Top 15 NHL Stars Of 2017: Who Are They Dating?

When it comes to the NHL, the league does a great job at selling equality around the league. For that reason, the NHL is by far the most competitive league out of all the major sports leagues when you assess parity. However, what the NHL fails to capture is the selling of certain stars, particularly in terms of marketing their personalities. The NBA thrives in that aspect and its lead to major dollar signs for the athletes. The NHL on the other hand hasn’t and you can attribute that to the humble attitude of the players, who likely oppose to selling their images in such a manner.

Okay, so what we’re trying to say is that hockey players don’t need to flaunt and that can be best expressed by their smoking hot partners which are lesser known in the world of sports. Seriously, can you tell us the name of Crosby’s girlfriend that he’s been with for almost a decade? Chances are, only a handful of readers can answer that question. In this article, we’ll go around the league assessing the top players and the ravishing females behind their men.

From breakout star Nikita Kucherov to the old guard in Alexander Ovechkin, we document the top players from around the league and who they are dating. Enjoy and like always, be sure to pass the article along to a friend.


15 Nikita Kucherov – Anastasia Pichugina

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Life really isn’t too shabby for Nikita Kucherov nowadays. He’s 24, just entering his prime and playing some of the best hockey of his career. Oh, and to mention he’s doing so in Tampa Bay, one of the best places in the league to play hockey. The sniper had a breakout campaign last season notching 40 goals along with 85 points. He’s on a similar pace this season as one of the league leaders in points with 35 pts in 24 games. His Lightning are heavy favorites to go all the way this season.

Just when you thought things couldn’t have been any better, off the ice, the Russian is thriving with a gem of a partner in Anastasia Pichugina. Not only is he one of the top players in the entire league, but his partner also classifies in the same category when you assess NHL player WAGs.

14 Mark Scheifele – Dara Howell

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Similar to Nikita above, the young 24 year old is also hitting his prime at the best possible time, becoming one of the most dynamic players in the league. Mark hit a peak in terms of stats last season averaging more than a point per game, closing off the year with 82 points in 79 games. He’s once again among the elite this season notching 28 in just 24 games. He’s got the size, skill, skating ability and most importantly, the smarts to be one of the very best in the game.

His personal life is doing just fine as well. The Winnipeg forward is happily dating Canadian Olympian Dara Howell. Dara is somewhat of a trailblazer at the Olympics becoming the inaugural winner of the slopestyle ski event at the 2014 Olympic Games. She’s also nice to look at, which is certainly a bonus. The blonde bombshell and the Jets center have a slew of photos together available online.


13 Phil Kessel – Sandra Pereira

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It might be hard for Toronto fans to digest (remember his -34 season with the team lol), but Kessel is among the elite of the NHL, in fact, you can argue that he’s been the Pens top player in the last two post-seasons runs. He’s off to another spectacular start this year notching 32 points in 26 games which puts him among the top four in the entire league. Some were expecting a drop off out of Phil as he’s now entering his 30s, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

No disrespect to Phil, but he’s no Henrik Lundqvist in the looks department. Though to his credit, he still managed to land a smoking hot partner in Sandra Pereira. Despite the difference in looks, the two seem to be living a happy life together, even dressing up in matching costumes at Halloween – now that’s true love.

12 Erik Karlsson – Melinda Currey

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This stunning player WAG is officially locked up as Melinda changed her last name to Karlsson via her social media outlets. Melinda is a business consultant however, you’d think she was a perfect ten model judging by her Instagram account. The brunette is smoking hot and can rival any other player WAG in the league – yea she’s that good and if you don’t believe us you can see for yourselves.

It shouldn’t surprise us that Karlsson landed such a gem. He’s got long locks, a sleeve tattoo, an awesome sense of humor and oh, he’s regarded as one of the very best in the league. If you ask his teammates, they’ll tell you he’s the best player in the world today. With all that being said, just imagine the sum of money Ottawa’s going to have to pay once his contract expires following the 18’-19’ campaign.


