcast journalism and Spanish at USC. She has a talent for karaoke, an amazing ability to juggle soccer balls, and she can roll her stomach like a belly dancer. It would be first-rate entertainment if she could do all three at once for the Staples Center spectators.

13 Erin – Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leaf fans deserve a bit of pity. The franchise faces criticism for everything from their management to the players. Well, at least they have Erin.

The photogenic blonde is very active on Twitter and Instagram where she shows off her luscious lips, blonde hair, and blue eyes. You can see Erin and the rest of the ice girls as they work their magic during Maple Leaf home games.

12 Yvonne – Chicago Blackhawks

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With beautiful skin, dark eyes, and a smile that could melt the ice on which she skates, Yvonne has been on the Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew for three years. When she hits the ice, one of the loudest arenas in the NHL erupts as if the Stanley Cup winning goal was just scored. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the crowd definitely takes notice.

Yvonne is studying for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Illinois where she previously earned her Bachelor in Health Administration.

11 Madison – Anaheim Ducks

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The magnificent Madison is a swan among ducks. She is a huge fan of hockey and being involved with the Anaheim Ducks is her dream come true. The self-described bubbly, ambitious, and genuine ice girl loves to skate and hit the gym to keep her fabulous figure. She just completed her second season with the squad and she looks forward to the Ducks competing for another Stanley Cup next year. She might have to wait a little longer than that, but in the meantime her fans can cheer her on as she scoops up Ryan Kesler’s frozen tears.

10 Taelor – Tampa Bay Lightning

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Fans of Tampa Bay Lightning Ice Girl Taelor were disappointed after the Bolts missed out on a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. Tampa fans will wait and see if Steven Stamkos returns next year, but they can take comfort in knowing that the lovely Taelor will be coming back. The 21-year-old beauty is currently for to school at the University of South Florida and hopes to one day become a plastic surgeon.

9 Jessica – Edmonton Oilers

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The Edmonton Oilers have been unable to put together a winning lineup for years. They have been perennial cellar-dwellers who regularly disappoint their dejected fan base. One success the organization can feel proud of is their Oilers Octane ice girls. Of course, management really has nothing to do with it, but they must feel good about anything that gets fans cheering.

One of the NHL’s hottest ice girls, fourth-year veteran Jessica, is a weight-lifting and yoga nut who loves movies, tattoos, and Instagram. With her electrifying smile and long flowing blonde hair, Jessica and her super-model looks perk up the fans that have grown weary of watching their team get destroyed yet again. Keep ‘em smiling Jessica!

8 Meagan – Calgary Flames

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When the Big Country Ice Crew gets to work, fans can catch a glimpse of one of the hottest ice girls to grace an NHL rink. Meagan is a beaming blonde bloomer that can light up a room with her smile. When the gorgeous Vancouver native isn’t entertaining the spectators, Meagan is a full-time student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. She also likes to spend time surfing and she dreams of traveling around the world.

Calgary fans have been known to litter the ice on a few occasions, but perhaps it’s just been a ploy to get Meagan to come out.

7 Katie – St. Louis Blues

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Katie remembers the first time she took to the ice with the rest of the Blue Crew. She found it fun and exhilarating to cheer for the Blues and pump up the fans. When St. Louis was eliminated in the 2016 Conference Finals, it marked the end of Katie’s second season with the Blue Crew. Now that the exhausting season is over, she can take the time to enjoy her hobbies like skydiving, hiking, and shopping.

6 Nicole – Columbus Blue Jackets

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The spectators at Nationwide Arena were able to enjoy watching a very exciting team this past season. No, not the Blue Jackets, but the Scioto Downs Ice Crew who had first year ice girl Nicole to bolster the squad. The Mansfield, Ohio resident feels that being an SDIC member is the best job in the world and she shares her enthusiasm on Twitter and Instagram.

Her favorite holiday is the 4th of July because she loves fireworks. It’s a good thing she likes fireworks with a guy like John Tortorella behind the bench.

5 Miriam – Carolina Hurricanes

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She describes herself as energetic, hardworking, fashionable, and a “Caniac.” A lot of people would simply describe her as hot. Her jaw-dropping beauty, enthusiasm, and love for the Hurricanes make Miriam a natural fit on the Storm Squad. This bubbly blonde isn’t just another shovel jockey, she is an asset to her community. The Elizabeth City, NC resident supports the non-profit Pack for a Purpose and her favorite part of being on the Storm Squad is the opportunity to interact with the Jr. Storm Squad members.

4 Zoe – Colorado Avalanche

When she takes to the ice at the Pepsi Center in Denver, ultra-hot Avalanche Ice Girl Zoe is sure to attract plenty of attention. In her short skirt, tiny top, leggings, and figure skates, Zoe is easy on the eyes. Zoe just finished her first year on the squad and is concentrating on studies at the University of Denver. The resident of Batavia, Illinois has been skating for 10 years and is a self-proclaimed talented artist.

3 Alison – New York Islanders

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New York Islanders Ice Girl Alison was one of the hottest in the league, bur sadly the New York Islanders have said goodbye to their team of ice girls. The playful looking blonde was part of the ice clearing and cheering squad for four years. She has a BA from Fairfield University and she works as an interior designer despite having been blessed with super-model looks. She’s blonde, curvy, and has a great set of legs which were impossible to ignore when she was in her Islanders Ice Girls gear.

2 Devin – Washington Capitals

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After watching Alex Ovechkin and his ugly mug skate around the rink for a few minutes, Washington Capitals fans are relieved to see ice girl Devin come onto the ice. The three-year veteran Red Rocker knows how to pump up the crowd with her luscious red lips, silky skin, and blonde locks.

She is studying Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Maryland. Along with her love of science, Devin has an artsy side to her and likes crafts and sewing.

1 Nichole – Dallas Stars

They might not be as high-profile as the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, but the Dallas Stars Ice Girls are every bit as stunning. Take Nichole as an example. She is one of the hottest women to ever put on skates. This Swedish beauty just finished her first season with the Stars organization and she is perfectly suited to the job. She is a figure skating coach with over 12-years of figure skating experience.

Now that the Stars have been eliminated from the playoffs, Nichole can focus on earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a major in Film.


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