Top 15 Players Who Didn't Deserve A Stanley Cup

Some people in the history of the NHL have deserved to win the Stanley Cup. But others on the other hand probably shouldn’t have been in the conversation but managed to drink out of Lord Stanley’s mug. It’s a shame that some of these guys have won a Stanley Cup but someone like Daniel or Henrik Sedin has not.

Just think about this for a second….

Ben Eager has won a Stanley Cup but Hall of Famer Mats Sundin hasn’t. Yes that’s right HALL OF FAMER Mats Sundin hasn’t won a Stanley Cup but a goon like Ben Eager has earned a cup. Don’t get me wrong, Ben Eager works his butt off every night. But I think if you had to choose who deserves a cup more than the other, you’re going to pick Mats Sundin, and it’s not even close. It’s a shame and a travesty, but as they say,…that’s how she goes sometimes.

Some players are judged by the amount of championships they won, and some are judged by their accomplishments they’ve done off and on the ice. It seems like the worst players always have a way of sneaking into something. I guess it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. The list I’ve compiled are players I think don’t deserve a Stanley Cup. But they aren’t ranked in any order. So here’s my 15 players who don’t deserve a Stanley Cup.

15 Shawn Thornton

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There’s two Shawn Thornton’s you’ll meet. On the ice, you’ll meet Shawn Thornton, who’s a pest. Off the ice, you’ll meet the nicest guy ever. But many players on the ice resent playing against Thornton as he is a thorn in your side. Thornton managed to win a Stanley Cup in 2011 against the Vancouver Canucks with his former team, the Boston Bruins. His edginess has subsided considerably since 2011, he now plays for the Florida Panthers and is a leader in the locker room.

14 Chris Simon

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Chris Simon played over 20 seasons of professional hockey, 18 in the NHL and five in the KHL. Simon was known to be a very edgy player who was always in trouble with the NHL Safety Committee. His multiple suspensions in the NHL totaled up to 65 games for his trouble.

Fortunately for Simon, he managed to win a Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche in 1995-96. He put up 34 points in 64 games. He also has had multiple trips to the Cup Finals with two different teams. Once in 1998 with the Washington Capitals and the other time with the Flames in 2004.

13 Tim Taylor

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No, we aren’t talking about Tim Allen’s TV character Tim Taylor from the TV series Home Improvement. We are talking about the actual hockey player named Tim Taylor.The funny thing about this is, he was nicknamed the Toolman after Allen’s character in the TV show. Other than being nicknamed The Toolman, Taylor wasn’t much of a big time player in the NHL. He was an effective checking player on your 3rd line, but that was pretty much it. He won the Stanley Cup in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Lighting.

12 Corey Schwab

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Corey Schwab, in my opinion, had to be the least great NHL goaltender next to Andre Racicot to win a Stanley Cup. Schwab in his career never had impressive numbers and had a career Sv% of .896. Like Andre Racicot, Schwab rode the coattails of a legendary NHL goalie. Racicot was a backup to Patrick Roy in Montreal when he won a cup, and Schwab was a backup to Martin Brodeur when he won a cup. Like I said at the start of this article…It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

11 Ilya Bryzgalov

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Unlike Corey Schwab, Ilya Bryzgalov will be remembered as maybe not a great goalie, but as a great quote. Mr. Universe had a few great seasons, but it's been more bad than good throughout his career. Bryzgalov, who was drafted by the Anaheim Ducks back in 2000, managed to win a cup in 2006-07 with the team he was drafted by. He backed up JS Giguere throughout the playoffs as the Ducks stormed their way through the playoffs.

10 Mike Commodore

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Commodore, who was a journeyman defenseman, played for multiple teams in his career and was drafted by the New Jersey Devils back in 1999 in the 2nd round. His first trip to the Cup finals was in 2004 with the Calgary Flames but had no luck winning the illustrious trophy. Finally in 2006, Commodore managed to win the Cup with the Carolina Hurricanes after being traded to the club at the start of the season. Commodore consistently was in and out of lineups throughout his career for all the wrong reasons.

