15 Unrecognizable Family Members Of NHL Players

As lovers of the game, we tend to forget that our heroes on the ice have lives outside of the rink. Just like us, they scroll through their Instagram accounts while on route to their next destination. In between, they likely also find the time to contact a love one whether that be a parent or sibling – they’re humans after all. In this article, we look at those unsung heroes by featuring a plethora of family members you would never be able to recognize. We used a variety of entries on this list from steamy younger sisters to lesser known older brothers. We’ll also feature two alums with smoking daughters, they can thank their beautiful wives for producing such human beings!

From McDavid’s lesser known banker brother to Tavares’ smoking sister, these are some of the lesser known family members of NHL players you likely didn’t know about. We can guarantee you’ll be ogling at some of the sisters and daughters on this list. What can we say, hockey players have some fine DNA!

Enjoy folks and like always, be sure to pass this article along to a friend. Here are 15 unrecognizable family members of NHL players. We begin with Edmonton’s hero, Mr. Connor McDavid and his unknown brother.

15 Cameron McDavid (Connor McDavid’s Brother)

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Oh yes, that’s right, Connor McDavid has an older brother who’s 24 years of age. You can certainly see the resemblance between the two, however, he’s got a little Gab Landeskog in him as well for some reason... Nonetheless, the lesser known McDavid brother also played hockey, like his brother he was a forward. He was mostly recognized for his time as a member of the Newmarket Hurricanes. His stat line however was nothing to write home about and he would eventually give up on the dream.

Don’t feel too bad though, Cameron switched fields and things worked out quite nicely as he’s an Investment Banking Analyst over in Toronto. Hey, if Connor wants to invest that fat $12.5 million per year contract, at least he’s got his brother to nudge him in the right direction.

14 Alexandria & Breyana Matthews (Auston Matthews’ Sisters)

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It seems like athletes just run in the Matthews bloodline. Auston’s father played college baseball while his uncle played in the NFL. One of his sister’s, Breyana, who’s five years younger than Auston also plays professional golf back in Arizona. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll be a top of her sport just like brother Auston.

Matthews entire family is back in Arizona and that includes both of his younger sisters Alexandria and Breyana. That family has taken several trips to north of the boarder watching Matthews in action dawning the Maple Leafs jersey. Without a doubt, when Auston’s career comes to an end, he’ll be regarded as the most successful member of the family in terms of his sporting accomplishments. Oh yea, and he’s still only 20....

13 Candace Seguin (Tyler Seguin’s Sister)

With over 10K followers via Instagram, it seems like the word spread that Tyler Seguin has a nice looking younger sister. You can see for yourselves via her social media platforms, she’s also got various pics alongside her older bro. Without a doubt, she’s proud of his accomplishments on the ice.

Tyler also has another sister, Cassidy Seguin. He grew up in a home that was all about hockey as not only did he play but so did his two sisters as his parents Jackie and Paul encouraged their children to take up the sport from a young age. It all worked out quite nicely for Tyler in particular as he was drafted second overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. The skilled center is on route for his fourth consecutive 30 plus goal season.

12 Jeff & Melissa Marchand (Brad Marchand’s Brother & Sister)

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You can certainly see a resemblance in Brad and his brother and sister. You can argue brother Jeff is a better looking version of Brad - let’s be honest, the Bruins forward is one heck of a player but he isn’t stealing hearts off the ice with his looks.... Things aren’t the greatest when you’re compared to a rat for more than a few reasons.

What’s remarkable about Marchand’s journey is the fact that he really didn’t light the lamp all the much in his junior years. Playing in the QMJHL, Brad had decent numbers but nothing worthy of a first round selection. He was picked in the third round 71st overall by the Bruins. It was the steal of the draft as Brad has been one of the most prolific goal scorers in the last couple of seasons with 37 and 39 goal campaigns. He’s on pace for another 30 goal campaign this season.

