Top 15 NHLers as Star Wars Characters

The Star Wars franchise is one of the most financially successful film series of all time. Its popularity, which extends across several generations (from 1977 to 2016 and beyond), is unparalleled in the world of cinema. This prompted the Walt Disney Company to purchase Lucasfilm Ltd. for over $4 billion back in 2012, a purchase that has proved to be money in the bank for the media conglomerate that “makes dreams come true.”

Both Star Wars and the NHL provide us with heroes. And in a very real way, as George Orwell wrote, heroes “fill up the horizon of [our] minds.” The parallels between Maple Leaf Square in Toronto and Victory Square in Oceania are more than apparent for those that have read 1984; we’ll save that for another day. Today we‘ll focus on heroes and keep things both light and positive.

The following is a meld (which may seemed “forced” at times) of the Top 15 NHLers as Star Wars Characters.

15 Ray Bourque as Han Solo /

14 Jaromir Jagr as Lando Calrissian

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports /

13 Alexandre Daigle as a Stormtrooper /

12 Brent Burns as Chewbacca 

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

11 Phil Kessel as Jabba the Hut

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

10 Jonathan Toews as Poe Dameron

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

9 Connor McDavid as Kylo Ren

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports /

8 The Zamboni as R2-D2

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports /

7 Eric Lindros as Darth Vader /

6 Alex Ovechkin as Boba Fett

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /

5 Bob Mackenzie as C-3PO /

4 Gordie Howe as Yoda

Paul Horton/Neue Studios /

3 Bobby Orr as Obi-Wan Kenobi /

2 Wayne Gretzky as Luke Skywalker /

1 Gary Bettman as The Emperor /

After 14 huge leaps in logic, pushing the envelope, stretching the mind to compare hockey players to science fiction characters, it comes down to this – the obvious. Viewing Gary Bettman as the evil Emperor from the Star Wars franchise is, thankfully, easy. You can almost hear the Imperial March every time his name is announced over a loud speaker, met with boos and hisses from oppressed hockey fans. “As the Emperor wills it, so shall it be.”

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Top 15 NHLers as Star Wars Characters