Top 15 Current NHL Superstars Who Have Dropped The Gloves

The number of NHL superstars dropping the gloves throughout the 2015 season is increasing, after top players seem to be losing the protection they once had. Don Cherry notably pointed out the issue in a recent segment of Coach’s Corner, discussing how injuries to some of the nation’s best players and prospects are taking over the game.

Cherry told NBC that superstars “should be protected all the time. That’s why they get injured all the time. They should never, ever be fighting.”

But, for hockey fans, not many of us would have a problem seeing two of the top goalies tough it out on the ice. The stars have a record of playing dirtier knowing their chances of fighting the ‘tough guy” are pretty slim. If they were held accountable for any cheap shots, it’d definitely help sell the game but could risk your favorite player.

Not only are the roles of fighters starting to slim down because of it, the desire for individual top dogs to police their own game will create a season controlled by the up and comers. Sure, McDavid didn’t drop the gloves this season but he’s a superstar with an injury that just dragged the Oilers into a pit far away from any playoff opportunity.

Yes, the risks of hurting some of the best guys in the league are at stake. But it’s a part of the game! It’s a brawl and all brawls are better with a little Ovechkin in the mix.

So, here are the top 15 fights by NHL superstars.

15 Ryan Kessler 

14 Jamie Benn 

13 Jonathan Toews 

12 Ryan Getzlaf 

11 Ilya Kovalchuk 

10 Corey Perry 

9 Joe Thornton 

8 Phil Kessel 

7 Ryan Miller 

6 Jarome Iginla 

5 Alexander Ovechkin 

4 Nazem Kadri 

3 Connor McDavid 

2 Pavel Datsyuk 

1 Sidney Crosby 

When you’re arguably the NHL’s biggest superstar, it’s not the best situation when Sidney Crosby is involved in a major fight. When Pittsburgh met the Flyers in 2012, numerous fights broke out all over the ice after Crosby knocked away Voracek’s glove as he was reaching for it. Crosby and Giroux went at it just before Letang dropped the gloves as well. Giroux got a sharp uppercut to the face eventually ending up on the ice as Crosby still fed some punches.

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Top 15 Current NHL Superstars Who Have Dropped The Gloves