11 Taylor Crosby (Sidney Crosby’s Sister)

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Can you imagine what’s it’s like to be the sister of Sidney Crosby? As the younger sibling, one can imagine Sidney throwing his sis between the pipes and just blasting away some shots. Well, ironically, that’s likely what took place as Taylor is now serving a purpose as an aspiring netminder. The 21 year old is currently putting on the pads for St. Cloud University in Minnesota. It appears as though she also has a great sense of humor writing in her bio that brother Sidney also plays hockey. You got to love it!

Mom and dad Trina and Troy are most likely extremely proud of both their siblings entering the hockey world. Sid continues to make the family proud as the 30 year old has been the face of the NHL for the last decade now and is showing no signs of slowing down.

10 Pelle Karlsson (Erik Karlsson’s Brother)

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What if we told you Erik Karlsson has a brother? Now what if we told you that he also plays professional hockey? What if we told you he also plays defense? Okay, you get it, Erik has a brother playing overseas who’s also a d-man - just imagine the Karlsson bros playing at the back together? Maybe Erik can work that into his mega deal with a new team, we have no doubt every team in the league would oblige to such a request.

Pelle is the younger of the two born in 1992, he seems to be a more stay at home defenseman with tame stats in terms of his offensive capabilities. Playing in Division Two over in Sweden, Karlsson has two goals this season in 22 games along with four assists. Brother Erik is also struggling offensively this season however with a total of five goals. He’s pace for his worst offensive season since the ’12-‘13 campaign in which he only played 17 games.

9 Crosby Hull (Bret Hull’s Daughter)

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We added two alums to this list and you’ll understand why when you take a look at the daughters these Hall Of Famers produced. Starting with the “Golden Brett”, the former sniper has three children, a boy Jude and two daughters Jayde and Crosby. If you’re wondering where his daughter got her looks from, it’s not from him, Mrs. Hull is quite the stunner. When you score 86 goals in one campaign, you can entice the finer chicks in this world that’s for darn sure.

His daughter Crosby has quite the following via social media with near 12 K followers. Being the daughter of Hull is one thing, but when you look that good you’re bound to get some follow taps by the masses. She’s currently residing in Arizona as a University student.

8 Blake Kessel (Phil Kessel’s Brother)

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How much money would you pay to see the Kessel brothers together on a line? Most would empty out their entire bank accounts, though the jokes on us as brother Blake plays the position of a defender. The now 28 year old was drafted into the NHL back in 2007. He was a 166th overall pick by the Islanders. Known as an offensive d-man, Blake has spent his entire career playing with various AHL teams such as the Rockford IceHogs and most recently, the Milwaukee Admirals.

This season, Blake took his talents overseas playing in the Slovak league for HC Kosice. He’s off to a great start netting seven goals (one off a career high) and notching 22 points in 47 games. Perhaps brother Phil showed him a trick or two during the offseason in sniping the puck differently.

7 Natasha & Nastassia Subban (P.K. Subban’s Sisters)

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We all know about P.K.’s younger brothers, Jordan and Malcom. Of course, Malcom was a draft pick of the Boston Bruins and is now playing for the top of the league Golden Knights. As for his brother Jordan, he’s currently a member of the LA Kings playing AHL hockey with Utica. He put up terrific numbers last season notching 16 goals and 36 points from the back - still only 22, he might be NHL bound sooner rather than later.

As for his sisters, both Natasha and Nastassia are lesser known given the fact that they do not play pro hockey. However, their contributions in this world should be noted as both are all about giving back to the community. The two are former teachers with the focus on giving back as much as they could nowadays.

6 Jenny Benn (Jamie & Jordie Benn’s Sister)

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It seems like both Superstars from the Big D have got smoking sisters. We identified Tyler’s sis earlier in the article and we know turn our attention to Jamie’s sister, Jenny Benn. Yes, she’s also the sister of Habs blueliner Jordie Benn.

