Top 16 Nastiest Hockey Smiles of All Time

Hockey is the only sport where it’s players do not dress up in their press conferences. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook often try to one-up each other with absurd outfits before and after their NBA games. Tom Brady walks to the podium in the latest sweater Gisele Bundchen picked out for him. In the NHL, the players answer questions in their sweat drenched, awful smelling uniforms. For the most part, the players simply do not care how they look. Sure, they might dress up for the All-Star game festivities, but more often than not it seems like they could care less.

The most noticeable example of hockey players simply not caring is the lack of attention they pay to their teeth. One has to believe that each NHL organization provides dental care to their players, as well as the finest health insurance in the land. However, hockey has a longstanding tradition and culture of it’s players sporting smiles only cartoon characters can relate to. Instead of replacing missing teeth that were knocked out by taking a puck to the face, hockey players wear it as a badge of honor. They embrace the difficulties that lie ahead of them, like chewing food easily or trying to convince strangers that aren’t psychopaths when they smile at them. Missing a tooth or twelve is supposed to represent going through the battles in the corner of the ice or trading punches with an enemy on the ice. Yet, if everyone is being honest, it just makes the person look like that creepy family member you are glad you only see during the holiday season.The flawed smile is a tradition that is as old as hockey itself. Here is to hoping the tradition continues and here are the 15 nastiest (or best, depending on how you view things) smiles of all time.

16 Dustin Brown

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The two-time Stanley Cup champion sports one of the most memorable smiles in the league. Whenever he hoists the Stanley Cup for the LA Kings, which has been often recently, you can literally count the chiclets he has left in his mouth. The bruising right winger plays a physical game, which has no doubt to his many dental issues. He lost most of his teeth when he was still in the AHL after a missed hit saw him land face first into the boards. He came back in the same game and scored the OT winner. That's what makes him a great leader.

15 Gordie Howe


14 Alex Burrows

Wasn't a stick, wasn't a puck. It was a granola bar. Still, all smiles for Burr.

— Vancouver Canucks (@VanCanucks) March 27, 2014

13 Jaromir Jagr


12 Matthew Barnaby


11 Bobby Clarke


10 Craig Berube


9 Chris Neil

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

8 Dan Carcillo


7 Duncan Keith


6 Ken Daneyko


5 Matt Cooke

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

4 Bobby Hull


3 Mike Ricci


2 Bryan Bickell


Bickell lost his two front teeth in junior hockey and the false teeth he replaced those with kept falling out as well. Bickell is a tough player and will stand up for a teammate if an opposing player crosses the line. That explains why he refuses to wear a full cage over his mouth to protect his remaining teeth. In order to fight in the NHL, the person you are fighting must have the ability to punch you in the face. One must keep in mind that a hockey player’s logic doesn’t make sense to the rest of us because for the most part we value our teeth and actively try to not get punched in the face.

1 Alexander Ovechkin

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Of course Ovechkin has to be number one. He is one of the leagues biggest stars and also one of the most inexplicable players the NHL has ever seen. In the 2013-2014 season, Ovechkin scored 51 goals. With the goalie pads being so massive these days that is an incredible achievement. On the other hand, Ovechkin had a +/- of -35, which sounds impossible. How does one score so many goals and be a minus player? It could have either been the defensive system the Capitals were playing or just an astounding display of ineptitude on that side of the ice by Ovechkin. Either way, he is a plus player this year and proudly wears the best hockey smile of all time.

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Top 16 Nastiest Hockey Smiles of All Time