15Pavel Bure

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Pavel Bure is a household name in the NHL. He’s one of the most prolific, outstanding scorers the game of hockey has ever seen. He was electricity in a bottle, and it really is a shame that his career was ended so abruptly due to injury. Now, why is Pavel

being included in this article about Russian players with bad attitudes? Because Pavel spent most of his career in Vancouver, and although he was absolutely adored by the fans, he never showed the love back.

But perhaps that was just how he was, as past teammates and coaches have put it. His performance was always top notch, but he wanted to get traded from Vancouver the second he was drafted there, although it never ended up happening until years later. He never visited Vancouver after he left and never spent his summers there, opting for Los Angeles instead. He was never involved in the community and never really showed an interest to the organization that did so much for his career.

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