Top 8 Pictures Wayne Gretzky Wants You To See Of His Daughter Paulina And 8 He DOESN'T

As Wayne and Janet can now breathe a sigh of relief and maybe take a cruise, these are just some of the images they love, and would love to forget.

It's not easy to become more popular or having more photos than the greatest hockey player in the world, Wayne Gretzky, and it's also not easy to become even more of a sex symbol than the real star of "The Flamingo Kid," Janet Jones Gretzky. However, Paulina Gretzky has eclipsed them both. Born in 1988, she has three younger brothers and one younger sister. The first born carries many expectations and responsibilities, and sometimes they become the wayward and wild one. In this case, it's true. and if you've seen "The Great One" age, you can certainly see how the stages of her life have left him a little weathered and worn.

As a player, Gretzky's baby face was largely left untouched thanks to Dave Semenko and Marty McSorley. Then he truly basked in Los Angeles stardom by falling in love and starting a new life with his wonderful wife, Janet Jones. But everyone needs a bump in the road, and as Paulina grew up in the sunny, party scene of Los Angeles with its clubs and paparazzi, #99 surely spent some time thinking about giving a call to Marty and Dave. Every parent wants their children to be more successful than they were, but success has many faces, and I'm not sure Paulina's "success" was what Wayne and Janet had envisioned.

Now, she's married to pro golfer Dustin Johnson and they're starting a family. As Wayne and Janet can now breathe a sigh of relief and maybe take a cruise, these are just some of the images they love, and would love to forget.

16 Wants

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Now this is really sweet and deserves to be framed and placed near the fireplace. Paulina looks classy and in love as she hugs and sincerely kisses Dustin after a tournament. Their son, Tatum, is safe in his father's arms and watching intensely. The boy's awareness makes this shot so worthy. He is exposed to and sharing a true celebration, a warm and loving moment between mom and dad. Every child needs to see affection, support, and sharing of life's high points between his or her parents. He's learning how couples should share such moments together, and the little ones need to be included.

15 Doesn't Want


Now this is original, and it's dripping with the cheese factor. This shot from Modeling 101 is just awful. We got the blonde, the pumps, and one arm over her head and one on the waist. Wow, and how about that sports car. Are you buying it? The advertisement is telling us that if we buy the car, the girls will love us. This is enough to make anyone puke, and could only be appealing to prepubescent teens, from Winnipeg to Texas, who have this thumb tacked onto their walls.

14 Wants

Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

So dreamy, so young, and so in love. This is nice. She's holding the clubs, wearing a hat, and laughing as she stares onward and upward. She must be thinking how lucky she is. Her siblings are successful in their own lives, and her the road ahead includes more children, vacations, beautiful pictures, maybe a chalet in the mountains, and a golden retriever. Dustin shares her dreams as he smiles and gazes at the gorgeous woman he's found. He really loves her, he's smitten, and she looks unpretentious and real.

13 Doesn't Want


Call Marty and Dave! Poor Wayne and Janet. Where to begin. Alone on a boat, who is she staring at and what are their facial expressions. It doesn't seem like she could be exposing any more skin, but is she? That has got to be the shortest bikini bottom ever made, and couldn't one of the gentlemen on board bring her some food. We can see the bones in her legs. But what's most disturbing is the man staring at her from behind. Just from his cheek bones, he is obviously smiling and laughing, at her, and his eyes are probably popping out of his head like Jim Carrey in "Mask." Parents, turn away!

12 Wants


The Gretzky's can be so proud of this photo and show it off to the world as it portrays Paulina in a new light, for it's not all about her. The pictures of Paulina don't need to flash her legs and bikinis. Here, she and Dustin are showing compassion, love, gentleness, and care for all the world's creatures. Her parents must frame this picture and be so happy she's fully clothed and showing her soft side. It seems the golf outfit/theme continues for this is when she's at her best. Obviously, Paulina and Dustin Johnson do their best to portray a positive image around the golf course.

