Top 12 NHL Players Who Allegedly Slept With A Teammate's Wife

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the game, infidelity among athletes is as rampant and as common as breathing. Athletes live a celebrity lifestyle where they enjoy the perks of the money they make, as do others, particularly women. Each sport has a following from the jersey chasers, to the puck bunnies, and quite often if you build a stadium, they will come.

Whether these guys are married or not, according to a famous CNN study, the sad truth is a lot of professional athletes cheat on their wives. All those long trips on the road during the season often require company. Half of the wives who fall victim to the crime actually know it's going on, but there’s that unwritten athlete rule of don’t ask don’t tell. The unspoken bond you share with your teammates does not put them in the dark when it comes to this and know what’s going on as well, but what’s a teammate that rats on a brother? Cheating on your girlfriend or wife is messy and complicated, but they will stand by your side though the highs and lows. However if you want to experience something even messier and more complicated, take your teammate's wife out for a night to remember. That’s right, breaking bro code in professional sports is a thing that often tears teams and friendships apart as once that line is crossed there is no going back. More often than not the result is in a trade from the team, a divorce, or both, there’s just no winning.

With that, here are the Top 12 NHL Players Who Allegedly Slept With A Teammate's Wife.

12 Chris Chelios and Ronald Corey, Montreal Canadiens

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Chris Chelios is a retired NHL defenseman who is now a development coach for the Detroit Red Wings. He is no stranger to the league having played on the team himself, as well as the Chicago Blackhawks, Atlanta Thrashers, but also known for his time on the Montreal Canadiens. While he played for the Habs, Ronald Corey was the president of the team starting in 1986.

While Chelios’s controversial trade in 1990 was attributed to the fact he was accused of fighting two police officers, there were also rumors flying around of an affair with Corey’s wife. If that was the case, that may have been a larger factor.

11 Jeff Brown and Kirk McLean, Vancouver Canucks

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Long time Vancouver veteran Kirk McLean played with the team for over 10 years protecting their net as franchise goaltender. Back in 1994 the team introduced a defenseman from the St. Louis Blues, Jeff Brown. Brown lasted on the team for a total of about one season before being traded away to the Hartford Whalers. Why? Well as the widely accepted Vancouver legend goes, Brown was sleeping with McLean’s wife. After the incident, despite the fact he was gone, poor Kirk was never the same.

10 Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza, Ottawa Senators

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To be honest, Dany Heatley is better known for the parody account that impersonates him on Twitter (@DanyAllStar15), than how he performs on the ice. Originally drafted to the Atlanta Thrashers second overall in 2000, he requested a trade in 2003 after a tragic car crash, landing him on the Ottawa Senators. At the time, Jason Spezza was also on the Senators, and suspicious behavior arose when close friend Heatley was a no-show at the Spezza wedding. Rumor has it Heatley was in an unhappy place at the time as he was not only having problems with head coach Cory Clouston, but sleeping with Spezza’s wife Jennifer Snell, who was still his fiancée at the time. Ouch!

9 Eric Lindros and Rod Brind’Amour, Philadelphia Flyers

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Eric Lindros is a former power house center drafted first overall back in 1991. He played on the Philadelphia Flyers where stayed for nearly 10 years before moving on to the New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Dallas Stars. Meanwhile, player Rob Brind’Amour was traded to the team around the same time as Lindros. Brind'Amour gained his presence on the ice being a shut down center player. It was revealed after a game one night that Lindros had been sleeping with Brind’Amour’s wife and naturally hit Lindros with a chair causing an epic locker room brawl. Both were traded shortly after.

8 Mike Comrie and Tommy Salo, Edmonton Oilers

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Tommy Salo began his professional career on the New York Islanders in 1993, where he emerged as starting goalie a few years later, and then was sent to the Edmonton Oilers in a trade. At the time, before his marriage to actress and singer Hilary Duff, Mike Comrie waded in hot waters when it came to the surface in The Edmonton Journal that he was involved in an affair with Salo’s wife while Salo was away.

When confronted about the affair, she packed up and headed back to Sweden. It caused such friction in the dressing room, the wealthy father of Comrie sold his shares with the Oilers eventually moving away from the city all together.

