15 Must-See Pictures Of The Hottest WAGs In NHL History

Being an athlete has its many privileges. The money, the fame and the women that come attached at the hip are often part of the sports lifestyle when you're a professional sports "hero." Every sport has players who've outdone themselves when it comes to their significant others, but over the history of the NHL, evidence shows that it seems to pay off well with the women to be a professional hockey player.

From actresses to models and musicians, there's no public career that is off limits to these hockey hunks. And, when these players land a beautiful lady, they're often not shy about sharing that news with the world. Some of these players wives are known to show off their assets proving to everyone that these athletes have a pretty good reason to stay faithful. It doesn't always work, but surprisingly in hockey, a number of these relationships last.

It's not just about the good looks either. Many of these women would be extremely successful even without their famous hockey partners. We all know about Wayne Gretzky marrying Janet Jones. But, have you seen Sheldon Souray's babe? Or, Dion Phaneuf's? Maybe you've heard of Mike Fishers's wife? The list goes on and on and frankly, it's an embarrassment of riches.

Who are the top 15 hottest hockey wives or girlfriends of all time? There are plenty of candidates, but we think we've narrowed it down to 15 of the most beautiful. Disagree? Post your comments or share the list and see what others think.

15 Ashley Booth

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Ashley Booth is the wife of ex-Toronto Maple Leaf hockey player David Booth. She's also a small-town girl from Tennessee. As you can tell, she's adorably attractive, has that southern-country look to her and she's extremely supportive. When her husband David found himself out of the NHL, he turned to the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) and she moved with him, right next to Siberia to support her husband. She made the best of a not-so ideal situation and she seems to be about as positive a person as there is.

She was former beauty queen out of Tennessee and now has a license in sports nutrition and is currently studying holistic nutrition. Obviously, those healthy lifestyle choices will help her keep that beautiful image for years to come.

14 Noureen Dewulf

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A successful star of screen and television, Noureen Dewulf is an American actress who starred in Anger Management, had roles in West Bank Story, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and The Back-up Plan. She is married to Vancouver Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller and their relationship has been partly documented on the television series Hockey Wives.

There's no doubt that even without Miller, Dewulf would be successful. She's had a number of parts in some pretty good blockbuster movies, but the couple seems happy and healthy and have a child together. Miller has been one of those NHL players who's been fortunate enough not to move around much during his NHL career. He started in Buffalo, spent a short period of time in St. Louis and wound up in Vancouver where it looks like he might finish his career.

13 Gena Lee Nolin

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Gena Lee Nolin's claim to fame came from her job as one of the Barker's Beauties on the hit game show "The Price is Right." She also appeared on the soap opera "The Young and the Restless" as a model named Sandy and went on to star in Baywatch during the 1990s.

Nolin has a son with her ex-husband Greg Fahlman but after their divorce in 2003, she went on to marry hockey player Cale Hulse in 2004. Outside of how beautiful she is, one of the reasons she made our is because of how strong she is. Nolin was misdiagnosed and treated for postnatal depression. What she actually had was Hashimoto's thyroiditis. She now campaigns for the cause and is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling author with a book out called [Beautiful Inside & Out - Conquering thyroid disease with a Healthy, Happy, "Thyroid Sexy' Life]."

12 Janet Jones

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Perhaps one of the most famous hockey wives in history, Janet Jones-Gretzky has had her ups and down with the fans. When "The Great One" was traded from the Edmonton Oilers in 1988, his newlywed wife was blamed by many for Gretzky's desire to go to Los Angeles. At the time, Jones was trying to pursue and acting career. It wasn't why he left or the reason he was traded, but it didn't matter. Since then, things have calmed and Gretzky is back with the Oilers organization where Janet is a welcome addition.

She makes the list for a couple reasons. The two have stayed married for almost 30 years and have five children. She also has a very hot daughter named Paulina Gretzky. Paulina is currently connected to professional golfer Dustin Johnson. I guess it pays to be a pro golfer too.

