Top 15 Hockey Players You Wouldn't Want to Fight in a Bar

Firstly, if you decide to “step outside” with anyone who has played professional hockey, as Georges Laraques would say, “good luck to ya man,” cause you’re gonna need it. In a memo this would read, “swallow your pride and walk away, never fight a professional hockey player.“

With the erosion of the enforcer role in the NHL, the notion of two players dropping their sticks, removing their helmets, dropping their gloves, and squaring off is becoming archaic. However, in the lower pro leagues, like the ECHL, CHL,SPHL, etc., fans actually still pay to see that sort of thing. That is to say, particularly in the smaller American markets, the enforcer, goon, tough guy, or what have you, is still essential for a team’s financial success. In the context of those aforementioned leagues, there are always two separate events taking place. First, there is a genuine hockey game: goals, assists, defense, offence, referees to make calls, etc., and teams and their fans do want to win. Second, there are the expected fights and, in this context, the fighters typically fight each other almost exclusively, perhaps to something like “Hells Bells” or “Eye of the Tiger” over the loud speaker. The skilled players are left to play the game.

In the interest of honesty let’s acknowledge that a bar fight is usually an underwhelming experience. Participants are typically inebriated, willing to hurt their bodies and their pride over the most trivial of transgressions. In short, it’s never like the movies. The one-liner insults don’t make sense, nothing heroic ever happens, and both participants are gassed within seconds – embarrassing to watch for the most part. To that end, there will always be those that want to test their mettle, particularly against someone with some clout, like a pro hockey player.

So you want to fight a professional hockey player, do you? Here’s a varied ensemble of the Top 15 Hockey Players You Wouldn’t Want to Fight in a Bar. Consider this a warning.

15 Larry Robinson


14 Behn Wilson


13 Wendel Clark


12 Brandon Prust

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11 Chris Neil

Steve Alkok-USA TODAY Sports

10 Ryan Reaves

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

9 Tony Twist


8 Brandon “Sugar” Sugden


7 Jon “Nasty’ Mirasty


6 Steve “The Boss” Bosse

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5 Joel “The Animal” Theriault


4 Tie Domi


3 Bob Probert


2 John Scott

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

1 Georges Laraque


Do you remember the scene from Goon where Georges Laraques asks Doug “The Slug” Glatt “Do you want to go?” and then says “Good luck to ya’ man?” Well, that actually happened when Laraque was mic’d up prior to his NHL fight with Raitis Ivanans. The reality is that, although one of the very best fighters in NHL history, Laraque fought always with humility and had a ton of respect for anyone he faced; Laraque often wished opponents “Good Luck” prior to a fight and said “Good Job” afterwards. He kept a strict “Code” when it came to fighting that many NHL enforcers lived by: no fighting at the end of a shift, no cheap shot head starts, no hitting a guy when he’s down, etc., and never celebrate or show disrespect to an opponent. So, at least he won’t taunt you after he lays you out in a bar.

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Top 15 Hockey Players You Wouldn't Want to Fight in a Bar