11 Vladimir Tarasenko – Yana Besedina

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Selected 16th overall in the 2010 Draft, nobody could have predicted the profound impact Tarasenko would have on his Blues team. Because of his fantastic speed and skill, the team opted to mold the entire club around his type of play. Slowly but surely, the Blues disposed of the heart and soul type players like David Backes and welcomed in the new wave of young and hungry skilled players. The decision has paid off immensely as the Blues are now one of top tier teams in the entire league, once again thanks to that mentality of building around skilled youth. Tarasenko continues to serve his purpose leading the way with 28 points in 24 games.

He’s just as happy off the ice with his fellow Russian partner Yana Besedina. The couple have a slew of pics online in which the Russian sniper holds her like a proud trophy. There’s no doubt he’s crazy about his girl and we don’t blame him either!

10 Sergei Bobrovsky – Olga Bobrovsky

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It isn’t a secret any longer, Bob is among the league’s very best when you assess his overall game. He won the Vezina last season bolstering his team up the standings and he’s doing the same again this year. Already in just 20 starts, the netminder has made some “save of the year” candidate saves. Who can forget his robbery against Athanasiou of the Wings, oh and that save was a game saving one as it took place in overtime. At the age of 29, it’s pretty clear the goaltender is currently in the midst of his prime. So far this season, it seems like that Vezina Trophy’s staying put.

Off the ice, Bob is happily married to fellow Russian Olga Bobrovsky, Russian’s love to date and marry one of their own as we’ve seen time and time again. We don’t blame him though as she dazzled on the red carpet during the NHL awards this year.


9 Steven Stamkos – Sandra Porzio

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How can you not cheer for Steve Stamkos this season? The franchise sniper had a disastrous season ending injury in Detroit last season, limiting his campaign to a mere 17 games. Call it a year of redemption, the 27 year old is back with a vengeance among the league’s best notching 36 points in 24 games. His line with the previously mentioned Kucherov has dominated the league thus far a quarter of the way through.

Before the season began, Stamkos got another jolt of positivity as he married his long-time girlfriend Sandra Porzio back in Toronto. Life isn’t too shabby for the Bolts captain nowadays residing out of the beautiful Florida whether, along with going back home to a fantastic looking wife.

8 Anze Kopitar – Ines Kopitar

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Let’s be real here, Kopitar had a disaster season last year netting a career low 12 goals. What was even more staggering was the fact that he hit a -10 rating which is shocking given his two-way prowess. Oh and worst of all, the Kings missed the post-season.

It seems like Kopitar did some impactful soul searching during the offseason. Not only is he in the top six in point scoring, but he’s also quietly receiving some consideration for the MVP talk. Yes, it’s early but if the Kings can sneak into the playoffs, his name will surely be in the discussion.

As for his lovely wife Ines, the two met back in Slovenia more than a decade ago in 2005. In the summer of 2013, the couple tied the know and proceeded to start a family welcoming in their first child in March of 2015.


7 Carey Price – Angela Price

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You can’t discuss the top players in the league without mentioning the Montreal netminder Carey Price. Since he took on the starting role in Habs land, the goaltender has cemented his spot as one of the very best in the league. Entering his 30s, that still holds true despite his rocky start to the campaign. He’s now back and looking like the Price of old.

Out of the net, Price was known for living the party life. Though, in 2013, he finally settled down marrying the American born Angela Webber, now turned into Angela Price. The blonde is a true beauty and someone that appears to be a definite keeper. Last year, the two had their first child as the Price family welcomed a baby girl, Liv.

6 Matt Murray – Christina Sirignano

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Speaking of elite goalies, can you imagine three years ago, someone telling us that a Pens 83rd overall pick from 2012 would propel them to back-to-back Stanley Cups? If you did, you’ve got some voodoo kind of stuff going on cause few saw this coming. Age 23, Matt Murray already has two cups on his resume which if baffling given the fact that he’s only appeared in 83 regular season games.