11 Angelica Bridges

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Sheldon Souray has the envy of pretty much every guy because he's made this list twice. You'll see his current partner later, but prior to talking about her, we need to address the former Baywatch babe Souray was married to — Angelica Bridges.

This model, singer and actress has been around for a while and her current work includes being the lead singer of the pop group Strawberry Blonde. She previously starred in The Luxor's show "Fantasy" in Las Vegas, where she was a presenter and singer. Her claim to fame came from a Playboy pictorial in 2001 and for her role on Baywatch between 1997 and 1998. In 1998 she was voted one of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women.

The marriage to Souray didn't end well as she sued her hockey star ex-husband for millions, claiming he beat her while having "flagrant, sexually charged non-monogamous" affairs with other women.

10 Lauren Cosgrove

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Lauren Cosgrove is the wife of Washington Capitals' forward T.J. Oshie. Oshie is set to make some pretty good money as a free agent this summer and if there's one thing better than simply earning a nice fat pay raise, it's having a smokin' hot wife to share it with.

Lauren grew up in Minnesota and met Oshie at the University of North Dakota. The two dated for three years before becoming engaged in 2014. The mother of two children, Lauren also spends time as a rep for various brands and styles. She never modeled professionally, but some of the recognition she's received on social media came when Oshie scored a huge shootout goal against Russia at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. You'll find a ton of photos of these two together because they love to share their travels on social media.

9 Maria Kirilenko

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Maria Kirilenko was once the former fiance of Washington Capitals' star forward Alex Ovechkin. She's also an accomplished Russian tennis player. In November 2011, Ovechkin made reference to Kirilenko as his girlfriend on Twitter and in 2012 confirmed they were engaged. In July 2014, Kirilenko called off the wedding saying "a lot of reasons" were behind her decision when she spoke to the Russian Tennis Federation about it. When Ovechkin didn't accompany Kirilenko to Wimbledon in June 2014, it pretty much confirmed the wedding was off.

In January 2015, Kirilenko got married to Alexei Stepanov and they had a baby boy. Today, she appears to be still heavily involved in tennis, but more so as a mom and someone who is heavily involved in getting youngs kids to learn and love the sport.

8 Maripier Morin

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Maripier Morin is engaged to on and off again NHL'er Brandon Prust. While she's seen success in her personal career, Prust has moved the other way working hard to keep employment in professional hockey and the struggle for the two has been broadcast on the television series "Hockey Wives." Included on the show was their engagement in Italy.

In a way, it appears as though Morin's career is taking off and one has to wonder if this will pose problems for the two. Both talk about being supportive of each other, but with Brandon traveling to play hockey wherever he can get work, and Maripier being offered more and more opportunities, hopefully, they can make it work. I guess we'll just keep having to watch their relationship unfold on television to find out.

7 Elisha Cuthbert

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While she played the role of a lifetime in the movie "The Girl Next Door" Elisha Cuthbert doesn't really have the whole girl next door image going on. Instead, she's more of that sexy smokin' hot type. She's incredibly beautiful and as a Canadian, it makes sense that she'd be a hockey fan. For hockey fans that didn't know her from her movies, they got to know her as the babe that dated former NHL'er Sean Avery and ended up with Ottawa Senators defenseman Dion Phaneuf. She married Phaneuf in 2013.

While she was a big star of movies and magazine covers, Cutherbt is now more focused on television and can be seen as a regular on Netflix's original series "The Ranch." She also has a part in the second Goon movie starring Seann William Scott. I'm sure the film "Goon: Last of the Enforcers" will get all sorts of bad reviews, but remain beloved by the cult hockey community.

6 Mara Teigen

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Mara is a professional model whose claim to fame is that she looks an awful lot like Angelina Jolie. She also once dated Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane. The fact and she beautiful and a sports fan make her most guys perfect girl. But, it takes a lot to keep her interested.

