Top 15 Hottest NHL Daughters

When we are kids, many of us dream about what job we want to have when we grow up, and at the time, the answers usually include occupations such as doctor, police officer, firefighter, astronaut, or veterinarian. All of those are indeed jobs kids admit to dreaming about having, but many children also dream about playing sports for a living, whether it be hockey, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, or tennis. The reason for this is because kids become obsessed with a sport after either watching games on TV or attending games in person, but it is only when they attempt to go down the path of becoming a professional athlete that these kids realize that only a select few are actually capable of achieving this dream.

No matter if it is the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, only the best of the best will successfully play and compete at the professional level, due to the stress put on the body during competition, training, and travel. Those who do make it to the professional level are in for quite the payday during their career, as many athletes make more money in a single season than most people make in a lifetime. This is true with NHL players as well, who will use this money to help provide for their families when they retire, families that often include a daughter, and some of the daughters of these former hockey players have grown up to become very attractive women.

Here are the 15 hottest daughters of NHL players.

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15 Diana Larionov

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The Detroit Red Wings were a powerhouse throughout the 1990s, and a big reason for that was because they had a lot of very skilled players on their roster, including 5 highly skilled Russian players who played on the ice at the same time. This group earned the name “Russian Five” and defenseman Igor Larionov, was one of them, and he had a career which spanned almost 30 years as he began playing professionally in 1977 in the Soviet Union. After coming to North America to play in the NHL, Larionov went on to have a Hall of Fame worthy NHL career, and during this time he also had 3 children, including a pair of daughters. Diana, just like her sister, has garnered a reputation for enjoying the partying lifestyle.

14 Isabella Yzerman

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There have been many great players who have played for the Detroit Red Wings in the franchise’s 90 years of existence, but not many have ended their careers having only played for them, but in Steve Yzerman’s case, he did just that. Yzerman is currently the General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, but before that, he played a full 22 seasons in the NHL with Detroit, 18 of which were spent as the team’s captain; and when he retired in 2006, he did so with 692 goals and 1,755 points, making him one of the best forwards in league history. Steve has 3 daughters, and Isabella happens to be the hottest one, and not only does she have a great face and physique, but she is also an athlete like her father, as she plays lacrosse at the University of Michigan.

13 Brandi Roenick

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With hockey, it is believed that the best and most talented players come out of Canada, and for the most part, the NHL is in fact mostly made up of Canadians, but there have also been great players from the United States, with Jeremy Roenick being one of them. Within the hockey world, there is a debate as to whether or not Jeremy deserves to be in the Hall of Fame due to the fact that he never won a Stanley Cup during his 18 year career; but he did manage to score 513 goals and 1,216 points, making him one of the top scoring American-born players ever. He has 2 children, including his daughter Brandi, who is an athlete in her own right via her passion for equestrian riding, and when she is not riding horses, she is either posting pictures on social media or attending her college courses for her psychology degree.

12 Carlin Domi

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As a whole, the NHL is basically filled entirely with fast and skilled players who can all handle the puck, but it was not always like this, as just over a decade ago, it was commonplace for most teams to have an enforcer on their roster. An enforcer was a player who was basically there to be a physical presence, to protect the skilled players, and to fight, and if they scored every now and then, then management was happy. Tie Domi was one of these enforcers, and based on how he played and how much he fought, he managed to amass a total of 3.515 penalty minutes in 15 seasons, which is the third most in NHL history. Tie has 2 children, including his son Max who currently plays for the Arizona Coyotes, but he also has a beautiful daughter named Carlin who is living a life outside of hockey by attending college and posting on social media.

11 Caley Chelios

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In every sport, there are some athletes who are somehow capable of standing the test of time to play well into their mid-to-late 40s, which is a truly impressive feat as most athletes retire in their mid-to-late 30s. Hockey has seen its fair share of ageless wonders as well, with Gordie Howe and the still active Jaromir Jagr being the most well known examples, but former NHLer and Hall of Famer Chris Chelios is on that list too. Chelios is currently the second oldest player to have ever played in the NHL, as he played his final game in the 2009-10 season when he was 47 years old, and in his 25 year career, he had a combined 948 points split between Montreal, Detroit, and Chicago, to go along with 3 Stanley Cup wins and 3 Norris Trophies. Chris has 2 daughters, with Caley being the more recognizable of the pair, as she's currently a reporter for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

10 Dominika Hasek

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In its first 100 years, the NHL has seen many great goalies come and go, and on that list is Dominik Hasek, who will forever be recognized as one of the best netminders to ever stand in front of an NHL net. Hasek was born and raised in Czechoslovakia, and is considered to be a legend in his homeland, and with good reason, as in his 16 NHL seasons, he managed to win the league MVP award twice, and the Vezina Trophy 6 times, and his 2 Stanley Cup wins with Detroit helped to fully solidify his induction into the Hall of Fame in 2014. Hasek has a daughter who he named Dominika, and this beautiful brunette is an aspiring singer who learned to sing while in the U.S. and who appeared on Czech’s Have Talent where she was credited with having a good voice.

9 Alyonka Larionov

Earlier on this list, we brought up Hall of Fame defenseman Igor Larionov, who was a part of the aforementioned Russian Five, and who managed to win a total of 3 Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings. In that previous entry, it was mentioned that Igor is the proud father of 2 daughters, with one of them being Diana, but his other daughter Alyonka, is quite obviously the more attractive of the pair. Alyonka is a breathtaking blonde who used to eat cereal out of the Stanley Cup when it was her dad’s day with it, and she has travelled around quite a bit as she has moved between 4 countries 20 times now. She is literally considered in Russia to be hockey royalty, and spends a lot of her time partying by the pool or at bars; which is a tad unfortunate because she seemingly has what it takes to be a model.