7 Jeff Carter and Scott Hartnell, Philadelphia Flyers

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Two time Stanley Cup winner Jeff Carter is currently playing on the Los Angeles Kings, previously playing on the Columbus Blue Jackets and Philadelphia Flyers where he led the team in scoring during one of his six seasons there. Not only was he scoring on the ice, but he was allegedly scoring off the ice as well with teammate Scotty Hartnell’s then wife Lisa Renneke.

During the time this was coming to light, the Flyers were defeated by Pittsburgh, their division rival. The cause was apparently the divided locker room of the Flyers due to the fact Carter was sleeping with Hartnell’s wife. A messy and bitter divorce followed Harntell around for much of the season.

6 Dion Phaneuf and Craig Conroy, Calgary Flames

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Dion Phaneuf made his NHL debut in 2005 playing in his home province of Alberta with the Calgary Flames. He set a franchise record for most goals by a first year defenseman and was later caught shooting pucks at teammate Craig Conroy’s wife. It is said he got the boot to Toronto after Conroy found out that Phaneuf was sleeping with his wife.

The affair not only negatively affected Conroy, but the whole Flames team. There was one night in particular in which a game ended in “locker room altercations”. Phaneuf would not play the next game, resulting in the inevitable trade by GM Darryl Sutter to Toronto.

5 Tyler Seguin and Nathan Horton, Boston Bruins

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Notorious party boy Tyler Seguin was selected to the Boston Bruins in 2010 second overall, winning the Stanley Cup in his rookie season. He played on the team for a few years before being reassigned to the Dallas Stars. During his stint with the Bruins, Seguin may have partied a little too hard and gotten a little too close with forward Nathan Horton’s wife, Tammy. He allegedly started messing around with the Canadian Playboy model and former cover girl for College Girls and eventually Seguin was traded to Dallas, while Horton left via free agency in 2013.

4 Ryan Kesler and Cory Schneider, Vancouver Canucks

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The Vancouver Canucks slowly unraveled into a downward spiral after the infamous Stanley Cup riots resulting from the teams defeat at almost winning the cup back in 2011. During the time after the cup run when the team was falling apart and trades were being made, it was a known thing that Corey Schneider had walked in on teammate Ryan Kesler doing the dirty deed with his girl.

The battle was anything but pretty, and both were traded off into the league upon request. Cory’s reason for the trade was along the lines of irreconcilable differences off the ice.

3 Sergei Fedorov and Pavel Bure, Russian National Team

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Sergei Fedorov and Pavel Bure were Russian powerhouses for their Soviet team, and were also good friends. When they both made their way over seas to the United States, Federov landed popular blonde tennis player Anna Kournikova. When the two were going out, Kournikova started to become friendly with Bure as well and allegedly became engaged in 2000, which was vigorously denied, as she was only 18 years old at the time. The following year Kournikova actually married Federov back in Moscow, divorcing in 2003.

2 Patrick Sharp and Duncan Keith, Chicago Blackhawks

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One of the most famous present day scandals to arise in the world of hockey surrounds a few of the Chicago Blackhawks star players, Patrick Sharp and Duncan Keith. At the time the news broke, sources within the team said that Patrick Sharp had slept with Duncan Keith’s wife, Kelly-Rae. Did we mention Sharp is married with two children? The event caused lots of turmoil and distress among the team but has since simmered down. Sharp was traded away last offseason due to cap issues on the Blackhawks.

1 Brendan Shanahan and Craig Janney, St. Louis Blues

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Arguably one of the most famous cases of all time involved St. Louis Blues teammates Brendan Shanahan and Craig Janney. Shanahan served 21 years in the shoe and is now sitting pretty as an NHL executive. While on the St. Louis Blues, Brendan met Catherine Janney, the wife of Craig, and the two fell in love and had an affair. It caused the eventual divorce between the Janney’s and the eventual marriage of the Shanahans. He became unpopular among his teammates and was rumored to be snubbed from the Hall of Fame due to this incident. However, Brendan and Catherine have been married since 1998 and have three children together.

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