Top 20 Hot Pictures of NHL WAGs You NEED To See

It is a common belief that celebrities have attractive looking wives and girlfriends and this definitely holds true for hockey players. For my list I tried to not only include NHL stars but give a little look into the personal lives of rookies and lesser known players. I based my list on those players that perform well on the ice and have a good future in the NHL and not those that had short NHL careers.

For the lovely ladies I tried to focus on those that not only look good but have success in their lives as well. Most of them have some sort of modelling background but those that top my list have excelled in other things such as acting or are working towards something solid in school or elsewhere.

This article will also emphasize on the relationship of the couples mentioned and stay away from the on ice accomplishments of the hockey players. Learning about the human side of the athletes was really what I was looking for when researching for this article and I believe that was accomplished.

Researching for this article was also a little difficult on a couple of levels. First looking for NHL players that have girlfriends and wives and secondly digging up information and pictures of them. A few of the girls also had private social media accounts, but I was fortunate enough to have found enough pictures to complete this article. At the end of the day I am glad to have written this article and learn a little bit about the personal lives of the hockey players on the list.

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20 Barbie Blank - Rear view

via prowrestling.wikia.com

Being a former WWE Diva, Barbie Blank had no problems with showing off her goods. She debuted in the WWE at a very young age, where she began on WWE's ECW brand, holding a weekly 'Exposé'. Following her retirement from the wrestling business, she met former defenceman Sheldon Souray. These days Blank is a personality on WAGS on the E! channel. Needless to say there are plenty of pictures of her that are must see.

19 Erin Andrews

via pinterest.com

Erin Andrews is one of the WAGs on this list who is far more recognizable than her athlete counterpart. She has been in a relationship with Jarret Stoll, who had made headlines in recent years due to an arrest for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas. Andrews is known across the sporting world as one of the hottest sideline reporters in all of sports. As for this picture, Andrews incorporates a sporty element to it, wearing striped high socks. Throw in the lollipop in her hand and you've got one hot picture.

18 Candace Cameron Bure - Still Rocking It

via tmz.com

Candace Cameron became the crush of many teenage boys going back to her days of starring on Full House D.J. Tanner. Following the end of the series, Cameron got engaged to Valeri Bure and the two married in 1996. The two have been happily married for 20 years. Cameron has enjoyed a successful acting career and she has reprised the role that made her famous, now starring as D.J. again on Netflix's Fuller House where she plays a widowed mother of three.

17 Carrie Underwood 

via magxone.com

As far as the gap goes between fame of a hockey player and their WAG, this is perhaps the largest gap. Barely anyone in Nashville would notice Mike Fisher walking around alone, but everybody will notice his wife, country singer and former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood. Underwood has a history of dating athletes, as she was previously linked with Tony Romo. She has been married to the Predators' alternate captain since 2010.

16 Maripier Morin - B&W

via pinterest.com

Maripier Morin has been dating enforcer Brandon Prust for a few years now. She's a television and media personality in her native Quebec. Word was Prust choosing to sign in Montreal back in 2012 was to be closer to his girlfriend. Can you blame him? Unfortunately Prust was traded to the other side of Canada last offseason going to Vancouver. Still, there's no journey too long to see Morin. Morin is a personality on the show Hockey Wives.

15 Elizabeth Mackay - relaxing

via fabwags.com

The stunning girlfriend of Calgary Flames youngster Sam Bennett, Elizabeth is currently in beauty school and this really showed in the photos that I was able to find of her. The happy couple acts like they are married and look absolutely adorable together! Lizzy also loves to show support for her beau through her various social media outlets. Bennett has performed very well in his first year with the Flames and one of his high lights was being the TSN 1V1 champion.

14 Lindsey Vecchione - Coming out of water

via newsflow24.com

Is there anything in life in which Jonathan Toews doesn't succeed? He leads by example in not only his play on the ice or the way he carries himself off of it, but in his dating life as well. Lindsey Vecchione has been with Toews a while now. It's only fitting that the captain of the NHL's most successful franchise of the last decade has hooked up with arguably the hottest WAG on this list. Vecchione is on this list again later, where we'll get more in depth about her background.

13 Elisha Cuthert - White Out

via topbet.com

This won't be Elisha Cuthbert's last appearance on this list. We could have just easily found 15 hot pictures of Elisha Cuthbert. For now, we'll settle for one of her from quite a while ago, lying on a white couch and decked out in all white. Cuthbert is the most famous WAG on this list, as she has had a very successful acting career. Dion Phaneuf had to put up with a lot from the media in Toronto, but he was probably able to brush it off pretty easily knowing he had Cuthbert waiting for him at home.

12 Angela Webber Price - holding the fort

via fabwags.com

Angela became Mrs. Price in 2013 but they had been dating on and off for eight years before their wedding when Carey Price was playing for the Tri -City Americans. Carey Price is a Hart Trophy and Vezina award winner in the NHL, but his wife might be his biggest prize. Angela is very active with the media in Montreal which can be hostile at the best of times and she talks about her husband in very glowing terms. In their spare time they enjoy spending time at home with their family and playing with their dogs.

