Tuukka Rask Gets Tuukka Rekt In The Shootout!!

Raise your hand if you know how Dave Schlemko is. No one? That's what we thought.

In his first game of the season for the Calgary Flames, Bob Hartley decided to throw him out there in the eighth round of the shootout against Tuukka Rask, one of the best goalies in the league. What took place was magical, as Big Schlemy dangled his way to one of the best shootout goals of the year. His teammates reactions says it all:

Best part of Schlemko's SO goal is seeing the @NHLFlames act just like we all did on our couches. Especially Hudler. pic.twitter.com/qU60SVCNgA

— Stephen Murray (@EsteveMurray) March 6, 2015

Maybe he has a future as a shootout specialist?

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