Nonetheless, his playoff and season numbers speak for themselves. What also speaks for itself is his smoking hot partner Christina Sirignano, who’s surely regarded as one of the best hockey WAGs out there. If you need some more examples, give her Instagram account a follow and you surely won’t regret it. Murray’s living the dream it seems.


5 John Tavares – Aryne Fuller

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Heading into the season, Tavares’ future looked pretty bleak. The Islanders seemed like they were going nowhere and his future with the team was in serious question. Well, the NHL is certainly unpredictable as not only is John one of the top point getters in the league but the team has also somehow (for now) secured a second spot in the packed Metropolitan Easter Conference division. If Tavares and the team can proceed throughout the season, maybe, just maybe, he’ll stay put after all.

Speaking of staying put, he’s likely doing to same off the ice with his fabulous partner Aryne Fuller. Tavares proudly displayed his gem out and about on the Vegas red carpet last year and during 2015 ceremony as well of NHL Awards. She looked dazzling both times and maybe if she has his ear, she too can impact his decision to stay or leave the Island.

4 Alex Ovechkin – Nastya Shubskaya

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Oh Alex, we’ve seen the Russian sniper grow up in front of our eyes. From his days claiming he “swear to God” he got a hole in one as a rookie playing golf with the team to nowadays turning gray - the Great Eight despite his older age is still regarded as one of the very best in the league. He had a rocky season last year and statically, one of his worst. Though this year, he’s in fine form leading the league in goals with 18.

Off the ice, Ovechkin was known for his antics, loving life and being notorious for having a good time. Maybe that hurt the commitment side of things as Maria Kirilenko called off a wedding between the two. Not long after, Ovie was once again engaged, this time to the Russian smokebomb Nastya Shubskaya. The two got hitched following the engagement and are living life happily nowadays. Once again, like his one ice game, Ovie is among the top around the league in terms of steamy WAGs.


3 Auston Matthews – Jordyn Johnson

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He’s making waves on the ice and regarded as the future face of the league. However, in a bizarre twist, Matthews was and still is making headlines for his relationships off the ice and were not talking about his bro time with the boys. Matthews, early into his 20s, has already had some public relationships which sparked debate. He was previously involved in a relationship with Emily Ruttledge, though that would later change as Matthews would then be liked to a smoking Arizona model, Jordyn Johnson. Take one look at her social media account and you’ll be a little more envious at Auston’s life away from the rink.

As for a possible sophomore slump, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Auston as he’s off to another great start despite injury netting a little over a point per game thus far. He’ll be the top player in the league very soon.

2 Connor McDavid – Lauren Kyle

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We know McDavid is slated to be the face of the league – though one can argue he already is given the exposure and recognition he gets from the media over in Canada. Off the ice however, people want to know more. Although he seems soft-spoken and kind of shy, that didn’t damper his game with the ladies and that’s evidenced by his fantastic partner, Lauren Kyle.

She’s a stunning blonde but as we saw on Halloween when she dressed up in a brunette wig to portray Mrs. Trump, she can also rock the hell out a darker head of hair as well. The beauty was recently at a Rangers Oilers game in New York, and my oh my did she ever look smoking. Damn you Connor, damn you.


1 Sidney Crosby – Kathy Leutner

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Although he’s off to a slow start by his standards, Sidney Crosby remains the face of the NHL and the greatest player in the league right now. Despite hitting his 30s, we fully expect Crosby to continue on as a dominant force for at least a couple more years. We’re well aware of his numerous capabilities and on-ice accomplishments, though he’s been hush when it comes to life off the ice.

Many wouldn’t believe, but he’s actually been with his current partner Kathy Leutner since 2008. According to online speculation, Crosby wanted to keep the relationship on the down low. Leutner is a stunning blonde and you probably guessed it, a model as well appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. We finally got a sneak peak of the two sharing an intimate moment during the Pens Stanley Cup victory back in 2016.


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