Top 20 Most Epic Fails in NHL History

Hockey players are some of the most coordinated athletes on the planet. Sure, every sport likes to make that claim but let's look at the logistics. They're skating 20 miles an hour while controlling a 1 by 3 disc, and at any given moment someone can take their head off with a bone crushing hit. There's barely any stopping or lulls in the play, as sometimes 3-4 minutes can elapse before a stoppage in play. As fans, we've been privileged to see some moves out there that are simply poetry on ice. For example, anytime Patrick Kane takes a penalty shot, everyone is on their feet anticipating his "wizardry." Alex Ovechkin's goal against Phoenix where he managed to put the puck in while he was sliding on his back is another moment that will be etched in fan's minds forever. Having said all that... there's also been some epic fails!

There has been some blunders that you have to see to believe. Moments that these players (and one ref, and one fan) would like to be buried in the archives and never seen again. Naturally, we're going to look at them over and over. Here are the top 20 epic fails in the NHL!

20  20. Dion Phaneuf Trips

19 Claude Lemieux Gets Dummied

18 Vesa Toskala Lets In A 197 Footer

17 Curtis Joseph Loses his Mind

16 The Most Violent Fight Of All-Time

15 Don Koharski Gets Owned

There are times where referees get reprimanded for poor performances. For example, if the league is not happy with the way certain refs have been calling the games, then they will not be officiating any playoff games. Basically, the referees get disciplined in private and it's very rare that the league will publicly blame them for anything. This is one of the rare instances where the ref got owned and was shown absolutely no support by the league.

Devils' coach Jim Schoenfeld goes after referee Don Koharski (post game) after losing game three of the conference final against Boston. It appears that someone else shoves Koharski or Koharski himself just simply falls. An enraged Koharski gets up and yells: I HOPE IT'S ON TAPE! Accusing Schoenfeld of shoving him to the floor. Schoenfeld matter-of-factly replies: "You're crazy, good...cause you fell, you fat pig! Have another doughnut!"

14 Ryan O'Byrne Scores In Own Net

13 Niclas Wallin Scores in His Own Net

12 Kovalchuk Schools Crosby

11 Rick DiPietro Gets Flattened

10 Dennis Wideman's Shootout Attempt

9 Marc-Andre Fleury Falls

8  8. Martin Brodeur Scores On Himself

7 Patrick Roy Statue Of Liberty Play

6 Fan Gets What He Deserves!

We're going to shift gears here and take a look at the best epic fail by a fan at an NHL hockey game. As Steve Sullivan explains, he gets clipped with a high stick which resulted in him having a bloody nose, as he was bent over tending to the blood with a towel, he heard a fan taunting him. Sullivan got sweet revenge on this fan like no other player has before (with a little help from Karma).

5 Ty Conklin Screws Up

4 Keith Ballard Rocks Tomas Vokoun In The Head

3 Tommy Salo's Infamous Salt Lake City Moment

2 "Patrick Stefan You Should Be Embarrassed"

1 Steve Smith's Defining Moment

Smith was a more than serviceable defenceman throughout his career, making stops in Edmonton, Chicago and Calgary. Unfortunately, he will be remembered for his costly mistake in game seven of the Conference Finals against Calgary, as it just may be the most influential gaffe of all time. With 14:46 left in a 2-2 game, Smith had the puck behind the net and accidently banked it off Grant Fuhr's skate and into the net. Edmonton couldn't rally and Calgary was off to the Stanley Cup finals. To this day, it has to be a very pill to swallow.

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Top 20 Most Epic Fails in NHL History