11 Doesn't Want


When did those grow and where did she get em'? They must have cost a fortune so where did she get the money? I don't think her modeling, singing, or acting career had taken off yet. Wayne and Janet, what do you know about this? And if that's not enough, gotta love the cuffs. Hmmm... The world works in mysterious ways, and maybe this is goalie karma. How many goalies did #99 undress? How many times did he send the home fans home broke and brokenhearted? What comes around goes around, poor guy.

10 Wants


The Great One should be proud of this one for many reasons. On the outside, there are great angles from the building to her pose. The colors work perfectly, and this is actually modeling. Her outfit is athletic, her muscles and tone are reflecting light and shadows, and the clouds are calm. But most importantly, on the inside, Paulina is showing a sense of spirituality, balance, and concentration. Maybe she's working through a stage, feeling the power of yoga, and finding "oneness" in the world. Her stare seems to be acknowledging a sense of calm and the image is somewhat artistic.

9 Doesn't Want


They're back, and behind Curtain Number 2 is... I'm beginning to see a pattern here: Boat, bikini, headphones = unhappy parents and hide the children. Golf course, hat = photo album. Another pattern is emerging too. Some pictures, like this one, that focus on her, leave a lot to wonder about behind the scenes.

Thankfully for the Gretzky family though, this photo wasn't taken amid one of Paulina's boat parties. Rather, it was on the set of Grown Ups 2, a movie where Paulina played a scantily clad woman in a scene shot by the water. Still though, this pic was taken at a time where it didn't seem Paulina was expecting someone to surprise her with a camera.

Paulina has not done much film work since Grown Ups.

8 Wants

David Edwards /

It's so nice to see such a big, happy family. Gorgeous, and look at all these glorious punims. The whole family seems to be at a photo shoot, and it's not before a hockey game. It's clearly amazing how each family member looks so much alike. Wayne's boys look just like him and the girls like Janet. Heck, Gretzky's younger son even has a similar looking tie to The Great One.

Paulina certainly shines in this photo, as she's wearing a sparkly red dress and this clearly shows the Gretzky family as a tight unit. The family looks like what every parent would love to have.

7 Doesn't Want


6 See


Dad and his first born seem really happy here and I'm happy too. I'd bet there were some real daddy vs. daughter fights, but this says it all. It seems they understand each other, that they got dressed up in that cool L.A fashion, and went out. Maybe they had sushi for dinner beforehand, maybe Wayne signed a few autographs. What's done is done, they're spending quality time together, and here they look young, proud of each other, and couldn't be happier.

5 Doesn't Want


Call Marty! This must have shocked the Gretzky world more than Steve Smith shooting the puck off the back leg of Grant Fuhr for a goal. First, who is this dude with a glamour boy pose, cigarette, and... the hand. The hand! We're not talking an affectionate hold on the knee. We're talking mid thigh, four fingers, the leaning wrist, the cigarette, and the nonchalant pose. Look at the eyes, and did he shave his chest? Is he the modern Matt Dillon? Wayne, Marty, where are you?

4 Wants


There's just nothing that beats those precious moments of family and holidays. This shot certainly belongs in the Gretzky living room as Paulina truly looks happy. She has a giant Christmas tree with beautiful decorations, she looks cozy and stylish, and she's safe in the arms of her husband and son. Once again, Dustin is gazing into her eyes and holding his family tight. The little man looks content, and fully aware that his parents are in love.

3 Doesn't Want


2 Wants


1 Doesn't Want


Oh boy, well at least it seems all of these pictures are in the past, but with the internet, we're right back where we started. What can we say? The mascara, just a little too much. Awful. The legs, a little too little and that just can't be healthy. The worst part is that this image with the lollipop will forever be on the web. That is, unless Marty and Dave go into the cloud and open a can of whoop xxx and wipe it clean. A lollipop? Kid, you owe your parents big time. Nuff' said.

So what did we learn from all this? It seems Paulina's days of taking some less than flattering photos are behind her and she's fully entrenched in her new life.

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Top 8 Pictures Wayne Gretzky Wants You To See Of His Daughter Paulina And 8 He DOESN'T