Top 15 Hottest NHL WAGs

Hockey players are normally scouted based on their abilities and dekes on the ice, but today we'll give a hearty shout-out to the guys who've shown they've got sweet moves off the ice as well.

Growing up, and especially through their junior hockey years, players have three things in mind: goals, glory, and girls. Some might throw "flow" in there as well (flow as in beautiful hair that flows out of the back of a streaking players helmet - see Erik Karlsson for a prime example of "flow").

Hockey players tend to be more reserved and private when it comes to their personal lives, but for some it's hard to hide the fact that they are dating (or married to) a smoking hot model, actress, athlete, or just a "plain Jane" beauty from down the road. There were countless of names to choose from to add to this list, but it had to be narrowed down to the best of the best. Just like in training camp, the dusters get sent down to the minors for further seasoning.

While these girls might be on this list for their relationships with famous hockey players, almost all of them are self-made superstars themselves, if not even more famous than their hockey-playing men. Perhaps we need to have a sequel to this list, listing the top hockey players who have wives who are better known than they are (since hockey players don't exactly have the global reach of NFL superstars, this isn't too far-fetched of an idea).

All in all, we must give the due credit that hockey players so rarely get for their "WAGs" - as it is with other sports in America, hockey is always down the list in ratings, popularity, and in some cases attendance, but there's no doubt NHL superstars can get the ladies just as well as the rest of the sporting world.

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15 Tammy Horton (Nathan Horton)

via media.nesn.com

Tammy Horton must really love her robust power-forward husband, Nathan Horton, because she agreed to go with him to Columbus when he decided to sign on with the then hapless Blue Jackets. Tammy is a blonde beauty with the words "Playboy model" on her resume, so if she's number 15 you know this is quite the list of gals we've compiled here. The two would be a power couple that Ohio could prop up quite nicely against other states, except they already have LeBron James and Johnny Manziel to take care of winning that title for them.

14 Noureen Dewulf (Ryan Miller)

via wallpapergremlin.com

Earlier in his career, Ryan Miller was considered one of the best goaltenders in the NHL. He had everything going for him: a big contract, recognition, fame, and gorgeous lady to boot. The stunning Noureen Dewulf is now married to Miller, and now that Miller has (hopefully) stabilized the Canucks goaltending situation in Vancouver, the two can settle down in Western Canada, and Dewulf can watch as her Twitter followers skyrocket for reasons other than her good looks and acting ability.

13 Emma Andersson (Henrik Zetterberg)

via complex.com

Emma Andersson is practically a queen in Sweden - partially because of her good looks, and partially because she's married to Henrik Zetterberg. The two have been together for quite some time now, but their status as a power couple in their native country hasn't wavered one bit, even as Zetterberg's career path is slowly but surely winding down. Andersson has done some modeling, but has mostly remained off the radar as "Zata" dominated hockey headlines worldwide while dominating opponents on the ice.

12 Ivana Surovcova (Marian Gaborik)

via tumblr.com

Marian Gaborik is known for his blazing speed, wicked shot and overall game-breaking ability. You can add "wheeling skills" as well, as he boasts one of the most stunning wives in the league. Ivana Surocova is a professional dancer from their native Slovakia, so not only do they speak the same language in "regular" life, they speak the same language "at work" as well; Surocova dances around the stage, and Gaborik dances around defencemen. These two were meant to be together.

11 Aneta Netolicka (Tomas Hertl)

via twitter.com

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Hertl seems to be scoring every time someone mentions his name. His star flourished when he ate up and spat out the New York Rangers with a four goal outburst last season, but a knee injury ended his Calder Trophy campaign early. Lucky for him, he probably got to spend plenty of time with his girlfriend, Aneta Netolicka, during his rehab. Netolicka is a Czech gymnast, and while she might not boast the same level of fame as some of the other fine ladies on this list, she can boast that her man has no doubt the best nickname of any of the boyfriends or husbands on this list.

10 Piritta Hannula (Niklas Hagman)

via iltalehti.fi

Niklas Hagman never really fulfilled his potential in the NHL, but he sure did take advantage of his stature off the ice. Piritta Hannula is a stunner, a blonde model who's made a name for herself in their native Finland as one of the most beautiful women in the country. She's since changed her name to Hagman, but the purpose of this article we keep her legal name - we like her a lot better than anyone (besides her) ever liked Hagman on the ice, anyway.

9 Brenna McGuire (Brandon Dubinsky)

via athleteswives.com

Those Columbus Blue Jackets players sure know how to pick 'em. Brandon Dubinsky isn't the flashiest player in the NHL, but he's an effective two-way player and is a valuable commodity that the rest of the league would pay dearly to have. So it's no surprise that Dubinsky is married to a girl most of you have probably never heard of. Brenna McGuire is a former Virginia basketball player, and while she's a relative unknown compared to some on this list, she stacks up just fine in the "beauty" department.

