12Tanking in the NHL is Worse Than NBA 

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You might think the title of this entry is just hyperbole. No league can have a bigger problem of tanking than one that hosts the Philadelphia 76ers. And you would have been right, up until 2014 that is.

Long story short, in 2014, the NHL announced they were overhauling the way

they do the draft. Starting in 2015, the odds of winning the #1 overall pick were now mostly evenly balanced among the lottery teams. In 2016, the lottery will be used to select the top three teams. The Hockey News wrote an article saying the rule would encourage tanking from here on out and they were exactly right.

Over the course of the 2015 season, no less than six teams intentionally threw away their season in the hopes of gaining the top pick. The Sabres, Coyotes, Maples Leafs, Blue Jackets, Jets, and Oilers all gave up either before the season even began or late when they realized they had a shot at getting the pick. When Sabres fans started cheering their own team giving up a goal late in the season, it was obvious something wasn’t right.

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