8 Allison Micheletti

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Not all of the fathers on this list have had a lengthy and spectacular NHL career, as evidenced by this entry, as Joe Micheletti is better known for being the father-in-law of the great Mike Modano than for his brief time in the league. Joe played a combined 158 games in the NHL between the St. Louis Blues and the then Colorado Rockies, but he has managed to have a pretty good broadcasting career, and he has also offered the world his daughter Allison. This gorgeous brunette has been involved in sports from a young age, where she wanted to become a professional soccer and basketball player, but because of an injury, she chose a different route and became a professional golfer in 2011. She and Modano have been married since 2013, and Mike oftentimes posts pictures of his hot wife in bikinis on his social media accounts.

7 Julia Scorupco

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Most European-born NHL players come from countries such as Sweden, Finland, and Russia, where hockey is a major sport, but there are also players who are good enough to play in the NHL who hail from less hockey prominent countries, like Poland. Mariusz Czerkawski has the honor of being the first player to be born and trained in Poland to make it into the NHL, and he managed to play in the league for a combined 13 seasons with Boston, Edmonton, Montreal, and the New York Islanders. He was married to actress Izabella Scorupco, who played the Bong girl in GoldenEye, and the two had a daughter who they named Julia, who is so stunning that she can become a Bond girl just like her mom; and if you disagree, just go check out her Instagram account.

6 Reide Housley

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Phil Housley played parts of 22 seasons in the NHL, where he played on the blue line for Toronto, Winnipeg, Washington, Chicago, New Jersey, and St.Louis, but it was his years in Buffalo that cemented his legacy. When his career was all said and done in 2003, he did so with 338 goals and 1,232 points which were numbers worthy of his Hall of Fame induction last year, and because of how good of a defenseman he was, he was able to transition into coaching where he is currently an assistant coach with the Nashville Predators. Phil has a daughter named Reide and it is plain obvious that she is very attractive, and when she is not busy with her job as a yoga instructor, she spends her time with the United Heroes League which helps military kids to stay active and healthy

5 Lauren Lemieux

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The face of the Pittsburgh Penguins franchise is currently their superstar centreman Sidney Crosby, but before him, the team was fortunate enough to be captained by another superstar in the form of Mario Lemieux. Wayne Gretzky will forever be remembered as the greatest player to ever play the game, but Lemieux, who is considered by many to be the most talented player in NHL history, would have given Wayne a run for his money had he not dealt with so many injuries throughout his career. In all, Lemieux went on to play parts of 17 seasons in the NHL, all of which were with Pittsburgh, and in that time he amassed 690 goals and 1723 points; and aside from winning 2 Stanley Cups as a player, he has also won 2 as one of the team’s owners; but as great as Mario was, the only reason he is mentioned on this list is because of his daughter Lauren.

4 Maddison McGrath

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In 2011, Doug Gilmour was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, and for good reason, too, as he managed to score 450 goals and 1,414 points during his 20 seasons in the NHL which ended when he retired in 2003. Doug played for the Calgary Flames with whom he won the Stanley Cup with in 1989, and he would also play for Buffalo, St. Louis, Chicago, Montreal, and Toronto; and in his time with the Maple Leafs, he basically became a hero amongst the fans. In total, Doug has 4 children, including his daughter Maddison, who is clearly a very well-endowed woman, and she obviously loves the game of hockey a great deal, as she is currently married to a hockey player named Evan McGrath, who plays over in Europe.

3 Anne-Marie Morrow

The Montreal Canadiens are the most storied franchise in all of hockey, as they have existed for over 100 years, and have won the Stanley Cup a record 24 times, and their success was heavily built on the backs of French-Canadian players. Guy Carbonneau was one of these players, and he helped lead the Canadiens to 2 Stanley Cups in 1986 and 1993, and after retiring in 2000, he even went on to coach the team for a little bit. The last 5 years of Carbonneau's career were spent with the Dallas Stars, where he won his third Cup in 1999, and when he moved to Dallas, he brought his daughter Anne-Marie with him. Anne-Marie is a gorgeous blonde, who while in Texas, fell in love with Brenden Morrow, who at the time was a teammate of her father’s, and the pair have been married since 2002, and so far have 3 children together.

2 Kendyl Fuhr

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Whether you are a fan of hockey or not, there is no denying the fact that the Edmonton Oilers from 1984 to 1990 were probably one of the best teams in all of professional sports, as they had 2 of the best players the sport has ever seen in Gretzky and Messier on their roster, which allowed them to win 5 Stanley Cups during that timeframe. The man who played goal for all those championships was Grant Fuhr, who in 2003 was inducted into the Hall of Fame, which he did with 1 Vezina trophy and 403 wins under his belt as well. Fuhr has 2 daughters, but it is Kendyl who makes it onto this list as she has a gorgeous face to go along with her black hair, and unsurprisingly, this esthetician is a self-proclaimed die-hard Oilers fan.

1 Paulina Gretzky

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Wayne Gretzky will undoubtedly remain the greatest hockey player to have ever lived, as his legacy is cemented by the fact he has won 4 Stanley Cups, and 8 MVP awards, to go along with his 894 career goals and 2,857 points. As of right now, Wayne holds an astonishing 60 different NHL records, but “The Great One” has another accomplishment outside of the hockey rink, which is having the hottest daughter amongst all other NHLers. Simply put, Paulina Gretzky is a heart-stopping blonde bombshell with killer looks and an absurdly great body, who has modelled for magazines like Maxim and Flare. She is currently engaged to professional golfer Dustin Johnson, with whom she had baby with in 2015, making Dustin one hell of a lucky man.

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