Evander and Mara are no longer together and this is even after he took out a giant billboard over the trendy club 1Oak in Los Angeles. It was his way of trying to win her back after their initial split. Teigen was also romantically tied to One Direction’s Niall Horan and singer Joe Jonas and if you want to date her, it takes money. In August 2016, she had a $50k birthday party for only her girlfriends and she made her current boyfriend (whoever that was) front the bill.

5 Rachel Linke

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If you want beautiful and smart, Rachel Linke fits the bill and she's married to Columbus Blue Jackets forward Sam Gagner. Rachel and Sam met in 2009 when they were at a bar in Edmonton with mutual friends. In Edmonton, everyone knows who the hockey players are, but Rachel didn’t. Rachel was too busy studying to become a doctor.

Sam and Rachel have one child, a son, whom they named Cooper William Gagner. Plans are to add to that family, which can be tricky since Sam has been a floater around the NHL the past couple years. Either way, these two seem like the type of couple who can make things last despite a lot of marriages struggling when it comes to the toll being a hockey player can take on a relationship.

4 Candace Cameron Bure

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She was a child star in "Full House" and has since returned as the new lead actress in "Fuller House" which you can see on Netflix. Her name is Candice Cameron Bure and she's married to former NHL player Valeri Bure. They've been together since 1996 after they met at a charity hockey game when Dave Coulier (Joey on Full House) introduced them. They exchanged numbers and he gave her a signed jersey. Today they have three kids.

Her acting profile is extensive, but, outside of her acting duties, she's a producer, New York Times’ bestselling author and inspirational speaker. She is an avid Christian and spends a lot of time sharing her faith with her fans. At 40 years old, she's in better shape than she's ever been and her success and beauty at that age have her right near the top of our list.

3 Lindsey Vecchione

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Star forward for the Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews is one lucky man. Considered one of the NHL's best players, Toews clearly scored off the ice when he hooked up with the beautiful and sexy Lindsey Vecchione. The 29-year-old model is from Chicago, Illinois and was born on July 9, 1987.  She's been a model, a party girl and is a great admirer of sports having played as a former Lingerie Football League player for her hometown Chicago Bliss. 

It was easy to put Lindsey high on our list. She's a successful model, but she also seems very down to earth, which is rare. The only reason she didn't crack the top two, was... well maybe she should have. She's just that hot and I don't really know what I was thinking.

2 Barbie Blank-Souray

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Remember how we said earlier that Sheldon Souray is one lucky guy? That somehow he was able to crack the list of the hottest hockey wives and girlfriends of all time list twice? Well, here he is again, this time with the second overall beauty. Former WWE Diva and now an aspiring actress, Barbie Blank is just all kinds of hot.

Blank-Souray started out as a bikini model for Venus Swimwear and Hawaiian Tropic. She then grabbed the WWE's attention in 2006 at the age of 19 and they signed her to a contract despite having no wrestling background. Her popularity rose when she played Kelly Kelly in the WWE and after a long break, returned to the company in February of 2017 as an ambassador. She also signed on to be a part of the E! Network reality show WAGS and her wedding with Souray was a major storyline in that program.

1 Carrie Underwood


Mike Fisher is a pretty good hockey player making a decent living. Should he ever want to retire, I don't think he has too worry much about money. He married Carrie Underwood. Underwood is one of country-music's most popular female artists and she's a megastar in the music industry. She's also extremely beautiful and while there have been some rumors of late that the two are having trouble, she recently showed up to sing the anthem at a Predators home game and the two are widely known as being a very supportive couple.

Fisher used to play for the Ottawa Senators, but Sens owner purposely traded him to Nashville to be with Carrie. That sort of thing doesn't happen much in sports. Today, Fisher serves as captain of the Predators where he and Carrie Underwood have built a real legacy and raise their 2-year-old son, Isaiah. Carrie's incredibly good looks, those million-dollar legs and her massive success make her easily our top selection.

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