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We’re already starting off in the gray area, but we have to give credit where credit is due. The Quebec Nordiques did not become an NHL franchise until 1979-1980, and Jean-Claude Tremblay’s final season with the team was 1978-1979. Just missed the cut! However, if it wasn’t for his stellar

play, the Nordiques may have not have had the confidence, talent, following, and finances to make the jump to the World’s best league. Okay, sure, he played for the World Hockey Association while with Quebec and there was potential to the new league because it’s not like he was a bad player or anything – he did win five Stanley Cups with the Montreal Canadians so he had the NHL experience. That’s pretty good if you’re into those sorts of things. The Quebec-native has a street and an arena named after him which is also pretty good. Could you imagine? “There’s a pile up on northbound Carl Knauf Boulevard,” or “The new WNBA franchise call the Carl Knauf Arena home.” Cool.


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