Residing in Victoria, BC, Jenny loves to support her brother, even on Twitter she tried to urge fans back in 2016 to get Benn on the cover of the NHL game. Man would that have been something, Jamie went from an afterthought in the NHL Draft to becoming one of the top players in the league. Selected 129th overall, Benn never looked back following his rookie campaign which saw the forward notch 22 goals. Currently in the prime of his career, the 28 year old continues to make his family proud with work both on and off the ice.

5 Jacqueline, Erica & Jessica Kane (Patrick Kane’s Sisters)

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Yes, that’s right, Patrick Kane has three younger sisters, Jacqueline, Erica and Jessica Kane. And no, he didn’t have any brothers so one can imagine what poor Kaner had to go through during his youth. If he used hockey as an escape, we can all agree it worked out quite well as he would turn into a top prospect during the 2007 NHL Draft. He was selected first overall by the Hawks and helped to restore the franchise’s winning ways after a dark era for the team.

A three-time Stanley Cup Champion and Conn Smythe winner, the winger got to celebrate his fair share of moments. His sisters also got in on the festivities as photos are available of Kane with both the cup and the Conn Smythe Trophy alongside his three sisters and parents.

4 Mikhali Ovechkin (Alexander Ovechkin’s Brother)

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The Great Eight has two older brothers, sadly, brother Sergei passed away when Ovie was only ten years old. He shared a deep bond with his brother and credits his support as a big reason as to why he pursue hockey at such a young age. Sadly, Sergei passed away at the age of 24 due to a blood clot following a car accident. Ovie was very quiet about the matter till 2015 when he briefly spoke out about his late brother.

As you see in the photo above, he’s got another older in Mikhali Ovechkin. Two resemble on another and Mikhali even made a trip overseas to watch his brother play in the Winter Classic. During the family skate, Ovie’s brother was his guest of choice and it was quite the moment as the two shared lots of laughs on the ice.

3 Kayla Price (Carey Price’s Sister)

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A lifestyle blogger, the beautiful Kayla Price is now residing out of Nashville, Tennessee nowadays. No, she didn’t move there for work purposes, instead, she followed her partner Yannick Weber, the former Montreal Canadian now Nashville Predator. The two are still happily together and Price posts pics of the two on the regular. Her Instagram account is a must follow with a slew of tremendous photos. Not too shocking, she’s got near 11K followers. As we’ve stated in this article, when you look that good and got a popular last name, that’s going to lead to lots and lots of double taps.

Recently, Kayla became an aunt as Carey Price and his wife Angela gave birth to the couple’s first child, a baby girl named Liv. At the age of 30, Carey’s enjoying fatherhood while at the peak of his professional career.

2 Diana & Alyonka Larionov (Igor Larionov’s Daughters)

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The second alum we had to feature in this article is another Hall Of Famer, the great Igor Larionov. Red Wing fans knew him as “The Professor”, he wasn’t known for putting the puck in back of the net (though he still did at times) and instead, used his smarts on the ice as a brilliant defensive force. He was acknowledged for his accomplishments entering the HOF.

In his current life, Igor is a popular agent representing some of the top hockey talents from Russia. He also represents two smoking daughters. Starting with Alyonka, she’s a host and producer. She also made an appearance on American Idol. If that wasn’t enough, she also had ties to both Ovie and Malkin. Seriously, why wouldn’t she? Diana is no slouch either, the beauty serves as a makeup artist and you can see all of her work via Instagram.

1 Barbara Tavares (John Tavares’ Sister)

John Tavares is a big family man. According to the star center, a big part of his success comes from the constant support of both his parents and sisters Laura and Barbara Tavares. Barbara has caught the attention of many via social media, she’s a stunning blonde and many would be shocked to realize that she’s the actually sister of the Islanders Superstar captain. Ogling over her Instagram account, we also identified the fact that she’s been present to many All-Star Games alongside her brother John. It seems like the Tavares family has terrific genetics and that’s an understatement.

Without a doubt, he’ll use his family’s support during the off-season as his free agency status looms near. Tavares has a major decision to make whether that’s going to be re-signing on the Island or exploring life elsewhere.

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