11 Ashley Leggat

via imgur.com

Ashley got married to former NHL player Jeremy Wiliams in 2011 and would be higher on this list if Jeremy had a longer NHL career. Ashley has numerous movie and television credits on her resume and I was actually a fan of her show Life With Derek in which she played Casey McDonald and aired from 2005-2009. Her biggest accomplishment is being a two-time nominated Gemini actress. In her spare time other than spending it with her husband, she likes to spend time with her family and fundraising for children’s hospitals in her home town of Hamilton, Ontario.

10 Andrea Talmadge - Vacation

via fabwags.com

I was unable to find much of anything on the Tampa Bay Lightning starting goalie's girlfriend other than that she was born in Tampa Bay, Florida, is 26 years old and graduated from Stetson University. Ben Bishop is a bit of a late bloomer but has developed into one of the premier goalies in the NHL and currently is second in the league in goals against average and save percentage. From the pictures I have seen of them together they look very happy and seem to enjoy being together in the spotlight.

9 Nadiya Volskaya - Double Mint Gum anyone?

via photobucket.com

The girlfriend of St Louis Blues youngster Dmitrij Jaskin is a model and fashion designer and lives most of the year in Moscow. She is one of the most beautiful girls on this list and the two like to travel together in the offseason and recently took a trip to Paris, France. She used to also be very active on Twitter but since meeting Dmitrij she has eased up on the tweets. Jaskin was drafted back in 2011 and is now trying to establish himself as an NHL player.

8 Ali Nugent - Miss Texas

via selectstudios.net

NHL star Tyler Seguin has been linked to a couple of girls in the past including Playboy model Ciara Price, but Ali Nugent seems to be a keeper. The model was crowned Miss Texas USA in 2013 and also competed in the Miss USA pageant in 2014. She also has strong family values built from her large family and is a student majoring in Marketing/Entrepreneurship at Colin College in Dallas. Tyler is currently fifth in the NHL in scoring and is one of the league's biggest and brightest young stars.

7 Natasha Shubskaya - Gr8

via coedbc.wordpress.com

Alex Oveckin knows how to score goals on and off the ice and Natasha is the latest in his list of hot Russian celebrities that he has dated. The 23-year-old is active on Instagram and has almost 60,000 followers that admire her beauty. Natasha is a graduate of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography and has appeared in a few Russian movies during her life, but she hasn't seen the big screen since 2008. She wants to become a figure in the public eye and I am sure dating Ovechkin will do nothing but help that cause.

6 Nicole Arruda

via pinterest.com

Drew Doughty’s girlfriend is a Programmer & Tech Venue Specialist and a Pathways Coach at Pathways to Education. Nicole also works as a venue specialist at Touch Bistro Inc. and is a track coach at Lord Dufferin Public School in Toronto. Quite an impressive resume. She is also the only girl on this list that has no modelling background and seems more focused on her mind than her body. She also is fluent in Portuguese and French.

5 Lindsey Vecchione - Emerging

via fabwags.com

The girlfriend of Jonathan Toews is a model, hairstylist and former Lingerie Football League player. She along with the other Chicago Blackhawks WAGs are also perhaps the most-close nit women in all of professional sports and are regularly seen doing local events together and travelling together on the road with their spouses. Toews has won almost everything on the ice including three Stanley Cups and it looks like with Lindsey his off ice life is starting to become a winner as well.

4 Barbara Jean Blank - Beach

via dragonrana.ucoz.org

Barbie Blank otherwise known as Kelly Kelly was a WWE Diva and her biggest accomplishment was being the WWE Divas Champion from 2010-2012. However, her final WWE match was in August of that year and she was released from her contract on September 28th. Since then she has decided to focus her attention on modelling and heal from her various injuries. Souray played 758 games in the NHL and holds the record for the single most power play goals in a season by a defenseman with 19 during the 2006-07 season.

3 Janet Jones - Lounging

via hellomagazine.com

Jones has been married to possibly the greatest NHL player of all time for 28 years. They have had five kids together Paulina, Ty, Tristan, Emma and Trevor. The youngest is Emma at 13 years old and the oldest is Paulina at 27 years old. Jones has had various acting roles in movies and television throughout her life and the Gretzky children have dealt with being Gretzky kids throughout their lives but they seem to be normal kids and adults. Paulina got engaged to PGA golfer Dustin Johnson in 2013 and Trevor is pursuing a MLB career and is currently in the minor league system of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

2 Noureen DeWulf - Beach

via egostatic.com

DeWulf is the wife of Ryan Miller, goalie of the  Vancouver Canucks. The two got married in 2011 and have one child together. She has various television and movie credits my favorite being Anger Management in which she played Lacey and aired from 2012-2014. Most of her other roles were brief and nothing was a box-office smash but in total she has appeared in 20 movies and 29 television shows since her acting career started in 2005. Miller has played 604 games in the NHL and was awarded the Vezina Trophy as the league’s best goalie in 2010.

1 Elisha Cuthbert - No words

via rankerstatic.com

The 33-year old from Calgary, Alberta got married to Dion Phaneuf of the Ottawa Senators in 2013 and has been acting since 1996. Her biggest role was playing Kim Bauer on the television show 24 which she did from 2001-2010. In her career she has been nominated for 16 Gemini Awards winning three including best leading actress in a dramatic program or mini-series for her role as Katlin Palmerson in Lucky Girl. Dion has had a nice NHL career being a stud defensive prospect with the Calgary Flames, the Maple Leafs captain in Toronto and being a solid contributor to the Senators playoff push this year.

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