9 Dustin Penner

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If I had to name a lazy and slow player in the NHL, one player always comes to mind for me. Dustin Penner. I’ve never seen a guy who is slow, sluggish and always looks like he’s playing with a hangover like I did when I watched Penner play. But his lazy and slow play managed to win him two Stanley Cup victories. Funny enough they were both in California and about 45 minutes away from each other depending on traffic in L.A. His first Cup win was with the Anaheim Ducks, and the other of course was with the L.A. Kings in 2012.

8 Jim Dowd

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Jim Dowd was an effective 4th liner throughout his career but wasn’t anything else. He played for ten teams in 17 different seasons. Dowd managed to win a Stanley Cup in 1995 in his hometown with the New Jersey Devils. He became the second New Jersey High school player to make it to the NHL. He was also the first High School player from New Jersey to win a Stanley Cup.

7 Daniel Carcillo

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In my eyes, Daniel Carcillo is probably the least deserving player to win a Stanley Cup. The crazy thing is, he’s won not one but two Stanley Cups with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2013 and 2015. His edgy on ice play led him to be nicknamed Car Bomb. Although he was a very tense hockey player, his off ice work after being retired is quickly covering up the ugly patches. After leaving the game in 2015, Carcillo created a Non-Profit organization that assists former NHL player who suffers from Post Concussion Syndrome and Mental Health Issues.

6 Marty McSorley

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McSorley was one of the greatest enforcers in the game when he played which led to many players hating him on the ice. McSorley, unfortunately, will forever be remembered for his violent stick-swinging incident that involved Donald Brashear and a court case. Oh and lots of news headlines. He won the Stanley Cup in back to back seasons with the Edmonton Oilers in 1986-87 and 1987-88 seasons. He was a valued teammate of Wayne Gretzky, probably only because he would be the only one that would protect him from the ice.

Am I right Wayner?

5 Ville Nieminen

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If there was an equivalent to NBA legend Reggie Miller in the NHL, it was Ville Nieminen. He talked a load of trash a mile a minute and players didn’t like it. His edginess reminded players of NHL legend Esa Tikkanen. Nieminen was also a very average forward and luckily in the 2000-01 season, he was a part of a stacked Colorado Avalanche team. The Avs had a wonderful team that year and managed to take home Stanley’s Mug.

4 Rob Scuderi

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Rob Scuderi has to be the most overrated defenseman in the league right now who has won a Stanley Cup. Wait to let me correct myself….He’s won two Stanley Cups. Crazy. Some players are very lucky to be at the right place sometimes. Scuderi currently plays for the Los Angeles Kings, with whom he won his second Stanley Cup in 2011-12. He was recently dealt with the Kings from Chicago for Christian Ehrhoff before the deadline.

3 Darren McCarty

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McCarty like many of these guys on this list wasn’t known for his scoring ability and deking skills. No, he was known for his flying fists of fury that terrified his opponents on the ice. It scared his opponents so much he won four Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings. Okay maybe not. But winning four cups with a single team is a pretty huge feat. But a guy who’s known for his fists and not his scoring or athletic ability, maybe shouldn’t be hoisting the cup so much. But that’s just me.

2 Jim McKenzie

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Jim McKenzie played 15 seasons in the NHL with more than five different teams and played in 51 playoff games and didn’t register a single point in the playoffs. He did record 100 points in his career. McKenzie also racked up a ton of penalty minutes that if he switched his points and his penalty minutes around, he probably could be in the Hall of Fame. But I doubt anyone will change that for him. Sorry Jim!

1 Ben Eager

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Like Carcillo on this list, Ben Eager was another player who was a part of the Chicago Blackhawks dynasty. Eager has always had a very tense side to him on the ice that led to his opponents being either terrified or annoyed with him. Take your pick.Unlike Carcillo though, Eager only managed to win one single championship with the team in 2010. He’s currently a UFA right now waiting for a team to take his services. At this point, it’s probably best for him just to retire. You won a cup, what else do you want?

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