12Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith (part 1)

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For years, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless have continued to give daytime television viewers something to cringe at. They are the most hated, loved, and reviled members of sports journalism and that's precisely why ESPN gives them a top platform. The one thing about the two of them is that they

know next-to-nothing about hockey. Bayless wrote an article for ESPN's 'Page 2' way back when the NHL lockout was occurring and asked himself in a 'self-therapy' column why he hates hockey so much. He denied hating it, but said he could not bring himself to like it. Here's why: he couldn't find the puck. Likewise, he said the lockout in 2005 was the most interested he had ever been in hockey. If that's not a sign of taking pleasure in killing a sport, we don't know what is.

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