Top 10 Reasons Eric Lindros is a Hall of Famer

The dream of every young hockey player is to make it to the National Hockey League. The idea of making it into the Hockey Hall of Fame is generally not even considered when a young hockey player laces up the skates. The lucky few who get the opportunity to play a National Hockey League game often remark about their new goal being to stay in the league for as long as possible and hopefully winning a Stanley Cup. The Hall of Fame is reserved for a select few players that have managed to achieve great heights over their career. It would be distracting for a current player to try and measure if they are worthy of Hall of Fame status even though the appetite for speculation by fans is insatiable.

When it comes to current players it may be considered speculation as their careers are ongoing so their legacy's are incomplete, but with retired players who are eligible for Hall induction or on the cusp of eligibility it is perfectly legitimate to measure their careers and discuss if their accomplishments warrant membership in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

An example of a former player that inspires such discussion is Eric Lindros. Lindros has always been the type of player that has polarized the hockey world. Before we were all Crosby Crazy or Ovie Obsessed, it was all Lindros all the time. He was not the first young superstar hockey player to come along, but he was the first to appear in the age of the all sports television and radio networks. Lindros's emergence also coincided with the birth of the internet. So his every move was scrutinized like no hockey player before him.

Lindros also had to deal with the unenviable position of being crowned "the next one" in clear reference to following Gretzky "the great one". Before Eric Lindros even played his first NHL regular season game, pundits had him challenging and breaking records set by Gretzky. Eric Lindros has been eligible for the Hockey Hall of Fame for a few years now and his absence has been hotly debated. Here are the top 10 reasons Eric Lindros should be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

10 Face of the game


9 International Accomplishments


The World Junior Championship Tournament has grown in exposure over the years. It has come to be known as the marquee event to showcase the best hockey players in the world under the age of 20. Lindros played in and dominated this tournament three times, acting as captain and becoming Canada's all time leader in points at the World Juniors.

8 The Big in Enforcer

There are no players in the Hall of Fame that were strictly fighters during their NHL careers, but there are plenty of talented players who were almost equally known for their fighting prowess as their goal scoring ability. Eric Lindros would have been an exciting prospects if he was four inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter because he had such great talent, but what made him so unique was how he combined his incredible talent with such ferocity.

7 Most Valuable Player


6 Legion of Doom


5 Physicality


4 Changed the game

3 Injury shortened career not a killer

AP Photo/Chris Gardner, File

2 Played the game full throttle

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

1 Point Production


Hockey like most sports uses numbers and statistics to measure the value of players and compare them to contemporaries and players of past generations. For his career Lindros is more than a point a game player in the both the regular season and playoffs. There are many players in the Hall of Fame that were known as offensive players that can't lay claim to such consistency in point production. Lindros was the biggest offensive threat on many of the teams he played for and sometimes he was the only offensive threat. With opposing teams concentrating their best defensive players and shut down tactics to stop him, Lindros still produced goals and assists at an exceptional rate.

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Top 10 Reasons Eric Lindros is a Hall of Famer