8 Marie-Pier Morin (Brandon Prust)

via lapresse.ca

Marie-Pier Morin is a hero, of sorts, to Montrealers. She's a homegrown TV celebrity in Quebec, but she also fell in love with Brandon Prust, who reciprocated - so much so that he left the Big Apple to come play in Montreal to be closer to his girl. While Habs fans (and perhaps Marc Bergevin) would like to think that it was all about the team, Morin definitely played an important role in luring one of the top character players in the league to a place that was often a free-agent wasteland.

7 Barbie Blank (Sheldon Souray)

via fanpop.com

Sheldon Souray was known for three things throughout his fairly successful NHL career: his booming slapshot, his ability to pound opponents into submission, and his model looks. Souray took advantage of all three in luring WWE star Barbie Blanl (better known as Kelly Kelly_ into his life. While his first marriage (to Anjelica Bridges) ended in a nasty divorce, here's hoping Souray's second shot at love works out for the best; partially because he seems like a good guy, and partially because it would be a shame if it didn't work out with a gorgeous girl like Blank.

6 Elisha Cuthbert (Dion Phaneuf)

via wallpaperseries.com

Another blonde beauty for the WAG list. Cuthbert has been linked to several NHLers over the last decade, including Sean Avery (who famously got suspended for calling her "sloppy seconds" once she started dating Phaneuf) and Mike Komisarek (for reasons we'll never understand). Cuthbert is now happily married to Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf. The two lovebirds both hail from Alberta, so there's a Canadian connection that some might suggest puts Phaneuf above other Canadian superstars who found love with American beauties.

5 Lauren Cosgrove (TJ Oshie)

via sportsbetterhalf.com

Lauren Cosgrove can probably thank her American Olympic hero husband TJ Oshie for her latest fame and glory, as his shootout performance in Sochi put him on a social media pedestal (which eventually put her on the same pedestal). After her initial discovery, she did the rest - she's almost as stunning as Oshie's brilliant shootout moves.

...who are we kidding, she's WAY better looking than any deke Osh could pull off.

4 Melanie Collins (Scottie Upshall)

via melanie-collins.com

I'll be the first to admit that I had no idea that Scottie Upshall was with Melanie Collins. In fact, I might not be the only one to claim that I probably know more about Melanie Collins than I do about Scottie Upshall, just from following her reporting and social media pages. Off the top of my head, I couldn't even remember where Upshall was playing this year.

All that to say: kudos, Scottie. A slow cap for Scottie, everyone. Whenever his playing days end, he knows that he'll have Collins around to cheer him up whenever he missed the game. Sounds like a nice retirement plan to me.

3 Erin Andrews (Jarret Stoll)

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

This might be the NHL power couple to rule all NHL power couples (if Ovechkin and Kirilenko were still together, this would not be the case). Andrews is well known in her own right, and Jarret Stoll is the proud owner of two Stanley Cup rings. This entire list only boasts five other Stanley Cup championships (and two of them are on the next slide). Regardless, we all know how much everyone loves Erin Andrews. She's taken, now, though, gentlemen - and unless you have something to match an NHL salary and the equivalent of two Stanley Cup rings, there is no hope for the rest of us.

2 Lindsey Vecchione (Jonathan Toews)

via pinterest.com

It's weird to say this - in fact, it makes no sense to say this - but I am so, so very proud of Jonathan Toews. Toews is a league-wide fan-favorite, a respected leader, an elite talent, and a champion...but he has the nickname Captain Serious for a reason. I can't picture him approaching a beautiful woman, let alone wooing her and entering a stable relationship with one. Wouldn't she get bored? Apparently Toews is a different man away from the spotlight, because he must be doing something right to be calling Lindsey Vecchione his girlfriend. If it wasn't for the next name on the list, she'd be the clear #1.

1 Carrie Underwood (Mike Fisher)

via nyccountrymusiclovers.com

Carrie Underwood takes the top spot for a couple of reasons: one, she's incredibly pretty. Two, she's incredibly famous. Three, she's the original NHL WAG. Sure, plenty of guys beforehand had beautiful women in their lives before Mike Fisher did, but his initial linking up with the music starlet was the first to send shock-waves across the NHL landscape. How could ol' Mike Fisher land a girl like that? Somehow, he did it, and they're even expecting soon. Through it all, Underwood is still as stunning as she was years ago, and she's even landed a gig doing the Monday Night Football opening theme song, a fairly high-profile position, all things considered.

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